Video: Do Vermont Republicans understand what they voted for on H.89?

“The entire bill calls horrifying brutality something nice. This bill is about so-called gender-affirming care — that is, chemical and physical castration and mutilation of children. It passed the House with 24 of 38 Republicans voting in favor of it. … This is the most horrifying bill I have ever seen. Republicans, please listen.” (From Disaffected Podcast, with host Joshua Slocum)

27 thoughts on “Video: Do Vermont Republicans understand what they voted for on H.89?

  1. This video was very informative. Everybody should see it. This should be required viewing for WCAX and WPTZ reporters. They report on the subject as if it was normal routine care. Our Vermont children are no longer safe in public schools because schools can coach the children about gender affirming care and even help them to get it without parental consent. There are some well known transgendered politicians and I can’t help but wonder if they actually had the surgery to mutilate their private parts. How can somebody be gender fluid if they permanently alter their private parts? Also does the transgendered woman urinate through her newly reconstructive vagina?

  2. The dialog above with Rachel is telling, and CHILLING.
    Ad hominems, then a tepid attempt to retrieve a reasonable position
    It remains, she demonizes MEN who object to atrocities then agrees with another WOMAN who doubts its real.
    How many kids will be harmed by women who kumbayah?

  3. Republican women voting with feelings again. As for republican men voting for this atrocity, you just supported evil. Wasn’t it the left that was all up and bothered about female genital mutilation in Africa and other parts of the world? But here in Vermont now almost anything goes, and these people are the worst of any legislature that Vermont has ever had. We are talking about children being cut up and drugged for profit and these peopl feel good about themselves?

  4. There are NO leaders in the R party in Vermont………and thats it, its a “follow” mentality
    this is a crime against children……and humanity if one considers the future……UNREAL

  5. How can one “reply” to this insanity ??

    Attacking their brain is one thing.

    Savaging their bodies is canibalism/ German Nazi?

  6. Of all the immoral behaviors the democrats exhibit (and there are a lot!), this is by far the most unbelievable. The people who come up with these ideas are the spawn of the devil or are from another planet, and those who believe gender mutilation is acceptable are some of the most illiterate and morally reprehensible sheeple on the face of the earth. Anyone who would do this to their child needs to be imprisoned.

    • You obviously have not had experience with this issue. The venom in your statement tells me you are close minded and breed hatred where you are uneducated.

      • The venom in your statement speaks volumes too about yourself Rachel.
        You’ve decided that a person is close minded and breeding hatred as a result of a lack of education-and that he’s had no experience with the issue.
        You’ve gathered all of this about a person from 5 sentences in a comment section.

      • Rachel: I stand behind my statements 100%. I’m over 70 yrs old and I protested against the Viet Nam War. I have seen this country continue down the wrong path for decades especially after 9-11, at which point I lost what little faith I still had in our government. If you sense hatred in my comments it because I am so fed up with the lies and deceitfulness of the democrats, and the total cheating that has been used to take control of our Nation. I can say with all certainty that if you believe that the last two federal elections have been honest you are clueless. If you think we should be supporting the war in Ukraine you are also a blind fool. The democrats at the hands of their globalist handlers will not stop until they have destroyed our economy and Nation either from internal strife of WW III.

      • HONEY! You are DELUSIONAL. Literally. You’re under a delusion. YOU are close-minded. YOU are uneducated or MISeducated, rather you’ve been lied to and choose to believe those lies than the reality that this ideology is mutilating children to the tune of thousands or more.

  7. I’m not even sure if this is fact or fiction. If it’s true we need to get rid of it. Our children are our future, they need to be able to grow up and decide for themselves who they want to be.

  8. I agree that this mutilation of our children is so wrong and needs to be stopped. This bill needs to be halted and thrown out. I am not surprised with the democrats voting yes for this, but I am with the Republicans. No excuse for it. They should read all major bills sentence by sentence. That’s what we voted for them to do. Let’s protect the children including the unborn LIVE ones. Vermont is a liberal run state, and speaking this legal mutilation of children in this bill is a good example of why we need change. As for the Republicans who voted for this. SHAME ON YOU!

  9. Vermont will be known throughout the world as the Death and Dismemberment tourist destination. Kill the unborn, mutilate the born, then kill yourself !

    Actually, I totally agreed with the original law allowing assisted suicide. I am 72 and have a ways to go, but I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to waste either my money or the government funds to live as a vegetable. THAT is inhumanity.

    But advertising this service to other non-Vermont Americans ? Why ?

    • As with abortion, Steve, and euthanasia or PAS, or helping youth change their gender, it is called FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  10. Now that’s a question, Do Vermont Republicans understand what they voted for on H.89,
    apparently not, or are they just a leftist, wearing a GOP banner…………. that says it all !!

    Any legislator especially conservatives voting for the mutilation of our children for an
    agenda by either surgery ” breast removal ” in young females, or in young males a
    chemical castration ” is pathetic and disgusting !!

    I think these legislators need electric shock therapy or a lobotomy as their minds a
    completely gone, with no common sense ………….. where do we find these clowns.

    Wake up people !!

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