Video: Panel discusses how to do statewide citizens audit of elections

Representatives of citizen-led voter integrity groups in five states met on Zoom to discuss how they are conducting statewide election audits in their respective states. States include Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Video: Panel discusses how to do statewide citizens audit of elections

  1. The fact that pre-printed Dominion Voting Systems’ ballots were altered for the Antrim County election is a bombshell! The fact ballots were altered in Georgia is another bombshell. We’ll see if the same occurred in Arizona’s Maricopa County since they are looking for this in their forensic review.

    The fact that these alterations appear to only affect Republican ballots, is not only a second bombshell, but also, if proved to be intentional, this would not just be a print error – it would be a crime.

    An immediate series of troubling questions arise from Attorney DePerno’s revelation in Antrim County, Michigan:

    Which election officials, by name, in each precinct handed out these particular, fraudulent ballots or were all voters given the same, exact fraudulent ballots?
    Were any election officials aware that they were distributing fraudulent paper ballots? If so, who?
    Who ordered the print jobs for these fraudulent ballots across the country?
    Where were these fraudulent paper ballots used?
    Since these paper ballots are specific to Dominion voting machines, which Dominion-approved printing company (ies) were used to order these fraudulent ballots from?
    Ballot Printing Companies Better Lawyer Up – 2020 Ballots Were Modified in Multiple Republican Areas Forcing Adjudication and Potential Fraudulent Vote SwitchingWas that printer or those printers actually certified by Dominion?

    Given that Dominion certifies the ballot printing shops which have permission to print its products, and the ballot printing machines are set up to specifically print out Dominion products, who at the print shop actually altered these black boxes before hitting “go”on the print job? Did they not know that this was an alteration from the standard Dominion ballot printing job?
    Is Dominion Voting Systems aware that its paper ballots can be manipulated at printing to produce fraudulent ballots?

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