Another poll shows landslide majority oppose unrestricted abortion up to birth

Politically speaking, California is a lot like Vermont: a dominantly blue state characterized by its socially liberal agenda, and overwhelmingly “pro-choice.” But when asked specifically about whether or not the state should make abortion on demand an unrestricted right throughout all nine months of pregnancy, even a solid majority of Californians don’t support this.

According to a new telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and Real Impact, “…only 13% of California Likely Voters believe abortion should be legal at any time during pregnancy up to the moment of birth. Fourteen percent (14%) think abortion should be legal up to six months of pregnancy, while 32% say abortion should be legal up to three months of pregnancy. Nineteen percent (19%) believe abortion should only be legal during the first month of pregnancy, while 14% think all abortions should be illegal.” (Rasmussen, 8/24/22)

This finding reinforces an earlier national poll by Harvard/Harris that showed only 10% of voters supported policies allowing unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth.

Matthew Strong, executive director for Vermonters for Good Government, said, “It is clear that Vermont’s Proposal 5/Article 22 is substantially out of line with a majority of people’s beliefs about abortion policy and basic morality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of voters who still don’t actually know what the true intent and impact of Article 22 will be for Vermont law.”

Spokesperson for Vermonters for Good Government, Rep. Anne Donahue, said, “Article 22 is being sold to Vermonters as protecting Roe v. Wade by enshrining it into the Vermont constitution. This is false and misleading. Article 22’s permanent enshrining of abortion on demand at any time for any reason is far more radical than Roe v. Wade, which struck a balance between the rights of the mother and the state’s interest in protecting a developing life in later stages of pregnancy.”

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5 thoughts on “Another poll shows landslide majority oppose unrestricted abortion up to birth

  1. National polls consistently show that 88 to 90 percent of Americans are very opposed to late term abortions after the baby is viable. That leaves the radical 10 to 12 percent who would kill unborn children for any reason. C’mon, fellow Vermonters, are we really that callous? Late-term abortion is cruel.

  2. please share Annes previous editorial regarding this issue to your social media (I did and will again)
    though I haven’t always agreed with her on other issues; I am complete onboard with her thoughts and info on this
    Article 22 does NOT have the word abortion, or woman in it…..and worrisome vagueness..when as it is now, abortion is legal in Vermont

    That Article 22 of Chapter I of the Vermont Constitution is added to read:
    Article 22. [Personal reproductive liberty]
    That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and
    dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless
    justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means

  3. Re: “…abortions up to and until actual birth for any reason an absolute right.”

    … or for no reason. Think about that.

  4. The days of the evil dogs and their evil ways is coming to an end. They know their days are numbered, so they are doing and saying anything to fulfill the will of their Master. The days of confusion and chaos will now boomerang onto them. Soon, they will drop to their knees and repent or be swept away. Their days of slaughtering the innocent (young and old), their days of defiling and abusing the innocent (young and old), their days of treachery and corruption, and all of their lies will be exposed and they will be destroyed.

  5. Vermont’s proposed amendment to our constitution will make late term abortions up to and until actual birth for any reason an absolute right. Even Roe v. Wade did not envision such a radical and horrid idea. Many in medical field say no one would terminate a baby in the final trimester. However, if Vermont passes a constitutional amendment protecting late term abortions, we will give late term abortion providers a free rein to set up shop here. Money goes to where the business is. I hope we don’t fall prey to the abortion industry.

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