Who is Liam Madden? Anti-war activist, solar developer, Idea Sex Lab CEO

By Guy Page

Before his surprise victory in Tuesday’s race for the Vermont Republican nomination for U.S. House, few Vermonters knew anything about Liam Madden. Even most political “insiders” knew only that he was a former U.S. Marine, an advocate for solar power, and a political independent who for some reason had thrown his hat into the GOP’s ring.

Liam Madden for Congress

Liam Madden and family

Attention intensified after his win, as Republicans wondered about their party’s challenger to Democrat nominee Becca Balint, and also whether they should back No. 2 finisher Ericka Redic’s decision to make the Nov. 8 election a three-way race by running as the Libertarian nominee. And most Republicans were stunned when he told WCAX the day after the election he didn’t want the GOP nomination. A day later he agreed to accept the nomination, but only because he couldn’t run as an independent with no Republican on the ballot.

Who is Liam Madden?

According to his Federal Election Commission filing, he lives in Bellows Falls. In a May, 2022 Vermont Daily Chronicle op-ed, he says he was raised in Stowe and after a disillusioning hitch in the Marine Corps became a leader in the nation’s largest veterans’ anti-war organization. He won an MIT award for climate change innovation. He is a young dad and husband.

According to his Linked In page, he has been the Solar Energy Director at HB Energy Solutions since Feb 2020.

Long before most Vermonters had ever heard of him, Republican U.S. House nominee Liam Madden was well-known in the national media and among anti-war circles for his opposition to the war in Iraq, where (according to his Wikipedia entry, see below) he served for seven months.

He is also the author of a blog post about his experiments on the relationship between human sexual energy and plants.

Madden describes his Vermont childhood on his rebirthdemocracy.com website, republished below verbatim.

1989: Moved to Stowe, Vt at 4 years old after my mother and father decided to re-imagine our family’s life following my father’s recovery from severe addictions and the trauma they caused.

1989-96: I fell in love with Vermont. I spent my childhood catching frogs, causing mischief,  tromping into the forest to imagine entire worlds, swinging from trees and jumping off rocks into swimming holes.

1996: My family moved to Stowe Vermont’s polar opposite,  a mill town struggling to find an identity – and an economy – now that it didn’t have any mills – Bellows Falls, Vermont

1996-2002: I went from experiencing what it was like to be among the least wealthy families in Vermont’s most affluent town, to being kind of middle of the road in Vermont’s poorest town. I was an abysmal student (except for math) and a bona fide trouble maker in high school. I learned a lot about hard work, focus, and discipline as the captain of the wrestling team. I learned about perseverance, resourcefulness and unconditional love from my mother who worked in, and eventually owned, her own restaurant, and my father who worked as a traveling salesman until he earned a Masters in Social Work.

2002-2005: I joined the US Marine Corps because I knew I needed to grow up before I went to college. The U.S. invaded Iraq while I was in basic training.

While in Iraq I had only a handful of scary experiences. What saddened me most was the look of hatred, fear, and humiliation in the eyes of most of the Iraqis I saw. I could tell they did not want foreign soldiers on their streets. I imagined I’d be an insurgent too if I was in their shoes.

Once, an 18 year old kid in my unit… all machismo and Napoleon complex, shot his machine gun into a car of innocent civilians because they tried to pass our trucks on the road. He did it out of fear and in compliance with his understanding of our rules of engagement. I was so angry and ashamed to be part of this disaster.

The following is excerpted from the Wikipedia entry about Madden:

Liam Madden is a former United States Marine and a veteran of the Iraq War. Shortly before leaving the military, he founded the Appeal for Redress, an antiwar petition by active-duty U.S. service-members. He subsequently served as a leader of Iraq Veterans Against the War, serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Military service

Madden served in the USMC from January 2003 to January 2007, as a Communications Electronics Specialist, attaining the rank of Sergeant. During this time, he deployed to Kuwait, Thailand, Okinawa, Japan, and Korea,[1] and spent seven months in Iraq.

Appeal for Redress

While still in the military, Madden worked with sailor Jonathan Wesley Hutto to write and begin circulation of the Appeal for Redress, taking advantage of a legal right for U.S. military personnel to petition their Congressional representatives. The Appeal, which had been signed by over 2000 active-duty military personnel as of January, 2008, states:

“As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to support the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq. Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home.”

The Appeal attracted media coverage from 60 Minutes, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation, and the Army Times, among others.

Discharge hearing

After the end of his term of service, but while still a member of the Individual Ready Reserve, Madden was investigated by the Marines for his antiwar activities. He was charged with making disloyal statements and with wearing his uniform at a political event, and he was threatened with having his Honorable Discharge status revised to “Other Than Honorable”, which would prevent him from receiving benefits. The Marine Corps dropped its case. [End Wikipedia excerpt].

Idea Sex Lab CEO

According to Madden’s Linked In page, he was  CEO of the Idea Sex Lab from Mar 2017 – Mar 2022 – 5 years 1 month. The Idea Sex Lab is a platform for writing, classes, art and events focused on the evolution of cultural and personal narratives. In September 2018, he wrote Experiments with Sexual Energy Meditation- Initial Results and Insights, he described an experiment on the effects of sexual meditation on the growth of plants.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of Liam Madden for Congress

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  1. I was pissed when he ran then wins and says no he wasn’t accepting it, I sent a message, he responded, and said I was going to give him my vote,,,now, again, after reading this, I again am NOT voting for him

  2. My guess is there were too many republican ballot choosers who saw “Marine” and that was enough informed decision making for them.
    Not voting for pretenders or RINOS ever again, and I have never had a problem filling an oval for a Libertarian.
    Send this clown and everyone like him a message, pull the trigger for Erica in November!

  3. He comes off as a genuine weirdo. He told the Vermont Republican leadership plainly that he was NOT a Republican, but an Independent. So why did he think like a self-entitled, liberal, virtue-signaler, and think he had the right to sabotage a Republican primary and destroy the candidacy of two WOMEN in the process? What a self-serving, self-entitled little sneak he is. He thought only of himself. Why didn’t he run as an Independent if that is what he is? No Vermont Republican party leader that I know of had anything to do with endorsing him or assisting him in getting on the ballot. We had two women running. WOMEN! He knocked them both out of the race, and they played by the rules. As far as I am concerned, he is a Manchurian candidate. He claims not to be a politician, but he behaved exactly like a sneaky politician. Where did his funding come from? What activist groups are backing him? Where is his transparency? He is NOT a Republican. He said so many times. Then what gives him the right to screw up the Republican primary and take the chance away from the women? We Republicans wanted to promote Vermont women in Congress. He nixed that. And he is a white male. One of our two female candidates was a minority woman. Don’t vote for him, fellow Republicans. The honest thing for us to do is to vote for the second-place Republican finisher, Erica Reddick, who is still a candidate for the office of Congressperson because she was nominated by both the Republican and Libertarian parties. She is still on the ballot in the Libertarian party. I have no problem voting for her. I will NOT vote for Liam. Unfortunately, Anya is out of the race completely. People who supported her could still write her in, but write-ins do poorly in national elections. We still have a viable candidate in Erica. You can still vote for one of our two FEMALE REPUBLICAN candidates who played by the rules and didn’t attempt to sneak into the primary of a party they do not belong to. In the general election, all of the candidates from all of the parties are on the ballot. Vote for Erica Reddick from the Libertarian party for Congress instead of Liam, the fake Republican. She and Anya together got more votes than Liam. If he had not nuked our primary, we would have proudly possibly sent a female Republican candidate to Congress. Oh, and Liam supports abortion through the sixth month. That should tell you something. He also wasn’t certain where he stood on Article 22. Do not vote for him if you are a real Republican! Yes, these are purely my own opinions.

  4. ok so of the results we have from primary
    what are the options
    because that is where the R needs to go…….so all on same page, or the majority of us
    otherwise we are looking at the same problem continuing in the same way….
    I liked Malloy, Redic and Thayer……1 out of 3
    but now it seems to go for a positive approach of some sort is to try to get behind, so we all can use our votes to count…..

    • If you vote for Madden, you are not voting for a conservative republican, by his own words. He was going to reject the party until he found out he hadn’t filed as an independent and if he rejected the republican nomination, it would create a three way race ion 11/8/22. Now we are going to have a 3 way race anyway so vote for Erica the true conservative and the one loyal to the republican party. Madden stated the possiblity of voting with the democrats, that’s what you’re voting for? He’s not a republican and was deceptive.

  5. This is how and what our State has become, a carpetbagger resting place if you
    want to be in politics………………….. They read Socialist Sander’s handbook!!

  6. Sexual plant energy through meditation, where does Vermont get these people? Miracle Grow works on my plants. I’ll try to save my meditation for remembering when I was a young man when life was not as crazy, and politics was just politics. If there were any Moon Bats, they kept to themselves and would have never won election here in Vermont. “Beem me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here”.

  7. Remakrable how much Vermont has changed in several decades. Once a basic conservative bastion of citizens that believed in individual freedoms and not trespassing on your neighbors rights to live their life as they chose. The influx of out of staters has been the detriment to Vermont and made the state overbearing on all but the rich.

    • Vermonters were just naive enough to swallow the lies and BS from the likes of Leahy and Sanders. Leahy married Ernie Pomerleau’s daughter. He could do no wrong. Sanders comes on the scene, ostensibly , to save the farmlands. Vermonters swallowed their acts with lots of persuasion from their own friends and neighbors . They were hard workers and always thought the government was their friend. And neither one of these have done a thing for Vermont. But they sure got rich. What a surprise, huh?

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