Republican state legislators unite behind Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate

Perkinsville, VT – Just days ahead of the GOP Primary for U.S. Senate, Vermont Republican legislators are uniting behind Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate. Four Republican legislators have announced their support for Malloy including: Rep. Vicki Strong, Rep. Larry Labor, Rep. Art Petersen, and Rep. Mark Higley.

Gerald Malloy

“I am honored to receive an endorsement from our Republican state legislators who understand that it is critical that Vermont sends a practical conservative to Washington,” said Gerald Malloy. “I hope that Republican Vermonters will be encouraged by the support of our local conservative leaders and will support me in the primary on August 9th.”

“I am proud to endorse Gerald Malloy for the United States Senate seat from Vermont,” said Representative Art Petersen. “Gerald is a highly qualified military veteran with proven leadership skills and vast experience dealing with complex issues around the globe. This combined with his conservative values makes Gerald the most qualified candidate for the U. S, Senate. He will work to get our nation back on track internationally and here at home.”

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Gerald, and have visited with him personally and have seen his integrity and desire to serve the state of Vermont,” said Representative Strong. :As a Gold Star Mother, I have a strong appreciation for all those who step up to serve our country in the military. Gerald has proudly served as a military leader and he knows what sacrifice and courage mean. Gerald also exemplifies our conservative values and will work hard to stand up for them and defend them. He has a lovely family and puts his faith and family first. In the choices we have in this upcoming election please consider the fine candidate that Gerald Malloy is as you cast your vote.”


About Gerald Malloy:

Gerald Malloy graduated from West Point in 1984 with a commission as an active duty Field Artillery Officer and a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Political Science. He also earned his MBA from Temple University, graduated from the Army Command and General Staff College, and earned a Graduate Certificate from Georgetown University. Serving the United States for 22 years on active duty in leadership positions, Malloy was stationed in countries such as Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and Canada. Following his military career, he worked 5 years in Emergency Management and response, including over 20 Presidential Disaster Declarations, with US Government organizations including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services, as well as many State, Local, and Law Enforcement organizations.

Since 2011, he has been involved in business management and executive positions, supporting US Government organizations primarily in the Washington, DC area. Gerald Malloy lives in Perkinsville. He and his wife Stacey have 4 children, including 3 teenagers currently in Vermont schools. Please see for updates on his campaign for U.S. Senator for Vermont.

4 thoughts on “Republican state legislators unite behind Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate

  1. Ill vote for him in the primary but ive got a feeling Nolan will be the one we’re casting ballots for in November. For whatever reason, she seems to have gotten much more media coverage.

  2. I think one only needs Welch’s voting record in front of them…….it is not pretty over the too many years he has been a “public servant” (which of course is bull…. as he like most on high serve themselves first, the many “donors” second, hands to be washed third……and we of course are in the distant somewhere)
    I am a woman who believes a woman should have a choice up to a point (1st trimester to …15 weeks max for abortion)
    I would hope that since most Vermonters are pro choice; our representatives can come to the same conclusion should they want support and to represent those who vote for them.
    it’s very simple, its not about what YOU dear candidate…. wants, it about what we the people you REPRESENT want…….somehow that is so lost in politics today……..

  3. Once again the republican leadership is ready to fumble away a chance to actually win. Gerald would make a great governor and I encourage him to run in 2024 but I have been in forums and debates against Welch and I can’t see him winning a debate against him. The opponent who can win is someone who is well prepared to have responses to Welch’s statements and be ready to respond.
    As much as I believe in being pro-life that will be a detriment in Vermont in this election as it is a hot topic issue.
    I hope that I’m wrong but I’m very afraid I’m not.

    • It will be interesting to see if he understands well the positioning and framing of the conversation going on within the state.

      Donald Trump understands this, it’s also marketing, it’s also use in warfare and we’re in the process of subversive activities.

      He could reframe the conversation the conversation, hold true to his convictions and win votes, will he win the election? You are probably right, because the VTGOP is giving him no support, and he doesn’t have a team (20-30 in office completely supporting him) and the Dame, Benning and Scott the leaders are not endorsing him…..

      He could reframe the conversation as follows on Abortion by exposing what this bill really says. it says the following:

      What is created at conception is just tissue by this law, which means the following:
      a) it’s not a baby by this law
      b) Fathers will no longer have child support as they don’t create babies, only tissue
      c) Hospitals will no longer have to give prenatal care
      d) Insurance companies will no longer have to pay for expensive early birth efforts, because it’s nto a baby, it’s just tissue.

      This bill is pure evil and every mother who is self-reflective will understand

      There is a sign in town…..

      You can regulate my vagina when you regulate the penis, something to that effect.

      Well the penis is regulated….
      a) you go to jail for unlawful entry
      b) you pay child support if you create something.

      Showing compassion, one could make adoption easier in Vermont, forgive those who have been lied to and had abortions, there is much that could be done…..

      Perhaps God has a different plan, my guess is if this passes in Vermont it will be the law the triggers the outlawing of ALL abortions across the nation. That would be a divinely ironical twist……just like you read about in the Bible. Thank you Lord…. Mordecai, Esther anyone? May all the power and glory be his.

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