Utility asks members to conserve electricity, don’t charge cars in evening

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The EV-charging conservation request raised eyebrows around Vermont because the State of Vermont is committed by legislation to follow California emissions regulations, which recently were upgraded to ban all sales of virtually all new gas or diesel powered vehicles by 2035.

By Guy Page

The Vermont Electric Co-op, Vermont’s second largest electricity utility, last week asked its members to not charge electric cars at the peak hours of 5-10 p.m. Wednesday, July 20 and Thursday, July 21, due to the heat wave-related high demand for power.

The July 19 request by the Johnson-based member-owned utility was part of a larger ask for energy conservation. It reads:

Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) is encouraging members to conserve electricity tomorrow evening (Wednesday) and Thursday evening as demand for electricity across New England is expected to spike because of high temperatures. Specifically, VEC asks members to conserve electricity both evenings from 5-10 pm.

“When VEC can reduce the cost to buy and transmit electricity during these ‘peak’ periods, it helps control electricity rates for all co-op members over the long term,” said Jake Brown, VEC Energy Services Planner.

Members can help “beat the peak” by:

  • Delaying the use of major appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, pool pumps etc., until the peak period has passed
  • Reducing the use of air conditioning as much as safely possible (Consider pre-cooling your home before the peak period)
  • Turning off lights and powering down other devices that are not in use
  • Members who have electric vehicles can have a large impact by not charging during these hours, too [Italics added].

VEC officials Monday morning promised to address Vermont Daily Chronicle questions about the effectiveness of the voluntary conservation, the possibility of brownouts, and the longterm plan for accommodating electrified transportation.

The EV-charging conservation request raised eyebrows around Vermont because the State of Vermont is committed by legislation to follow California emissions regulations, which recently were upgraded to ban all sales of virtually all new gas or diesel powered vehicles by 2035. Aftermarket purchases will still be permitted.

“If the charging needs of 5000 EVs [now registered in Vermont] can overwhelm the electric grid during a week of July weather, what do these people think 42,000 of such vehicles will do?,” asked Ethan Allen Institute board member Rob Roper in an op-ed. “Even on a nice fall day? And then, 170,000 of them? Plus at the same time they’re pushing us to change out our oil and gas furnaces for electric heat pumps, etc. and so on?”

Vermont utility officials have a plan to improve Vermont’s energy grid to accommodate an expected huge demand for electricity as society uses less fossil fuels for heat and transportation. Under questioning by Sen. Russ Ingalls (R-Orleans), utility officials this January said the upgrade would cost $2.2 billion over 28 years. That’s $79 million/year, minus interest and cost overruns.

Meanwhile, the State of Vermont is spending millions on the EV transition. Governor Phil Scott announced today that the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has awarded $1 million in grant funds to subsidize the cost of purchasing and installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at multiunit properties to provide residents with at-home charging access.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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10 thoughts on “Utility asks members to conserve electricity, don’t charge cars in evening

  1. Dano makes a really good point about the need to get someone to the hospital actually.
    Given the older population, the complications from the Covid “vaccine”, the amount of people that are dropping dead suddenly, and the high level of “vaccination status” in the state, it’s very realistic to think someone in your world will need to get to the hospital. Then add in the defunding of police and budget cuts of services like ambulances.. I would think that reliable transportation would be demanded actually given this entire situation . A vehicle can save a life, it needs to be reliable and available.

  2. This is about MONEY……all you have to do is look who is investing in this to know what it’s all about
    money, power and control…..

  3. Currently less then 1% of the 250 million cars operating now in America are EV’s, and now
    owners of EV’s all over the country are being asked to curtail their charging time… perfect example
    of liberal nazi stuck on stupid agenda’s…. just like the warmmongering scam..

    • The war-mongering scam is to drive up fossil fuel price to promote EVs, wind and solar.

      Even Manchin caved to Schumer regarding a $TRILLION SPEND AND TAX BILL

  4. I get the feeling that the Vermont Electric Coop is asking all members to try and limit their usage of electricity at certain times so the ‘Landed Gentry’ elites can readily charge their electric vehicles.
    Might I suggest, if that is the case, that owners of EV consider electrical recharging of their vehicles via bicycle generators that they pedal…

  5. Insanity on display. Democrat Liberalism shut down Vt Yankee…massive cheap power. Enviro’s want to shut down all natural gas pipelines, and nat gas can be used to produce very clean electrity. Enviro’s have tried to halt any expansion at Coventry landfill, even though it produces large amounts of renewable methane used to make cheap electricty. Next? Evniro’s try to SHUT DOWN wind towers in the Northeast Kingdom, because they are loud, unsightly and some birds get killed. Next? Enviro regulations & review are SO onerous for any new hydro dams, none will ever be built of any needed scale…because Enviro’s FIGHT THAT THEY THEY HURT FISH HABITAT! Next? Enviro’s love solar, but it is too expensive and the VT climate very variable and not dependable…Next?? Some Enviro’s are fighting solar because it is OVERTAKING MASSIVE amounts of pristine VT fields. Next? Liberal “feel good” Enviros fought long term contracts for massive cheap power from Hydro Quebec….BECAUSE IT HARMS INDIGENOUS PEOPLES ???….you just can’t make this stuff up!

    Have you ever met, in your lifetimes… met anyone…ANYONE….. dumber, stupider, more ignorant than an “Indoctrinated Democrat Enviro”? Nope 🙂

    • Jeffrey, you nailed it and it’s all about an agenda one that will destroy the country,
      as far as who is ” stupider ” than these enviro goons, I was going to say Biden, but
      he’s just a senile feckless old fool, but these enviro clowns are pulling Joe’s strings !!

      As far as dumber, stupider, and more ignorant than an “Indoctrinated Democrat Enviro,
      I’m still searching………………………. you nailed it !!

      • So, after 10:30 pm, you need to rush a member of your family to the hospital, but your EV is dead in the driveway because you were told not to charge it due to grid system overloaded. If you go along with this craziness you deserve to be stranded at your own house. You may be wealthy enough to buy an EV to show your friends how virtuous you are at saving the planet. But that doesn’t make you very intelligent to rely on your expensive toy when you need a real vehicle in an emergency.

        • I would not disagree but having said that anyone in a similar situation should have enough foresight to charge up the old buggy before hand.

    • Jeffrey I’d love for someone to do some research and tell us how many people in Vermont are actually living entirely off grid..
      I bet not a huge number.
      Yet look at the effects these people have had on the state.
      I see a situation where a whole lot of people are not walking the talk.. so why on earth is anyone listening to them?

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