John Klar: Why I won’t be taking the COVID vaccine

The latest contention in the COVID saga appears to be vaccinated versus unvaccinated. I am puzzled why this would cause friction, since vaccinated citizens can apparently still carry the disease to others. Why would anyone care whether someone else chose to decline the needle? I wish to explain my public views about why vaccination is illogical for me, personally.

I say “for me, personally” because that is paramount for all of us. It is paramount that each Vermonter be granted the simple liberty to make their personal choice about vaccination for themselves and their minor children. That has been the law of the land and should remain so. The ideological virus that threatens this fundamental, common-sense liberty is a greater threat than COVID — and that is paramount.

John Klar

My personal decision to decline vaccination is informed by laws, experience and facts.

The law

As I explained in an analysis of U.S. Constitutional law, the government has no right to compel any citizens to be inoculated — no case has ever held that mandatory vaccinations are permissible. But yet, a factual, scientific situation might arise that could justify an intrusion into personal liberties — for instance, a disease with a high mortality rate, like ebola.

The facts relevant to the law

COVID-19 is nowhere near ebola in deadliness, except for those over age 80 and those with underlying health conditions. Of course, the disease is deadly and injurious, and includes risk of long-term heart and lung damage. But we should protect the vulnerable, not victimize the healthy young with a disease that has an extremely low chance of killing or injuring them.

The facts here are simple: this disease does not present a mortality threat sufficient to overcome Constitutional legal strictures. Anyone who advocates either compulsory vaccinations — including as condition for access to school programs or other public services — or a mandated “vaccination card,” are flagrantly offending against basic human rights ensconced specifically in our constitutions.

My personal facts

My health was outstanding until Lyme disease destroyed me back in 1997. I went years undiagnosed for the Lyme, and then took antibiotics for some 12 years, year-round. I suffer from chronic pain (fibromyalgia) around which I am compelled to organize my life. Even so, I’m not headed here toward “I’m too sick to be vaccinated.” Ultimately, my personal reasoning is that I’m too healthy to be vaccinated. Allow me to explain.

My physician, a Lyme disease specialist, was a proponent of antibiotics and vaccinations. Years ago, we shared a conversation that went approximately so:

“Doctor, do you advise that I take the flu shot?” I asked.

“Yes, Mr. Klar,” my doctor replied. (He’s like that — extremely brief, almost curt.)

“Well, I’ve heard it’s only partially effective, and may only protect a small percentage of those vaccinated against the flu. Is that true?”

“No, Mr. Klar. While it is true that no flu vaccine is fully protective, statistically in most flu seasons the benefits are statistically justified by those people who do gain effective immunity.”

“What about risks from the vaccination itself?” I asked.

“Those are extremely small, and do not merit avoidance of vaccination,” he replied.

This all seemed quite logical to me, and I trusted this physician sufficiently to have taken a guinea-pig regimen of potent antibiotics and other medications for years (including hydroxychloroquine, which is used in conjunction with antibiotics to kill the Lyme spirochete).

But, being the inquisitive lawyerly type, I had one more inquiry for my chief witness while he was still on the stand:

“Doctor, do you take the flu shot?”

“No, I do not Mr. Klar.”

“Doctor, why don’t you take the flu shot?” I asked, continuing my interrogation to extract evidence from the taciturn witness.

“Because I prefer to develop my immunity naturally,” my doctor replied.

Well, that was good enough for me. I’m a farmer, and I get it — farmers are generally healthier in part because we are exposed to so many bacteria. (The compulsory exercise is also a health plus.) I stay current on my tetanus shot — that shot is something that seems justified in my personal life. But I’ve never had a flu shot.

These are just my personal reasons, for my personal choices.

I can share some personal scientific data on what happens if one never takes the flu shot: one eventually gets the flu — some years none, some years mildly, and two years that really walloped me.

In winter 2004-2005, the water to our many large barns in Barton froze underground. The weather stayed brutally cold, dropping each night into the high 20s below zero. We had about 100 sheep, 40 pigs, four draft horses, 70 goats, and 15 cows at the time. I hauled hoses out to the various tubs each day to run water from the house basement for two weeks while having the flu. That developed a wicked good natural immunity. Had I had a flu shot, I may have avoided that ordeal. Or, I may have just gotten flu anyway. That’s just the science — flu vaccines protect only 40-60% of the population in seasons when flu vaccines are well-matched to “most circulating flu viruses.” The flu vaccine is not always so “well-matched”: it was merely 29% effective in 2018-2019.

Why I won’t be taking the COVID-19 vaccine

I won’t be taking the COVID-19 vaccine because it makes no sense for me, personally. I am healthy, and I could carry the disease anyway, so there is no need to use government funds — or to pay a massive pharmaceutical industry that is exempt from any liability for its products — so that I can get jabbed. Like flu, it will be an annual ritual as COVID mutates; and like with flu, I will take my blows and risk death, especially since the science shows I have about the same risk of being struck by lightning as dying of COVID.

Those who are vulnerable, especially the elderly, should get vaccinated in priority to others, as the government has advised and many have chosen. But while the government advises vaccinations, the Constitution compels governments to protect the fundamental sanctity of personal bodily integrity.

Vermont’s H.283 powerfully acknowledges these fundamental precepts. During a legislative session where a bully majority is devotedly attacking liberties and wallets like starved piranhas, it is refreshing to see an effort to protect rights rather than further subjugate Vermonters. I support H. 283, “an act relating to bodily autonomy and health care decision making.”


I wear masks in stores and other public places. I’m largely a recluse, so I’m no danger to others. If COVID becomes more virulent, and eager human guinea-pigs have demonstrated this novel vaccine is safe and actually works, I may line up for shots. I’m not anti-vax, just pro-Constitution.

Those who are anti-vax may have legitimate scientific (or personal) reasons for their positions: surely they have liberty to think for themselves. What I don’t understand are the anti-Constitution people — there are no scientific or personal reasons to support their position. As a society we must prevent illogical, unscientific fear to be used to eliminate the personal liberties.

Personally, I will fight both these viruses — one biological, the other ideological — until one or the other kills me. That’s because long ago I chose to be “vaccinated” with the United States Constitution.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

57 thoughts on “John Klar: Why I won’t be taking the COVID vaccine

  1. Last Oct. I asked Vt. DOH’s Dr. Levine about the Lab Leak, after doing my “homework” & research about bio-ethicists screaming from the rafters about this deadly fire-dance, and Levine mumbled something about it being ALL a “conspiracy theory”..Only me & 2 other “press member” asked them the HARD questions, EVER…In Feb. I was “cancelled” & my press credentials yanked w/them saying 1st it was for “racist comments/questions” (no examples EVER given) & 2 days later they changed it to my NEKTV show being “hobby news”..The Guv & good Dr. wanted ME & my questions to CEASE, only softballs were allowed to be lobbed their way, period. Allison IS showing the way, all one needs do is LOOK..Do NOT use Google as a search engine as they censor EVERYTHING, try Startpage or other non-commercial engines..The mRNA (read the patents & comments from former employees) is encapsulated in Graphene Oxide & one has to DIG, look for the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) info, WHY is the manufacturing section of the patents redacted? Where were the IND’s? ( Initial New Drug Studies) The Animal Studies? The Phase 1 Human Trials? What about Vax Shedding? The control methods to stop infections of the un-injected? The letter of intent for pregnant rats/mice? Studies to show if it harms or poses a risk to women of child bearing age? Reproductive studies? Look into the pegylated “liquid nano proteins” (LNP’s) made by Sinopeg in China, also China’s Shanghai Nanotech that holds a patent for the Graphene Oxide that’s used in the Vax’s Covid19 exhipients. The Graphene Oxide’s connection/resemblance to Hydrogel? Wake up folks! If a dummy like ME can digest this stuff than ANYONE can.. How does one eat an elephant? ONE bite at a time..Look & see for yourself, you may be alarmed not just by what you find but what you do NOT..If you want to take it then take it, just leave ME the hell alone as I pose YOU NO threat unless we’re both outside during a lightning storm. SM.

  2. A thumbs up to all the sensible commentary relating to COVID
    & the questionable injections that are hardly “proven safe vaccines”. It’s
    reassuring to see that intelligent folks can
    exchange deeply held views on personal independence & bodily integrity, without
    defaulting to the usual infantile slurs so common these days. It’s high time all honest freedom-loving folks work to change the tune from “defaulting to the lowest common denominator” to that of “aspiring to the highest possible aspiration”. A good place to start would be the truth about the real origins & intent of COVID & who’s behind the irrational (sic dangerous) mandatory injections.

  3. My cousin, who is 5 months pregnant, and her husband are in their early thirties
    Both are very healthy, avid skiers, exercisers, i.e., “not vulnerable”
    Both did not feel well.
    Both had severe colds.
    Both did not have a Covid shot.
    They went to their doctor, who had them tested for Covid.
    Both were infected with Covid. Yikes
    Both are now vaccinated
    Both were advised to have bedrest and lots of fluids.

    If they had been old and/or decrepit, they likely would be in intensive care in a hospital, or already dead.

    • I had my Johnson and Johnson Covid shot at the VA.

      Only one shot is required.
      Some vaccines require two shots.

      I am 84.
      Even though I am healthy, I though I might have at least some side effects, but til now, I have had zero symptoms regarding “side effects”

  4. Fact #1: No virus has EVER been isolated. Ever.
    (Download FOIA’d letter responses from CDC confirming for MULTIPLE VIRUSES – none has ever been isolated:

    Fact #2: Whatever this was, it ALWAYS has had a 99.7% survival rate. Depending on your source, a dozen or more ’causes of death’ rate higher than this mild cough, fever and sneeze that COULD be dangerous to those with comorbidities (don’t you love that word? kind of says it all right there: you’re on the road to death baby unless you take responsibility and turn this around). Del Bigtree and the Highwire have consistently investigated the truth of this.

    Fact #3: The connection between the application of this experimental graphene laden jab and death counts is being covered up by our gov’t and its media lackeys – the ‘vaccine’ death rates have now outstripped the ‘virus’ deaths. Something is wrong in Whoville people. Do NOT take the death jab.

    Fact #4: I am not asking permission to live my life free of having to ask permission to live my life freely. That is non-negotiable, and unequivocal.

    Fact #5: My health is my own damn business and none of yours. Unless you are prepared to show me you are free of STDs, tuberculosis, or any other far more communicable actual diseases, mind your damn business.

    Fact #6: Eugenics and genocide are being modeled and carried out here in Vermont, as ever, and right in line with our history, under a different name now, ‘vaccine passports’ on the horizon insuring you stay in your slave status and need permission to live.

    Fact #7: Vermont was chosen by the NWO as a model for the great reset. Try it here first, and if we go along with it… it’ll work elsewhere.

    All of this is researchable – and I won’t do it for you. Only YOU can free yourselves. No one is going to come and save you, no plan is set to be in play, no gov’t or dead person or politician is going to save you. You save yourself by laying the foundation of your future in the present, consciously, and live it as if it is real in the present.

    We have a dire situation in Vermont of rising deaths due to vaccinations that is being actively covered up by the corrupt and craven Vermont media going along to get along, and a housing crisis with the benefits ending in a few weeks, that has been the only lifeline most Vermonters have had to deal with.

    Deaths can be actually seen by scanning funeral home obits; and the housing crisis can be seen if you scan available housing, try to get a storage unit of ANY sort, or try to get a moving van. Handcarts are also in high demand. Letters to the editor are noting housing difficulties for out of state telecomm workers etc – and those are some of the highest paid hourly wages in the state.

    Its a genocide event colluded with by our politicians and local leaders and state and federal govt – and its a coverup of massive proportions that corrupt Vermont media is colluding with.
    Nuremberg Codes are being violated.
    Do your own research.
    Question authority.
    Cui bono?

  5. Wide open U.S. southern border, people from Africa, Mideast, China, south America almost all unvaccinated and carrying God only knows how many different Covid-19 variants being shipped to unspecified locations in the U.S. Viruses genetically mutate in a proprietary fashion just as all other lifeforms. Think platypus, wallaby, and koala bear. No mention of this from the government or news sources. Why would they permit this? Are they just stupid or are they planning to impose another lockdown in order to rig voting again for the 2022 election to insure they retain power?

  6. A government that lets in 1000’s of unvaxed a month from South and Central America for the freebees while denying access for the truly oppressed from Cuba, and spreads them out across the US disregarding States option of taking them or not is not really concerned with
    your or anyone else’s health…

    A government that hides the inconvenient facts of deaths over 50k from the jab and disabilities in the 125k has ulterior motives for your taking the jab…. If this was a true pandemic people wouldn’t have to be bribed to take it…

  7. Hey TNR readers, do whatever spins your prune. You’ll take responsibility for doing so whether you like it or not. You don’t have to explain yourselves to anyone. Just do it. That’s a right the government can’t take from you…unless, of course, it knocks down your door, ties you to a chair, and forcefully injects ‘the serum’ in you. And good luck with that in the most heavily armed populace on the planet.

    In the final analysis, those who survive will inherit the earth…. and write the history books.

    So, I, for one, am sharpening my pencil.

  8. So what in hell do you believe will happens across this country and world-wide? How will we get over this Pandemic? How many deaths will it take before we all get “natural immunity”? These are questions that you, while you spout the “no vaccine for me” mantra, do not answer. As a wannabe leader, you need to.

    • Bone up Gary… start accepting life as it is . your ideology of life is not serving you.

    • The same way we got over the 1918 flu epidemic that my grandfather died in with no vaccine available. Put your head back in the sand.

    • Oh Gary… you sound like a frightened little boy afraid to go outside his bubble. That is intentional programming to make you think your body’s condition is someone else’s job to maintain. Learn how to maintain good health then you won’t be so afraid of a cold and sniffle, and you will realize that you are more susceptible the less you do about your health, yourself. And the less curious you are about what YOU can do to maintain your health.
      As someone who has never vaccinated, at 70, I plan to live another 50 years.
      How do I stay healthy?
      I exercise every day (walking a mile does wonders for the body and mind); eat whole foods; clean the fish bowl (cleansing/detoxing) regularly; turn off the TV and do my own research; stop being afraid and grow into my big girl panties: NO THING outside myself is going to save me.
      You are welcome to go with your white unicorn jab shot solution…but people are dying from it …more than those who ‘died’ of the unproven virus.

      Do you own research. Read what the CDC knows and is actively not telling you: Viruses have never been isolated.

      Turn off your TV. Stop reading Digger. Stop listening to bigpharma mafia shills in our gov’t and at least: cui bono? and what for?

      Depopulation has always been the agenda, going back to the IPCC report on which the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, under which Vermont is operating, is based that states that the biggest threat to climate and the planet are: HUMANS.
      AI takes that and says: DEPOPULATION is the solution.
      I didn’t agree to that. Did you?

      Read and do the research, and check out Del Bigtree and the Highwire.
      Save your own life. Stop handing it over to people and corporations who benefit from your ignorance and naivete — and your FEAR.

      • Get a grip Gary your going wobbly on us – why would I or anyone answer only to have you bark ‘conspiracy theorist’ each time – come for the fight club – stay for the cage match lol 😀

    • Not one of you that replied to my post posed any answer to my question. Yes, I am afraid Allison. I am scared to death of wacko’s like you that find conspiracies under every leaf and spout that to ignorant people that then take outrageous action like on the January 6th insurrection that you same wacko’s then dismiss as “a peaceable event”.
      I am a grown, intelligent 75 year old man the has been conservative politically all my life. But, this Trumpy Republican Party you guys have sold your soul to has made me lose all faith in it. My Republican Party is a party of inclusion, intelligence, truthfulness, moral, great integrity, belief in objective science and has a tent big enough to induce folks to the party, not legislate them out of participation in our great country.

      • Getting the vaccine has nothing to do with your politics! I find people who complain and throw stones really have nothing to say, they do not know the facts they want to be told what to do. I admire people who research and question science! Those that have know it probably will help someone of your age have reduced symptoms not stop you from getting CoVid. If you did any research you would know that a cold is a CoVid virus. you should know over 50 thousand people have died from the vaccine and another 8000 children under 18 now have heart issues. Many people can be treated with Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine as well as many other therapeutics. The virus is here to stay regardless if it is really mutating!

      • Gary, you have allowed the media to spin it’s narrative. First it was the pandemic, then plandemic , then the casedemic and now it’s the variantdemic – you’re following the bouncing ball to the tune of the so-called experts.

        A vaccine cannot be created if there are effective treatments – so Fauci banned the proven treatments Drs and pharmacists licensure was threatened for stepping out of line. Covid hospitalizations were incentivized with windfall-level payments to hospitals and physicians and another bonus check for deaths. Also the rules were changed to allowing to ‘diagnose’ as Covid if presenting ‘symptoms’ w/o testing – ppl who fell out of a window were dignosed as dying from Covid lol. So the numbers are incorrect. The elderly are dying *if* other serious conditions are present.

        Asymptomatic Covid? What a crock. If we are ill we show symptoms of illness so these clowns are *not* following the science lol. All statements as well as anything really need to be science based, evidence based and data based. If one of these is not present ashes ashes it all falls down.

        Everyone should be taking a vitamin with minerals. Zinc, C and D3 prevent coronavirus such as Covid, colds and seasonal flu. Peter Navarro has a gift for making things clear as vodka ht/gg, his explanation is this type of viruses wants to spread, so by ‘vaccinating’ it shapeshifts to a ‘variant’. If left to itself they weaken and goes away. When ‘vaccinated’ are confronted with Delta they are getting it but it’s *not serious* so its the vaccinated that are spreading it. It is being shipped in by the Covid-positive entering the southern border from all around the world but traveling thru South America.

        Deaths were not caused by Covid, but by failure to treat the disease with proven treatments such as ivermectin and HCQ with added zinc, D3 and ZPac – doctors treating have had up to 100% cure rates. You can buy Ivermecten online and do own research as to how to use it if necessary. It is effective for all stages of Covid.

  9. “Today, President Biden will announce the deployment of more than 4,000 active duty troops to support vaccination efforts, bringing the total to over 6,000 in all,” the statement read.

    “… “expand the pool of qualified professionals able to administer shots to include: Dentists, advanced and intermediate Emergency Medical Technicians, Midwives, Optometrists, Paramedics, Physician Assistants, Podiatrists, Respiratory Therapists, and Veterinarians, as well as medical students, nursing students, and other healthcare students in the previously listed professions under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act…”

    The White House explains that the troops will support “Community Vaccination Centers.”

    Most recent death count which rises daily is close to 1700. If there was a benefit to this it wouldn’t need to be pushed by military or ‘forced’ upon us by deploying our healthcare-professional community members.

  10. OK, I was signed up to get said vaccine on Monday… But I have decided to donate mine to any Vermont person of color the regressive blueonon government bureaucrat deems worthy. I am not looking for praise in the endeavor, I just hope I am not killing some poor bloke doing what they are told to do!

    Phone call first thing in the morning, after I get home from the vet with my dog…

  11. Situation Update, March 8th – Bill Gates aiding Communist China in harvesting DNA of Americans to build race-specific BIOWEAPONS
    Monday, March 08, 2021 by: Mike Adams

    (Natural News) A stunning development covered by The National Pulse reveals that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helped fund a communist Chinese military front company that used “covid testing” as a ruse to surreptitiously harvest the DNA of Americans.

    This CCP front company was also exposed by 60 Minutes.

    • Yes, if concerned citizens want to know about the dam about to bust showing how many establishment politicians, including our own Gov. Scott, are taking CCP money and are part of this “weaponized flu” used to strip away our rights, watch Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic every M-Sat 10am-noon and 5pm-6pm, or catch the replays.
      EPISODE 782 has (3( three must watch 14-ish minute episodes about the Chinese Communist Party’s influence and takeover in our USA . Excellent, first-rate reporting. #1 podcast in the US and #1 fastest growing news show.
      A Communist-Globalist “New World Order” is here at our shores, and in our own state. Forced vaccines, are you kidding me?! Countless of my friends and neighbors never thought we would see this day. Stay awake, stay informed, get loud. If we lose freedom here, there is no where else to go.

      • Thank you, the “weaponized Flu” and “If we lose freedom here, there is no where else to go.” We began losing it years ago in 1964s LBJs Great Society to Bushs Patriot Act to Obamas Pharma Cartel to Bidens CCP takeover. My fear isnt just the leaders following orders for the planned-demic, its the the majority who have bowed to these leaders without resistance or question. These criminals cannot believe how easy it was to fool the masses.

  12. The biggest “threat” is that we develop herd immunity to being stampeded by irrational fearmongering from gangsters masquerading as public health officials and other authorities.
    Without fear, it is easy to see through all the illogic in this totalitarian power grab disguised as a pandemic.
    This is an epidemic of fear, and when it wears off, there may be a harsh reaction against those who laid this upon us.

  13. It cannot be overstated that this is not only not a vaccine but that we the experimental subjects are dying like flies on flypaper – eek:
    “The FDA also reported 966 deaths.”

    Those are the reported ones in 3 month span *so far*

    From our hard-working underpaid friends across the river in Live Free Or Die Granite Grok breaks it down:
    — “Dr. Christian Perrone, head of Infectious Disease at Hopital de Garches in France, stated in a complaint filed in Europe:”
    — “The first vaccines they are offering us are not vaccines. They are gene therapy products. They…inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus.”

    GG: They say you are signing up to get a vaccine, but you are lining up for experimental gene therapy without your explicit knowledge. As I noted here

  14. Bravo Mr. Klar, for your sensible explanation to why you choose not to be vaccinated. We seem to be forgetting we have choices and that a mob mentality is running this state and country at this time. I believe that health care is my personal choice and nobody else’s business, thus we have a privacy act regarding healthcare.

    • Sadly, Neil, too many are “tuning out” or never hearing the warnings from reputable, credible scientists and physicians like Dr. Tenpenny and thousands of others being censored or suppressed or ridiculed. The death of real science is here. Science encourages honest exploration and debate. “Weaponized scientism” is stripping our rights away faster than the spread of any flu. Time to “pray without ceasing”, to unite, and to get loud. God help us.

  15. It would be beneficial to read and listen to Robert F. Kennedy jr. on this subject. He reveals a lot of facts that the main stream does not.

  16. I do not wear a mask never have I have my reason which I do not have to explain. I have been yelled at called names and told to leave a store.. I don’t mind leaving a store just means they don’t want my business, being called names doesn’t bother me at all, but yell at me then I will yell back.
    You don’t get in my face and yell at me telling me I am putting you in danger ( tho you are standing there with a mask on) when you do that you are lucky I don’t put my fist in your face. I don’t yell at you for wearing a face mask for pushing the fear factor around. I tell them when they are yelling I am putting them in danger ” you’re wearing a mask isn’t that suppose to protect your ass”!! then I walk away…
    It’s my choice what I put in my body not yours not the government nor the president. MINE no one else’s.
    Mr. Klar, I agree with you. and to add .. the first nurse who died from the Covid-19 shot died an hr after getting it.. after the shot, she said right on stage in front of the cameras ” I am not feeling good”, she left the stage and collapsed …

  17. John,

    I ‘m convinced you will make a very good Governor, but should those who are vulnerable and especially the elderly, really get vaccinated as the government has advised?

    Perhaps it is not the governments place to advise but rather to inform. Being advised to take these vaccines without liability or consequence could be a deadly recommendation, as both sides of the story are not being told. However there is one thing that is clear, information is being controlled, with most people being motivated by fear!

    If we are going to make recommendations, someone must be liable for them, either the Drug Company that manufactured the vaccine or the Government that recommended taking it.

    Otherwise just state the facts, so we can make our decision based on an informed consent, not a recommendation or out of fear!

  18. It is simply NOT a vaccine, the lies get bigger the more you dig.

    It is not a vaccine. So what is it?…….it is worth further investigation for all those interested. There are doctors, ten penny being one of them that can explain it for you, you can also read the scientific papers and discover, it is NOT a vaccine.

    Keep digging!

    There were massive lies, from day one about this. Why is the death rate so much higher in countries with freedom? Pretty selective virus! Why are death rates so high in Brazil and America but almost zero in Africa? Africa…..

    • Her web site is

      People may find what she has to say enlightening, scientific, accurate, based upon scientific papers published, etc ,etc….

      Medically speaking this is NOT a vaccine, the fact they lie about the very basic nature of this experimental injection should make anyone who is even slightly aware of the corruption in our government pause and think for just a moment.

  19. Another reason not to take this vaccine is because it is potentially deadly: Over 1,200 post-vaccination deaths have been reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system to date:

    Health authorities are quick to point out that the fatalities have not been fully investigated and that the deaths are likely coincidental. However, 1) over one-third of reported fatalities occurred within 24 hours of the dose; and 2) if you search for flu death “coincidental” deaths for the same time period (December to the present) you get four cases. Four.

    Previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines stretching back to 2003 all failed because “pathogenic priming” killed test animals when they were later challenged with the wild virus. Are there any published animal studies for the Covid vaccine? Not that I’ve seen. Pray we don’t have a black swan event later this year.

    • Neil posted a very comprehensive presentation link to Dr Tenpenny who explains what to beware of anywhere from 4 months to approx. a year after this health trial. The short term trial participants are the first warning and the long term you should want to hear! Check out Neil’s post for that link.

  20. If a deadly ebola virus were to emerge that was clearly a serious threat to all (as Covid-19 is not) and if a vaccine were available for this, then people would freely line up to get the vaccine. People aren’t stupid and are capable of weighing the risks without government mandates.

    The problem with the 1905 Jacobson decision (which ruled that Henning Jacobson could be fined $5 for refusing the smallpox vaccine during an epidemic) is that it reasoned on (relatively subjective) judgments of “necessity” and “oppression,” and in 1927, in Buck v. Bell– a decision which, as I understand, is still on the books– forced sterilization was deemed necessary and not oppressive. We must never forget that this “necessity” grew into an enormous necessity following along on exactly the eugenics vein that Buck v. Bell was based on, to justify the culling of the population that occurred in WWII.

    It’s for this reason that I continue to insist that it’s best that we dispense with any reliance on judgments of necessity and oppression and simply say: no, the state may never issue medical dictates to its citizens, ever. I’ve continually argued that this is the lesser of two evils, as I fully acknowledge that if Governor Scott, for example, had not imposed lockdown on Vermont than more people might have died (but we don’t know that for sure.) That would be an evil. But the potential, and historically demonstrated, evil of allowing medical tyranny far outweighs the evil of allowing the people self-determination in medical matters.

    Yes, the Governor is a good man who wouldn’t knowingly abuse his power, but what about the next governor? Or the next? Or a far-left future governor who is determined that all the people act “for the greater good”? Who gets to decide that good? I thought our founding fathers did a decent job of it: our greatest good is that we are a free people.

    Thank you, John, for your link to your analysis of US Constitutional law. It’s a keeper.

  21. John, I agree with your conclusion as to the anti-Constitutionality of compelled inoculation, however, I also extend this as well to all of the other mandates of our Little Lord Scottleroy (which are too numerous to mention).

  22. I agree wholeheartedly. Without sovereign bodily autonomy and 100% choice of what medications we accept or decline, how can we maintain that we are people of the land and soil? Vaccinations are not one size fits all and without a hefty price to pay for deliberate or accidental damages we are out on a limb over a raging river with this one.

  23. I have done some research on the subject, and I have come to the same conclusion. If a vaccine does not create an immune response, and you have to continue to wear a mask (having been proving to not work) And you have to stop seeing friends and family or go to church in order to meet social distancing rules, then to heck with it! Winter is tough enough…

  24. Masterfully spoken and nicely put Mr Klar – one of your op-eds vanished btw – elves?

  25. I concur whole heartily. First those not wearing face diapers have been singled out as second class citizens who pose a threat to others and now our own Governor has furthered that prejudice with his exemption from quarantine among those vaxxed. If this vaccine is so great and effective, how are the unvaxxed, (Im guessing that will be less than 10% which more than covers the herd immunity theory) a threat to those with the miracle shot?

    • James , I’ve scratched my head on that one too “If this vaccine is so great and effective, how are the unvaxxed,a threat to those with the miracle shot?”
      But not just this vaccine. Look how many times one is disparaged by other Mommies who chose to vaccinate their kids before entering public schools. If your kids are vaccinated, why should you feel threatened by others who are not?

      This vac I will not get for the same reasons as John .

      • I am actually more fearful of those vaccinated due to potentially shedding. The lame excuse they use is a flawed theory called “Herd Immunity”. Vt is vaccine compliant however at close to 97% in public schools, I believe. Herd levels are reached at a much lower level, 75%. Its all about control and power, the chief pushers, Dr Levine and Dr Till.

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