YouTube video documents how masking came to be required for everyone in Vermont

The Vermont Department of Health worked with stakeholders in summer 2020 to decide the school masking policy. Audio and video of their public meetings compiled in the video above show how stakeholders influenced public health policy.

The 6-minute video composed from clips of public meetings held by the Vermont Department of Health in summer 2020 shows why the masking age was dropped to 2 years old, and why mask exemptions are impossible to get.

As one adviser behind the masking policy states: “What’s fascinating about the dynamics of the group is they’re different than childcare providers. The guy that represents the union for teachers, and actually the NEA as well, are very clear everyone … should be required [to wear masks], including the littlest kids.”

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Dan Gaken

3 thoughts on “YouTube video documents how masking came to be required for everyone in Vermont

  1. The secondary damage from mask wearing is going to haunt parents’ futures.
    The parents are also going to start suffering from restricted breath syndromes, which are numerous.
    The Vaccines are going to exacerbate the issue.
    Voila: Mass genocide event.
    The die off has already begun.
    Free newspapers don’t have enough space to print all the obits. Most papers charge too much, and or only print the ones people pay for. And not everyone posts an obituary when someone dies.
    A lot more young people are showing up, as well as baby boomers who’re otherwise healthy.
    And, people who were in remission…aren’t anymore.
    The 5 days of followup study for the children’s vaccine is not long enough to determine the safety of a vaccine for children.
    If a toy had been hit only five times to see if it would brake in a baby’s hands, would you accept that study?
    Why is anyone accepting a vaccine for kids that has – FIVE DAYS OF FOLLOWUP STUDY – and is being released under the EUA? This is clearly NOT for the children’s health who have never been affected by this yet. Except for wearing masks, and the fear they see on their parents faces, or would if they weren’t wearing masks. Instead, the voice says it all:FEAR!

    Amy Hornblas, a Vermonter, has done a lot of research on mask wearing, and done studies and polls here in Vermont. Maybe TNR would like to hear from her. She’s a voice of sanity amid genocidal, conscienceless, robots who have no morality left. Amy’s integrity is clear in the work she does.


    So here we have testimony from India on the efficacy of ivermectin. “UP” in the video = Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India with about 2/3 the population of the US.

    Shouldn’t the CDC be charged with negligent homicide? How about the VTDOH– shouldn’t they be charged with negligent homicide?

    What’s happening is truly unbelievable, but it really is happening. All the cowards will be saying “we just did what we were told.”

    Masks don’t matter. Early treatment does. Yet misguided, pigheaded, authoritarian officials with their heads in the sand are screaming for more masks to “stay safe.” We know how to stay safe: the medical authorities will have none of it and are engaging of a new version of the Stalinist practice: “show me the safe and effective treatment and I’ll show you the crime.” This is criminal negligence because it’s killing people.

  3. No one wants to talk about Sweden, where all the predictions of catastrophe failed to materialize. No one wears masks– not even (gasp!) little children, who went to school throughout the pandemic (gasp!) Today, people in Sweden act as if Covid is nothing to worry about and cases and deaths are so low that they’re not newsworthy. Is this because natural immunity was acquired by the youngest population, which now serves as true herd immunity?

    Masks work as a physical symbol of submission to authoritarian rule and as a symbol of willingness to submit to medical tyranny.

    Masks work to say to everyone: it’s all about keeping safe and supporting our medical personnel. But, our medical personnel have abandoned us: instead of standing up for informed consent to medication– the bedrock of medical ethics– our hospitals are now on the front lines of turning a blind eye to informed consent and to imposing forced medication on their own employees, on pain of losing their jobs. They’re on the front lines of ignoring science and suppressing substantial and real evidence of the safety and efficacy of early treatment for Covid-19 using safe, off-label medications. They’re on the front lines of turning a blind eye to vaccine harms, as testified by numerous whistle-blowing doctors and nurses. No one is asking them to blame vaccines for anything; we’re simply asking them to please report every last adverse event after vaccination so that we have proper due diligence for these vaccines that are under EUA and are experimental. Apparently, that’s too much to ask of these authoritarians.

    No, I do not think they’re heroes. They were last year, but this year they decided to fire the real heroes standing up for informed consent to medication, and to purge the system of dissenters.

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