Condos reminds voters that the primary election is only two weeks away

Montpelier, VT – Today Secretary of State Jim Condos reminded Vermonters that the Tuesday, August 9 Statewide Primary Election is only two weeks away and encouraged voters to formulate their voting plan.

“There are only two weeks left until Vermont’s August 9 Statewide Primary Election. Whether you’re voting early or voting at the polls on Election Day, having a voting plan will ensure that you don’t miss this important opportunity to exercise your Constitutional right to cast a ballot,” said Condos. “We have worked to make it easy for eligible Vermonters to register to vote. The method you use to cast your ballot, whether early by mail, drop box, in person, or at the polls on Election Day, is your choice: the most important thing is that you vote!”

Those planning to return their ballot by mail are encouraged to get their voted ballot in the mail stream no later than Friday, July 29 to ensure ample time for it to be delivered to the Town Clerk before Election Day.

Vermonters can also vote early, or return an early ballot, in person at their Clerk’s office any day before Election Day on August 9, during normal business hours. Secure drop boxes are available in many towns for voters to conveniently return their ballot packages.

The Town Clerk must have a voter’s ballot in hand by 7pm on Election Day, August 9, for it to be counted.

Early voters are strongly encouraged to carefully follow all instructions included with their ballot, such as only voting one ballot of the three Major party ballots they are given, placing their voted ballot in the ‘voted ballot’ envelope and signing the certificate on the front, and placing the other two in the ‘unvoted ballots’ envelope, which must be returned along with their voted ballot.

For the first time in a Vermont statewide election, voters who made an error will have an opportunity to fix that error with their Town Clerk. Early voters should check the status of their returned ballot at or keep an eye out for correspondence from their Clerk to know if they have a defective ballot that needs curing.

All polling places will be open as usual on Tuesday, August 9. Polls close at 7pm.

“The Statewide Primary is an important process that determines which Major Party candidates may appear on the November General Election ballot,” said Condos. “I believe our democracy is stronger when we all participate, so make your voting plan today!”

Image courtesy of town of Williston

4 thoughts on “Condos reminds voters that the primary election is only two weeks away

  1. Secretary Condos is very nervous and it shows with each press release. The Truth is hanging over many a head here and across the nation. The problem with commiting a colossal crime is they may have pulled it off, but they can never be at peace. They are constantly looking over their shoulder and are constantly working to cover up the crime. They cannot move on from it, no matter the facade of their confidence. Tick Tock. The day of judgment is now coming upon them. The Devil is a lie and the Truth is being revealed. The gates of Hell will not prevail.

  2. Apparently, 83% of Americans worried about election integrity, majority believe the 2020 election was stolen. Someone pass this on to Mr. Condos whose head is in the sand or he’s just a waterboy for the party. Too bad he doesn’t have to lick all the stamps on the ballots sent to everyone in Vermont.

  3. Condos must be very busy mailing unsolicited ballots Willy-nilly all over the state. Truth told Condos would love to eliminate elections altogether in favor of permanently installed leftists running the government, and our lives.

    • With universal mail-out of ballots to everyone on artificially inflated voter lists and with universal harvesting of ballots from nursing homes, jails, and the US Post Office, etc., the Dem/Prog leftists feel quite secure to get “re-elected” FOREVER.


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