VTGOP: Our fiscal future

The following commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

This weekend we started the New Year, and now we will start a new session in the legislature.  And with a New Year comes a time to reorient ourselves around the future, and let go of the past.  This is going to be a big year, and Republicans are ready for it. While the Democrats have the majority today and are sure to push their agenda as far as they can, Republicans have been gearing up to make the most of the session ahead.

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

Democrats may have a number of things on their agenda; Climate Council recommendations, decriminalizing prostitution, adding abortion protections to the constitution. While there are a lot of issues that could come up this session, the one issue we know MUST be dealt with every year is drafting the annual state budget.

Thankfully we have some good news from Gov. Scott’s administration that we have an unprecedented budget surplus that is expected to be nearly $90 Million. This is another example of Gov. Scott’s leadership and working to reopen our economy as soon as possible last year, allowing for greater economic activity among Vermonters. Republicans are looking ahead to join Gov. Scott in returning much of that money back into the taxpayer pockets it was originally taken from.

This is how Republicans have always won: making their legislative work all about people’s pocketbooks. Vermonters instinctively trust Republicans to handle the state’s finances frugally, and return the change — while Democrats come up with new ways to spend it.

While the Democrats in DC continue to watch big spending bills fall apart — especially under the pressure of higher and higher inflation — it looks like the spigot to Vermont is about to turn off.  Vermonters are used to being on our own — it’s part of our independent nature. That’s why we need more Republicans in the House & Senate to help manage our state through this upcoming period of detox from fiscal stimulus.

House & Senate Republicans will play the hand they are dealt, which is stronger with a Republican governor to back them up with a veto. But the surest way to make it even stronger is for all of us to remind our friends, neighbors and coworkers that Republicans in the legislature are out there in the trenches fighting for common sense and our long term fiscal future.

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  1. What surplus? How and Where exactly did the surplus come from? We are deeply in debt based on future expenses.

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