‘Youth vote’ moves forward in Brattleboro

This article by Chris Mays originally appeared March 5 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — The Youth Vote passed 908-408 at Tuesday’s election.

The Vermont Legislature will now need to decide whether to amend the town charter to allow anyone 16 or older to serve as a Town Meeting member or as a member of the Brattleboro Town School Board and Brattleboro Union High School #6 Board, and to vote on local issues. If amended, the charter would allow up to two “youth members” to serve simultaneously on each school board. But an ordered merger of school districts is expected to see those boards dissolve June 30.

The initiative came from Brattleboro Common Sense, a group focused on election reform and other progressive issues.

Daniel Quipp and Elizabeth McLoughlin beat Franz Reichsman and Oscar Heller for two one-year seats on the Select Board. McLoughlin carried 1,022 of the votes, Quipp had 644, Reichsman had 529 and Heller had 495.

“I really enjoyed the campaign and I’m proud of myself,” Quipp said. “And I think we have a great Select Board for next year.”

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7 thoughts on “‘Youth vote’ moves forward in Brattleboro

  1. Neil is correct,
    Our Legislature has determined that those under 21 aren’t mature enough to smoke, own a gun or drink alcohol- but they are mature enough to make laws effecting all of us! Absurd at best!

  2. Razing the count for MOBocracy, it’s the leftarded way. This is how the Fascist gain control not that they don’t have it now at least in this leftarded state. It’s as easy to sway the young with free $hit as it
    is to control the “poor” as the left fully know’s.

    I say if you got no skin in the game you don’t get a vote. 16 yr old is to young to know squat and those ignorant of history will surely repeat it And we know they don’t teach history only revisionist history..

  3. Of course the liberals want kids to vote, kids are still captives of the big public education monopolies indoctrination process. It generally takes many years to undo the damage caused by our far education system, unfortunately the mainstream media reinforces the bologna fed to these fragile minds.

  4. As actor James Woods stated, when liberals come up with these hare-brained schemes, they should be asked to go sit at the card table and let the adults run the government.

  5. Socialists looking for more voters for sure. Their young minds haven’t developed to understand reality. As in the liberals brainwashing kids get in College & Universities, young kids in society those liberals around them will pollute their minds at a early age into a mindset that affects many if given that power.

    Socialism or Conservatism can be extreme thought on issues. But they should be in the middle considering all sides of issues. But in VT I don’t see that happening.

    If they can have voting power, can they possess guns in VT? Will the “Socialist instructors allow it. If not that’s controlling.

  6. Every single person who’s allowed to vote should be allowed to work full time, apply for a credit card, participate in jury duty, enter into contracts and be held accountable for their own debts.

  7. But they can’t sign a legal document as they aren’t considered an adult, the age of majority.

    Ironically our state house doesn’t think they are smart enough to decide on drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes or smoking dope until they are 21.

    But they are smart enough to determine million dollar spending issues, despite they can’t legally get a loan? They can determine civics of our state, but I bet they can’t tell the difference between a democracy and a constitutional government.

    Yes once again politicians will do ANYTHING to get a vote.

    One age of majority, shouldn’t be too difficult, but some struggle with the idea.

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