Scott administration says you need vaccine for travel and household visits, even if you already had the virus

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MORE VIRUS UPDATES: Gov. Phil Scott’s twice-a-week press conferences continue to be dominated by how to mitigate the coronavirus. The governor continues to discuss vaccines and emphasize that the old and sick are most at risk.

The Scott administration said Friday if someone gets the coronavirus and recovers from it, that will not count as immunity for the purposes of travel or visiting other households.

The current rule in Vermont, updated about a week ago, says if residents get at least two shots of the coronavirus vaccine followed by a 14-day waiting period, they may legally travel without quarantining for two weeks and are permitted to visit other households.

During a regularly scheduled media briefing, the governor was asked if getting the virus would count as immunity for travel and socializing purposes. The answer provided by Health Commissioner Mark Levine was that only a vaccine will count as immunity.

“There is a degree of natural immunity that people will have who have had coronavirus. … The question would be the durability of that immunity and what would go beyond several months and persist longer into the future,” Levine said. “The recommendations currently are for anyone who has had COVID-19 should still get vaccinated because we want to augment that immunity as much as possible.”

state of Vermont

Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine

Levine said new data from the United Kingdom indicates at least in some cases one shot would suffice. “Now this is only in the UK right now and it’s early data,” he said, adding that this policy is not currently recommended for the U.S.

Asked what scientific evidence proves the vaccine provides sufficient immunity to travel and see people, Levine replied, “Well the guidance currently is … is remember the 90-day period [after getting vaccinated] we believe that people are fine in terms of interacting, not having to quarantine if they come in contact with another case, etc. And we’re not certain beyond the 90 days after natural immunity if that will persist. We’re going with national guidance on that one for this point in time.”

Scott stepped in and reiterated that Vermont is following national policy.

“We’re just following CDC guidelines at this point,” he said.

Asked what studies the Centers for Disease Control is using for supporting those guidelines, Levine said to check with the CDC.

The vaccines currently available in Vermont are the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and another from Moderna. On Saturday, Scott announced that the Food and Drug Administration’s grant of emergency use authorization for Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine would help his administration “scale up our efforts, speed up our timeframes and broaden our eligibility faster.”

Current COVID-19 vaccines have encountered recent controversies. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Dateline in December that he is not sure that his company’s vaccine prevents the spread of the coronavirus. “We’re not certain about that right now,” Bourla said.

The Moderna vaccine came under intense scrutiny in January when Major League Baseball legend Hank Aaron took the shot for a vaccine publicity campaign Jan. 5 and died 17 days later. Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office in Georgia said on Jan. 25 that the death was merely a coincidence, and that the star died of natural causes.

Scott noted during the media briefing that significant portions of the public in other states are rejecting shots. Vermont is currently awaiting the results of a survey of education-workers to gauge their willingness to take vaccines. Scott said future vaccine policy will be determined by both supply and demand.

Despite comments from both Scott and Levine that elderly people with existing conditions continue to be the ones most at risk, the administration continues to ask all Vermonters to keep restricting their lifestyles and economic activity.

“This is the time that we all need to double down,” Levine said. “We really will have a much better outcome coming out of this pandemic. We need to hold on a little longer and not let the politicization of things like masks or personal feelings interfere with what the science has told us.”

On a related subject regarding whether Vermont’s students should be learning in person or remotely, Scott said current data shows that young people in school settings are not a big culprit for spreading the coronavirus.

“We’re not seeing a great deal of impact for those who are in-person at this time throughout Vermont,” he said. “We’re not seeing a huge number of those impacted by the virus — that’s just a fact, that’s part of our data.”

Scott said at another point that the data on Vermont’s coronavirus deaths continue to trend mostly among the old and sick. He said 90 percent of the deaths in Vermont have been age 65 and over. He added that individuals with other underlying health conditions “are impacted as well.”

According to the Vermont Department of Health, 204 residents have died with the coronavirus. Deaths include deaths among confirmed and probable cases, as also noted on death certificates.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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46 thoughts on “Scott administration says you need vaccine for travel and household visits, even if you already had the virus

  1. I told you:
    The New Republic of Chinarmont.
    Head Dictator: Scott and his henchmen (think Mengele) Levine…
    I keep wondering what the Chinese HAVE on these megalomaniac sock puppets… with DUMBS running up through VT to the Canadian border, and Leahy’s mention in TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O’Brien…perhaps its all a big coverup and offensive assault…
    Oh wait.
    Agenda 2030-2050
    Population control agenda.
    Oh, yeah.

  2. The beatings will continue until morale improves:
    Monday, March 1, 2021
    UPDATED: Briefly Noted: The Great Reset–Mandatory Meds For All?

    Links to two articles on the push (!) to inject the entire human race with medications–every year, forever and ever.

    Pfizer CEO: ‘Every year you will have to get your annual shot for COVID’

    31 reasons why I won’t take a COVID vaccine
    I refuse to turn myself into a chronic patient who receives injections of new pharmaceutical products on a regular basis simply to reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus that these injections do not even prevent.

    • That ship has sailed
      — I think it’s a little late to talk about “dignity” with regards to Creepy Joe’s Fake Administration:
      The Chinese government forcibly anally swabbed U.S. diplomatic officials as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s new Covid testing protocols “in error,” prompting Joe Biden’s U.S. State Department to beg China to stop violating the “dignity” of Biden officials.

      Soo…once they cram the ‘vaccine’ lie down our throats – anal swabs up a**es soon to follow…new standard of ‘testing’ for disease in future as “swabbing” is now pushed as most accurate option? This is why we must resist being followers – where does it all end and how many “morale improvements” must we make for the beatings to end?

      Look how far within a short year from when shiny-boot commander Chancellor Scott ended St Patties celebrations by closing bars and restaurants on one of the largest festivities in the US – which was the idea imo – to “flatten the curve”, and where we are now. Couldn’t wait another day?

      To forced medical treatment experimentation in our tiny Marxist Democrat Party-controlled state into unwitting test-subjects under the guise of “immunization” for Chinese Covid.

      I for one will refuse to be “swabbed” or injected with experimental drugs under any circumstances.

  3. Our Governor continues to drink the Fauci Kool-Aid. Actually, I question whether Scott considers himself Governor, or Ruler at this point. Yes, he has guided the overloaded ship of state thru the pandemic somewhat successfully, but other governors did as well. Think Desantis of Florida (21 million population, and growing daily) Noem of So. Dakota (900,000+ population) These two governors did not resort to rather draconian “Executive Orders” to deal with the “pandemic”. It seems to be that anything self-admitted liar Fauci says, goes for Scott. I doubt that Fauci is anywhere close to relinquishing his fame- and will continue to act as Chicken Little for many more months. In a situation where one is continuing to receive false, biased and erroneous information, good decisions can’t be made. Add to the mix Phil’s personal fears- (Think Fairhaven youth Jack Sawyer in 2018) and here we are- continued restrictions, admonishment and fear from the executive branch. Phil’s fears of the virus in neighboring states last fall was palpable. In some ways Phil was right- but the road signs he placed all over Vermont did little to slow the influx of out-of state traffic. Undaunted, he continues the fear- mongering, twice a week from his pulpit. The knowledge (and the vaccines) we’ve gained about the virus in the last year should allow us to move forward, not remain in fear. It would not surprise if Scott celebrates the second year anniversary of “15 days to flatten the curve” delivering yet another lecture based on Fauci science, from his pulpit.

  4. Such a broken record. A little longer, a little longer, a little longer. When the Governor starts paying my bills, he can run my life.

  5. Will refuse to get the vaccine and believe it to be unconstitutional as there is not even the narrow “emergency” use is applicable:
    1. Vaccine *does not* protect against receiving the virus from any source
    2. Supposedly lessens symptoms – however a moving target bc no matter how sick one gets claim can be made it “would have been worse”
    3. Does not protect against transmission
    4. Does not protect others from those who transmit the virus

    If someone wishes to get the vax under guise of “lessening symptoms” that is their choice no matter how foolish

  6. Too much power has been vested in too few people during this viral event and everyone is suffering for it. Decisions should have remained totally in the hands of the people. As during flu season, we needed to do what we felt best for ourselves and our families. My family had the virus back in the beginning. We ranged in age from 30 to 73, all in good health. We weathered it just fine, including my husband who had the pneumonia and actually got over it himself. We still had to wear a mask, yada, yada, yada for the past year when, left to our own resources, we would not have since we had the virus. No one told people they couldn’t stay home, wear a mask or get their meals and groceries delivered, so those at risk or those who bought in hook, line and sinker to the virus being “deadly”, which it is not when the survival rate is about 99%, could have made the choice to do what all of us were forced to do. Their feeling that if others didn’t wear masks they were going to get sick is a disproven fallacy from the beginning, but a year later I’m still hearing we should wear masks and practice distancing as if it were the new normal. Too many act as if with no mask mandate they would be forced to give up their masks and I’m really getting tired of the rest of us being forced to capitulate to their panicky needs. Now I hear that they want everyone vaccinated or they will no longer be able to participate in society. Those of us who have had the virus and don’t plan to get the vaccine and really shouldn’t, are told that we have to at least get one dose to protect other people. Where in the Constitution does it say that I have to relinquish my freedom of choice so others can feel safer? We have been lied to, cheated on and stolen from almost from the day COVID-19 showed up here and those who want to keep us under their control have been relentless in doing whatever necessary to keep people frightened. You have nothing to fear but fear itself seems to no longer be believable to most and they’ve dragged those of us who see through the charade down with them. Every day I leave my home is a risk and, in truth, risks of illness are actually pretty far down the list of possibilities.

  7. Dear Governor Scott/Dr Levine.




  8. Many who refuse this totalitarian medical tyranny, will absolutely travel, one way out of lala looney land USA.

  9. Scott is the darling of the Liberals, Progressives, Independents, Socialists, NWO, The Bilderberg Group, and must be a disciple of Karl Marx, understands the Saul Alinsky principles, read Mein Kampf and understands he can ignore the Constitutions of the US and VT with no accountability from which he’s learned how to control. There’s no safe guards for his authoritarian power over the paupers of VT He out shines any previous Dem Governor and other than that has accomplished nothing.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

    • Governor Scott and Dr. Levine are doing what they’re advised to do by the NIH and Dr. Fauci, and overall they’re acting in good faith. I don’t believe Dr. Fauci is acting in good faith; what he’s done has caused great harm. I don’t believe the NIH is being honest with the American people nor is it using all the tools in its arsenal to help the American people.

      The extraordinary power vested in the governor to impose a “biocracy” (rule by supposed biological necessity, whose apotheosis was the Nazi state) has to end. If we’ve learned anything that applies in particular to our state, that should be it.

      When we weigh the evils of allowing the population free discretion to act in accordance with its own medical understanding against the evils of imposing medical dictates on a population, the latter evil far outweighs the former. Have we learned nothing from history?

      • John – those of us who accept the constitution do not consider selves as “allowed” to follow our conscience but endowed by our creator aka God to do so. Only those brainwashed by false religion of diabolical Democrat Party or globalist pontification would accept the predicate it implies rendering as misleading misinformation.

        No – Chancellor Scott and Comissar Levine are not “acting in good faith” or following NIH “guidance” but unless there are new directives are doing own thing going above and beyond. Simultanious prevarication that NIH cannot be trusted is classic doublespeak however is consistant with your customary comments.

        The snakeshifting sophistry description of “free discretion” and “medical dictates” both as “evils” by placing them on equal footing is deceptive disinformation – obligatory honorable-mention of “Nazis’ doesn’t church it but serves to equivocate. But at least you’re consistant lol.

        Biocracy is not a dictionary word but coined to reflect a belief that we need to see selves as controlled by forces of nature and accept this as a basis for governance which is compatible w/atheism.

        Also a brand-named lotion lol.

        • “Biocracy” is a word used by Robert Jay Lifton in his book, “Nazi Doctors,” to describe that regime. This is a terrible book to read, not because the book itself is bad but because what it describes is so horrific. And yes, I see great danger in the path of medical tyranny and no, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to bring up comparisons with the Nazi regime, which started in small steps and grew.

          Some people do see free medical choice– to not vaccinate, for example– as an evil, don’t they? I don’t. Some people do. That was my point.

          You might try being a tad less suspicious of my motives.

          I disagree about Scott and Levine. They are good men, of that I’m convinced. They’ve gotten terrible advice from Fauci and the rest of the corrupt CDC/NIH gang.

      • An amazing amount of good info on your website; have only had a chance to skim so far. Thank you.

  10. When did the Constitution get suspended?
    It hasn’t.
    Scotty; Stop pretending the people of Vermont are ignorant and or stupid. Mike Pompeo warned us how the CCP has you where they want you. Enjoy the cash!

    • Yup Scott, Zuckerman, and Condos each met with the Chinese Consul General to discuss selling out Vermont to the Chinese, in person late 2019. Read any good Chinese/English papers lately, I did. One especially choice quote from Condos was.. Vermonters are unsophisticated and enthusiastic so can’t wait to get the Chinese in here, and that he couldn’t wait to get back to China.

      The Belt and Road Initiative is hand in glove with the “great [reset] beset, indebting the world to China, selling off our land, water, ports, roads, and everything, “public-private partnerships, ie: corporate fascism, installing the Chinese style surveillance police state. A prerequisite for this was terrorizing and impoverishing as many human beings as possible, violating human rights, destroying and training our children for obedience and lack of identity. You can not rob and rule people without first destroying and dividing them.

  11. The Corona virus, is purported to be a common cold labeled as a pandemic to achieve a global financial reset, but it has also been useful to those seeking the election of Joe Biden as President.

    Perhaps someone should inform Governor Scott, Biden was sworn in January 20th!

    • Yeah it is, because nobody died of the flu this year in the United States, It’s a miracle! The regular flu disappeared for the first time in recorded history!

      Suddenly there are no deaths from diabetes, heart attacks, etc. etc….

  12. Where’s the science? You build up immunities from the ACTUAL virus, but the vaccine that mimics the real virus is more effective? Yet they don’t know how long the vaccine will last?

    Are we our Governor’s Chattle? Cattle?

    We demand our meat be antibiotic free, free range, organic…

    But we have not control over our own bodies???????

  13. Both vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL and individuals who take them are formally enrolled in a clinical trial. They signed consent. No one can be coerced in ANY WAY to participate in an experiment, which means that no one can be coerced to take the vaccine. Coercion includes withholding rewards or placing punishments on the individual. This is the NIH policy on human subjects experimentation. Forbidding travel and restricting behavior is coercion. Sadly, our oppressive governor puts us in the position of having to sue for our normal rights and go broke in the process. And our government uses our tax dollars to fight our lawsuits.

    • They’re not forbidding travel into VT.

      They’ve opened the southern border to anybody who wants to illegally enter.

      Ignore the illegal, unconstitutional recommendations – and that’s all they are. Have the intestinal fortitude to stand and say ‘Hell no I won’t’!

      Any LEO attempting to enforce this isn’t following their oath and will have lawsuits filed against them until they die from old age.

      • They are attempting to forbid associating with others unless vaccinated. The problem comes when they lean on businesses, churches, and social organizations to enforce the rule for them and you are excluded by ordinary citizens. Already they won’t let you into stores and churches without masks and there is no enforceable law involved. No need for law enforcement at all. The essence of fascism is that the government leans on organizations until they enforce the dictates for the government. All that is needed is a stupid pretext and people do it gladly, thinking they are being helpful. It is diabolically repressive.

  14. How munch longer are sane minds going to tolerate this madness! They will continue to push us to find how far they can go. Wake up people! say no!!

  15. The problem is that there are no checks on the Governor’s powers during a medical emergency.

    They say that we don’t want to politicize things and stick with the science, but where’s the science? On masks, here’s what doctors Brousseau and Sietsema of the University of Illinois at Chicago, both experts on respiratory protection, say: masks for all isn’t based on sound data. There are no randomized controlled trials that show us that masks have any significant benefit, and indeed we can observe for ourselves, in US states without mask mandates (notably South Dakota) and in other countries (notably Sweden) that masks make no difference. We might expect that: all the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the world would fill half a water glass. These things are really small and are carried on the smallest water vapor of a normal breath– the one that has to go outside your mask if you want to live– and the only way to stop them is to stop breathing.

    Yet the Governor is taking the legitimate police power of the state that was never intended for oppressive and arbitrary measures and imposing them on the people arbitrarily and oppressively. Did anyone do a cost/benefit analysis of imposing restrictions? Did anyone heed the warnings of Dr. Ioannidis, a world-acknowledged expert on the replication crisis in science, and weigh what we knew for sure against unknowns? Dr. Ioannidis warned us that our lockdown measures were excessive and unnecessary. Did anyone consider Dr. David Katz’s early suggestion of focused protection on the elderly to avoid damaging the entire population through excessive restrictions, a suggestion later taken up in The Great Barrington Declaration?

    No one did any measure of real due diligence, and this failing is particularly applicable to those agencies that are charged with protecting the American public, the NIAID (Fauci’s agency) and the CDC. Even now, the NIH (the umbrella agency for the NIAID and CDC) is lukewarm against the use of a valuable drug, ivermectin. This is possibly because acknowledging the efficacy of this drug in fighting Covid would demonstrate that the NIH, with probably thousands of scientists, was sleeping on the job while a group of ten scientists, working on their own time and own dime, did the hard work. Or, possibly because they’re incapable of doing a cost/benefit analysis.

    The abuse of government powers is ultimately based on the abuse of science. The abuse of science comes from the very top. This is a dangerous precedent.

    How much longer for “a few weeks to flatten the curve”? And then what? New strains, new variants, and new pathogens, and we all cower in fear endlessly? This is no solution. We had solutions that didn’t require cowering in fear but we dismissed them. We can never do this again; the emergency powers of the Governor must be reigned in. Never again.

  16. “The Moderna vaccine came under intense scrutiny in January when Major League Baseball legend Hank Aaron took the shot for a vaccine publicity campaign Jan. 5 and died 17 days later. Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office in Georgia said on Jan. 25 that the death was merely a coincidence, and that the star died of natural causes.”

    Consider this!

  17. The tyrant wants, residents in hell want ice water,I also identify as a resident of a state that values Freedom & Liberty so what a petty tyrant wishes means nothing.

  18. I self-identify as a resident of North Dakota, so will travel anywhere I desire to go, for however long I choose.

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