Celebrate America! Church, Health & Politics in the Public Square event Aug. 5-7

Join us to hear Dr. Carol Swain, Rev. Christopher Thoma, Jason Yates, Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Rick Scarborough, and VT State Rep. Vicki Strong boldly address the critical issues facing all Americans, young and old, in the world today.

Where and how does our faith in God fit into the church and modern culture within the Public Square? Meet up with our high-profile, best-selling authors to hear and ask the tough questions. These speakers will challenge the church and its Faith Community to defend our God-given Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Is it true that one in three Christians doesn’t vote?

Register for one or all events — Time and Space are limited. Register at VTGrassrooots.com.

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For full schedule of events, speakers and locations, click here.

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