Video: Stand with parents of girls volleyball team, against Superintendent Layne Millington

The Randolph Union High School volleyball team fiasco is part of a larger pattern of the overpaid thug-like Superintendent Layne Millington bullying and violating children’s and parents’ free speech rights.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Stand with parents of girls volleyball team, against Superintendent Layne Millington

  1. The problem isn’t with the Randolph superintendent. The problem is with the system in which he operates. Regardless of where you may stand on this issue, it is abundantly clear that our public-school system is in a state of anarchy, reflective of the elected and appointed government in general. Public school rules, such as they are, are discriminatory no matter how and to whom they’re applied. Public school staff are protected no matter what they require of their students. As a former public school board member, I can assure anyone contemplating an internal reordering of the public schools that ‘getting your butt in the school’ is akin to jousting with windmills.

    With School Choice, parents and their children could abide by their chosen governance, or their chosen culture or faith, or one of infinite other social orders that may come to mind. But as it is, the public-school monopoly IS the problem, and it breaches our constitutional rights in virtually every way possible by its mere existence.

  2. The entire school staff supporting this liberal nonsense should be fired, and the parents should
    demand it. they were hired to educate not to indoctrinate…………………………

    Pull your kids now before they get indoctrinated and their minds or their body are altered toward
    this liberal nonsense, when you’re an adult do what you want, kids are kids, not your experiment

    Wake up, people they don’t care about you or your children, only an agenda !!

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