Kids cartoons now full-on LGBT propaganda for your children

By Tony Perkins | The Daily Signal

Lots of parents today wouldn’t think twice about sitting their kids down in front of the Disney Channel or Cartoon Network. And that, conservatives warn, is exactly the problem. Like so many other moms and dads, they’re expecting the same kind of harmless storylines they watched in the ‘70s and ‘80s. What their children are seeing is anything but.

Say goodbye to the regular plot lines of “Blue’s Clues” and “Scooby-Doo”—and say hello to a 21st-century lesson in transgenderism, sex, homosexuality, nonbinaries, and drag queens.

That’s the new reality of radical programming on some of America’s favorite shows—especially, parents are discovering, during June, which is Pride Month. Loveable animals like Arthur and My Little Pony have been commandeered by the far left for lessons that would make most adults’ jaws drop.

In the latest example on “Blue’s Clues,” real-life drag queen Nina West sings a Pride Parade song to the tune of “The Ants Go Marching”—except the lyrics have been replaced with “LGBTQ buzzwords such as ‘ace’—which stands for ‘asexual’ —as well as ‘queer,’ ‘bi,’ ‘pan,’ ‘allies,’ and ‘kings and queens,’” TheBlaze warns.

Blue and friends watch their two-mom floats go by while rainbow and transgender flags dot the colorful landscape.

This is just the beginning of Nickelodeon’s full-blown assault on mainstream morality. “SpongeBob SquarePants” has already stepped into the LGBTQ world, so, according to TMZ, “it’s really not that much of a stretch for them to get Blue onboard, too.” The goal, the outlet says, is to take “proactive steps to teach kids about different family structures in a fun, catchy way that appeals to young children.” And unfortunately, these networks aren’t the only ones.

Breitbart ticked off 13 shows that are blatantly pushing this indoctrination on children, including some surprising favorites such as “Adventure Time” (Cartoon Network), “DuckTales” (Disney), “My Little Pony” (Discovery Family), “Arthur” (PBS), “The Loud House” (Nickelodeon), “Clarence” (Cartoon Network), “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (Dreamworks), “Andi Mack” (Disney), “Steven Universe” (Cartoon Network), “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” (Disney XD), and “Gravity Falls” (Disney).

And yet, despite this complete activist takeover of children’s programming, LGBT extremists still insist they have “a long way to go.”

“But at least nowadays,” their Pride websites brag, “there’s so much amazing LGBTQ+ representation in animated children’s shows, giving a whole new generation of young, queer kids the much-needed representation and visibility they need!”

Like so many other Netflix and PBS shows, producers seem dead set on turning wholesome, family friendly stories into a weapon of indoctrination. And they’re doing it under the guise of children’s programming. In the case of longtime favorites such as Disney and “My Little Pony,” beloved franchises are being distorted to promote a radical, 21st-century LGBT agenda.

So what can parents do? First off, don’t assume that any form of secular entertainment is safe from this type of storyline. Watch these programs with your kids if you can or check them out in advance. Click over to organizations such as the Parents Television Council, MovieGuide, or One Million Moms for resources or reviews.

But the most important piece of advice is this: Don’t take anything for granted. If you’re a mom or dad who’s concerned about the messages Hollywood is sending your kids, don’t assume that just because it’s the Disney Channel or because it’s called ABC Family or PBS, that the show is innocent or family friendly.

Especially in the month of June.

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3 thoughts on “Kids cartoons now full-on LGBT propaganda for your children

  1. The soul propose is to desensitize children to make it easier to recruit them into their perverted life style. They want our children.

  2. All of this assault is preparing the way for a great reset, wherein the state is supreme and the individual will be monitored and managed (as they are in China.) To do this, and to get people to accept it, reason and morals have to be destroyed. People have to be willing to accept a medical police state (as for Covid-19) without question, and a global police state for the climate emergency (which is 100% pseudoscience.) The purpose of the climate emergency isn’t to save the planet; it’s to install “necessary” measures to “stay safe” and get people to accept state control for the supposed greater good.

    China and the WEF are doing this, with other global allies and associates. It’s important to see what’s happening today not as isolated coincidences, but as part of a well-thought-out plan.

  3. Agenda, agenda, agenda it’s bad enough left-leaning corporation are now trying
    to twist our children’s minds with their nonsense.

    Now they brag about their Indoctrination in our schools, whatever happened to
    trusting your children to get an education…………………………how pathetic !!

    Educators not educating, should be fired, Educators indoctrinating should be
    brought to justice for child abuse ……………..

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