Video: What is renewable propane?

“Generally Irritable” host Ericka Redic interviews Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council. We’ll be discussing renewable propane and how this and traditional propane can play an important role in America’s energy independence.

2 thoughts on “Video: What is renewable propane?

  1. Great discussion. Get Tucker on your team as he can lead a common sense approach to addressing environmental concerns in energy use.
    I agree with him EXCEPT that carbon removal for the sake of reducing CO2 is just a waste of money (10s of trillions) and an impossibly huge task for the US. Atmospheric CO2 is not driving the warming of the earth but is a trailing function of the mostly natural warming.

  2. Really good and insightful discussion about energy and the efficiency to get it to where it can be used. I learned something about renewable energies and how they can assist in diverting (portions) of our waste streams form going to the landfill or the watershed.

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