VTGOP: Gov. Scott hints at possible veto of S.30 gun bill

This action alert was issued by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

Earlier this morning during an appearance on WVMT AM620 Gov. Scott took questions from callers and was asked about his potential veto of the new gun bill, S.30.

Thanks to many of you signing and spreading the petition, we have collected 1,004 signatures as of this morning! If you can think of anyone else that wants to protect our gun rights, make sure to forward this email to them and have them click the link below:

SIGN OUR PETITION to tell Gov. Scott to VETO this new gun bill headed to his desk THIS WEEK!

If the Governor vetoes this bill, as we are hoping he will, the next phase will be to put pressure on Democratic lawmakers from conservative districts that generally support gun rights, and let their constituents know to contact them to SUSTAIN the Governor’s veto.

When the bill passed the house they didn’t have enough votes to override the Governor’s veto, but we can’t take anything for granted.  Who knows what kind of arm twisting might happen with a margin of less than 5 votes!

We also have to keep attention on this issue.  Today Governor Scott said he thought the 30-day waiting period “seemed excessive.” He also repeated his position that we don’t need any new gun control bills, and that he has already vetoed other attempts.  He indicated that if there is a problem with the NICS background check system – it has to be addressed at the Federal level.

The donation you make TODAY will give us the funds we need to run a digital campaign to help us secure the votes we have against this bill, and maybe add a few more members to stand with the Governor in opposing this new gun control bill.

But we need to act quickly!  Next week might be too late.  So please take just a few minutes to  donate just $25, $50 or even $100.  If you can’t donate yourself, please forward this email to 5 people that you think might be able to chip in a few bucks.

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9 thoughts on “VTGOP: Gov. Scott hints at possible veto of S.30 gun bill

  1. Let’s see if Vermont has a Conservative Republican Governor that follows the Constitution,
    because Isn’t that who we elected ??

    Or do we have a progressive Governor !!, elections have consequences time will tell, I hope
    it’s not too late for Vermont !!

  2. “If” the Governor vetoes this bill….

    Let that sink in. If.

    What “if” the governor took tha stance of, ” it’s against the constitution” ” I will veto this bill and any other bill that restricts the rights of VERMONTERS to bear arms”

    He might garner support from Republicans. He might take the wind out of tha sail of the New World Order pimps occupying Montpelier.

    Notice neither are doing that. We have to beg, plead, send more money immediately so they can vote no? We have to grovel, every single year to keep them from destroying what is a beautiful Republic? We have to wear orange, come by the hundreds and thousands to Montpelier, on our work days take time off to be chastised, ignored and called names?

    Ther is some shady s*it going on under the golden dome, that is for sure. Can you see how they play us?

    Whoooo! Whooooo! Hear that sound? For some of us it’s a sweet sound, coming down the tracks. Whoooooooo! Whooooooo!

    • Do all you gun owners remember how he came to all your events and begged you for votes and you got him elected? Remember how gun owners came and got elected into office when the party itself lost people?

      There is some rotting flesh, do you smell it as you drive down i89?

      • You forgot to include Mr. Word salad himself. Where is Benning? It could have been a trifecta of pimps.

        Come now the three of you could lead us to the republican promise land.

        • State police just came out with an APB. Apparently lady liberty was found decomposed just off the highway. People thought the smell was from the sewer plant, but detectives found a 80′ tall woman decomposing just outside the interstate fence line. Her clothes were tattered and torn. The coroner had to bring in dental records because they couldn’t identify the remains.

          Police have recieved a tip, they have been told a stock car was seen on i89 and has dents and cloth fragments on the vehicle. The number of the car was not seen.

          If you have any tips on this event please report the incident to the middlesex state police barracks as they have an open and ongoing investigation.

  3. S.30, just more liberal gun bill nonsense, the Governor should ” VETO ” this inflated
    and agenda-driven ” out of state promotion & funded ” bill ……………..pretty pathetic.

    Wake up people they don’t care about your rights, they only care about their agenda !!

    We have the Federal 1968 gun act, which controls all background ” NICS” checks, so
    what is that Vermont’s legislators think they can do better it surely won’t be faster or safer
    they can’t even balance the state’s budget. or the unfunded liabilities the state has accrued !!

  4. Veto all firearms bills! Let these socialist Enemy of the state and constitutions show their true colors!!

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