VTGOP video statement on bill H.659 and social media reactions

The following is an excerpt of a video message by VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame regarding H.659.

“This bill is bad enough on its merits that name-calling just serves as a distraction from the main issue. This bill removes the rights of parents to provide informed consent. … Let’s keep our arguments against this bill strong by sticking to the simple facts of what the bill says, and not adding a lot of colored commentary and conjecture, saying things about people that we don’t know for a fact. I’m not backing down from what the facts are: this bill is an example of the most extreme elements of the Progressive Democrats. This is not just one legislator off on their own — there are 10 legislators from four different counties in Vermont that think it’s a good idea to remove parental consent from an extremely complex process. Eight and 10-year-olds do not have the capacity to assess the long-term risks that these kinds of treatments can have they same way their parent or guardians do. This bill is a problem.”

To listen to the entire statement on YouTube, watch the video above or click here.

6 thoughts on “VTGOP video statement on bill H.659 and social media reactions

  1. VT GOP wants to be nothing but the other side of the same coin. Number of years ago they had an open ballot offer for people, no signatures. Well, I contacted the VTGOP and got the following…… LOTS OF JUNKMAIL. Thats it. I actually called people in the VTGOP and heard silence. I offered to run, for any position. A foot in the door is better than looking in from the outside. Never was contacted again. Made claimes about my history, my accomplishments… Even that I am black, real black, not the race trader who is in the statehouse now. I hold my values and do not comprimise. Said I had the same kind of experiences here in VT that Candice Owens went thru…. cricketts chirping. They dont want change they don’t want anything but the way things are.

    • Thank you Shannon for sharing your story. The Truth shall prevail over these liars and thieves.

  2. The VTGOP needs to stop party pandering pretending the issue of normalizing sexual exploitation of children is exclusive to Dems/Progs. Particulary after the conviction of Dennis Hastert and the collossal face plant of the Lincoln Project. How many Republicans visited Epstien Island? C’mon man! We have a serious, dangerous societal problem that will not be fixed by a political party laying responsibility upon the other. Yes, the Left is definately showing how disgusting and ethically corrupt they really are – yet, the RINO’s are hiding behind the Left pretending they have nothing to with it, when they most certainly are involved and complicit.

    • Uniparty games…..they are very good at that.

      Their plan is get people on the ticket, no money, no cohesive message and it will lead to yet another epic fail.

      There are 102,704 waiting to be called into action. They know the enemy is not the American liberal, but the puppet master Marxist of origin.

      Solving the Vermont problem is the answer to America. It’s a problem worth spending time and energy on. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, but that’s what we are doing……

      and we are getting the same results every year for 20+ years. You’d think we’d be sick of losing by now.

  3. You are so correct.

    They are framing the conversation; they are getting the exact reaction they want. They can’t lose. If they win, the win and have control over your children in the hospital. If they lose, they get to frame VTGOP as misogynist, sexist, hateful. And hatred and fighting win them money and allegiance.

    Cynthia Browning is a great example of the power and control. Our school principal that was fired for suggesting looting, burning and stealing might not be the best way to win people over was publicly crucified for all to see. Just like the Romans did. Just like they did to Jesus Christ on Friday.

    We need to redirect the conversation. Make bills of our own. We don’t need to fight, expose.

    Love is not teaching children to masturbate. That is lust.
    Love is not having your daughter become a sex worker.
    Love is not teaching your children all sorts of sexual positions at 5 years of age.

    There are different types of love, does anyone even speak of them today? Is there any recognition?

    Having major porn sites shift to interfamilial sex videos on the lock down is not the definition of Brotherly love, phile.

    If any man or woman were having secret conversations with children, talking about sex, having them get a doctor to perform surgery on them, what would be the penalty? If the state can do it so should every other person without penalty! How does that fly?

    What is Love? What is lust? What is sex? Do we even know they are completely different?

    Your children become slaves of the state with this ruling. They have total control of your children’s education, of what the eat now, and their medical procedures. None of which parents most parents can do a darn thing about.

    They can. They can homeschool, leave the state, put them in private education.

    This has been the plan, in the works for years. Charlotte Iserbyt laid it all out. Yuri Bezmanov laid it all out. Yuri even gave the cure for what is going on.

    The truth, when you really search for it will surprise you, it’s a narrow path. It leads to peace, something we could use. TGBTG

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