Video: Gaslighting in Vermont

“I’d like to talk about something called ‘gaslighting.’ It’s happening right now in Vermont. It’s happening to people of any political persuasion who dare question the critical race theory and new racism being taught in Vermont schools.”

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  1. Balkanizing the populace and creating/promoting mutually antagonistic special interest groups is a takeover tactic of sociopolitical warfare disrupting the formation of a unified resistance. It has demonstrably worked again and again for the Progressives to weaken the people, create uncertainty and fear and to push them to look for and accept control by a centralized government to restore order and stability. Like Mussolini’s Fascist state. Riots and pandemic are not accidental. They are tools of the state.

  2. Here’s an example of what Mr. Klar is addressing when he speaks of ‘gaslighting’. This is the ‘Klar Klan Kruiser’, an image taken from a tour bus service web site based in Singapore, published on former VT Digger reporter John Walters’, blog post called Vermont Political Observer. It’s context in Walters’ post – A Republican Lawmaker Hops On Board the Klar Klan Kruiser – is fraudulent and repugnant to its core.

    Posts such as this, and the Jeff Danziger cartoons published exclusively on Digger, should make everyone pause for a moment of introspection.

    There certainly is racism in Vermont, and we see it here in progressive leftist ‘gaslighting’. John Walters, Bill Schubart, Anne Galloway of VT Digger, and other progressive leftist propogandists have become that which they profess to detest. While fighting the elusive Wampahoofus, they have become the Wampahoofus.

  3. Taking the bull by the horns, calling out the elephant in the room is the only way forward at this point, to clear the obstacles to true liberty and freedom for all. Shutting DOWN and gaslighting the discussion silences the opposition, as intended, is a successful technique tried and implemented in 1935 Germany, and here in Vermont, it also works.

    Having had my voice shuttered because I dared to question the looming New World Order filtering through our State House without even asking us if we wanted to join that sick cult that thinks models are a great way to assess the living, ones and zeroes are more real outcomes than looking out the window to see if the rock is wet or covered with snow, or shining with sun on it – yeah – the fake reality over the reality that is living in Vermont for MOST of us…not based on a model.

    Vermont’s neo-liberal goody two shoes know best.
    I cannot imagine going to sleep at night as an editor of one of the state’s leading newspapers that we all had hope for, and thinking you’ve done your job “in pursuit of truth” when all that coping and pasting of press releases is done for the day, and the paper has been put to bed. I’ve tried, and believe me, I can’t sleep. And why I came out of retirement to fill a gap of information in March 2020, to great gaslighting by allies and narrative flunkies alike – for publishing the truth from the mouths of the experts WAY before anyone else has or even still is, in this state.

    Gaslighting is a patriarchal tool that has been used on women for ions to keep us from setting the course corrections we should have been taking all along. Now its a tool the gov’t and its flunkies like corrupt editors and publishers across the nation not just in Vermont, level at all reporters and anyone who dares to question the narrative.

    I seriously wonder how this kind of oppression of one whole segment of the population can be going on while a discussion of racism in Vermont is going on simultaneously.

    Does no one see the irony here, of what we are being forced to accept as normalcy here in Vermont?

    Cults use this tool, primarily, to control their members.
    That’s all I’m going to say.

  4. Vermont Digger couldn’t censor fast enough, they couldn’t counter rational arguments, so the stopped all commenting.

    We have the same incomes because we’re all broke, just like everyone in Cuba!!! See how equality of outcomes works….

    Hollywood is systemically racist, look at what programming they put of for your viewing pleasure.

    Vermont government is racist, they think POC should be drug dealers and couldn’t be successful in other fields so they discount fees and incentives for them to deal drugs

    School systems are completely racist, we send billions to school systems and it’s all gone, poor teachers, failing buildings, crime rampant on the school playground.

    Our system for success and fostering families makes is financially lucrative to tear down families.

    Poverty, drug use, broken families….it’s really systemic oppression. It’s big city social programs, otherwise known as Marxism….and sadly it brings the same results to our lily white communities. It’s not the color of the skin, it’s what we fill our minds.

    Does it bring peace or strife? Does it heal or wound? From the fruit ye shall know the tree. Don’t fall for the rotten Marxist apple.

    • I too was surprised that Digger published the Mattis commentary. It was very well expressed. But as with many of John McClaurghry’s comments, for example, the Mattis post remained on-line for only a couple of days. Meanwhile, Bill Schubart’s progressive leftist posts, and Jeff Danziger’s repugnant cartoons, are carried for weeks.

      Remember, censorship is a subtle science, and Digger is an expert at it.

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