Lindberg: In defense of myself, nurse Doris Eddy, and free thinking

This letter is by Stu Lindberg, of Cavendish.

Over the course of the past decade, I have served on the Cavendish town Selectboard, the elementary school board, the GMUHS School Board, and the Fire District 2 committee. I have also run for the Vermont State Legislature. As a result of these varied experiences in public service, I have grown accustomed to personal attacks from those who cannot tolerate freedom of thought and speech. The most recent attempt at assassinating my character comes from a fellow Cavendish citizen.

At the Feb. 13 Cavendish Selectboard meeting, Kem Phillips publicly urged that the town’s health officer, Doris Eddy, should not be reappointed because she supported my run for office in 2022 even though I wrote a published letter expressing skepticism of COVID vaccines. His call to “cancel” Ms. Eddy demonstrates the creeping normalization of the authoritarian mindset in our society and deserves a stern rebuke.

The issue that triggered Phillips here is my conscientious objections to the unprecedented and indiscriminate mandating of the COVID-19 mRNA shots. Despite having never been tested on a mass scale, this brand new technology was administered to all age groups, regardless of the presence of COVID-19 risk factors like old age, obesity, and chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma/ COPD). Productive scientific discourse welcomes open inquiry and encourages critical thinking. Importantly, it does not traffic in logical fallacies such as Phillips’ repeated appeals to authority to prove his claim that the mRNA shot is universally safe. Phillips claims that the mRNA shot does not cause any serious side effects in any age group simply because the “State of Vermont” and “FDA data” do not say so.

These agencies have a poor track record of getting things right when it comes to the pandemic. For example, they declared that the shots would prevent viral transmission when they did not. Moreover, this governmental opinion has been undermined by the presence of an opposing medical consensus (see below) that the shots are associated with high rates of adverse events particularly in young men and women.

It is clear that Phillips’ claims are ill-informed, and his call to oppose Ms. Eddy on the grounds of guilt-by-yard-sign association is driven by blind and irrational religious zeal.

COVID vaccine defenders often assume that the pursuit of profit and conflicts of interest played no role in the pandemic response, but institutional capture has become pervasive in our society. In this form of corruption, political entities, policymakers, and regulators are co-opted to serve a particular constituency and its interests — such as the pharmaceutical companies that signed multi-billion-dollar deals with the U.S. government to roll out new mRNA products that would “prevent” COVID-19. They were not interested in investigating generic drugs that could treat active infection but would deliver no profits.

Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein sums it up well: “Captured institutions deliver unreliable information including outright lies. Sorting the signal from the noise is the skill that separates us.”

Congratulations to the Cavendish Selectboard for having the wisdom to reappoint Nurse Eddy as the town health officer.

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4 thoughts on “Lindberg: In defense of myself, nurse Doris Eddy, and free thinking

  1. What we are experiencing now, on many fronts, is the desperation of a criminal syndicate attempting to cover their criminal conduct at all costs – including, but not limited to, mass murder. The war on humanity is real. If people are not seeing it or feeling it by now, they will suffer far more than what has all ready occured.

  2. It’s interesting that if we go to the VTDigger website we find that there have been more Covid deaths in Vermont in 2022 (385) than in 2021 (339) despite that on May 13, 2021, it was reported that 81% of adults had at least one dose of a Covid vaccine. We also tied the largest monthly spike in Covid deaths (72) in January, 2022, well after the vaccines should have been doing their job to “keep us safe.”

    In 2020, when everyone was panicking about Covid and we had no vaccine, we had a total of 154 Covid deaths in Vermont, less than half what we had in 2022 when a majority of the adult population was vaccinated for Covid. 2023 is a continuation of this dismal “keep us safe” policy.

    Despite that we now have more yearly deaths from Covid than in 2020, society is largely back to normal and this is decidedly not due to the vaccines because the record is that these vaccines aren’t working. We’re back to normal because common sense tells us that we can’t live afraid of a virus and let it run our lives; such lives aren’t worth living.

    Now insurance companies are finding spikes in non-Covid deaths above normal and this should make us pause and ask whether the vaccines are hurting more than helping, but our brilliant health authorities, with blinders over their eyes, can’t see a thing except for the lies that the higher authorities at the CDC and FDA and WHO tell them. These authorities are concealing the facts from the people, partly because they don’t want to accept blame, partly because of the huge $$$ at stake, and partly because of massive corruption. Meanwhile in February, 2023, the Covid vaccines have been added to the recommended childhood immunization schedule, a move that makes no sense at all for the health of our children and puts them at unnecessary risk: children are virtually immune from serious Covid even without the vaccines. Is the CDC doing the right thing for our children? Absolutely not.

    None of what the health authorities are doing or have done regarding Covid makes sense. A recent study by the Cochrane Collaborative, considered the gold standard in treatment assessments, determined that masks don’t work. But having seen the experience of Sweden, we knew that anyhow, didn’t we? The CDC and WHO don’t care; they bulldoze ahead with their fantasy science.

    Unfortunately it’s mostly the Conservatives and other members of the right who are getting the message, as the liberal press seems intent on providing cover for the health authorities who are pushing make-believe science on us and calling it “data.” Then the liberal press blames the right for spreading misinformation and doctors who tell the truth are being punished.

    This is what happens in highly corrupted third-world countries, and Vermont’s health community had better wake up and stand for we, the people, for a change instead of siding with pseudo-science that the real data is telling us isn’t working.

    Yes, I know full well that there are many good and decent people in the health community but the plain fact is, they’ve been lied to and they need to open their eyes, for the sake of us all.

    Political tyranny is coming in through the back door of medical tyranny based on pseudoscience.


    • Keep in mind that the VT Dept. of Health’s (DoH) accounting of ‘Covid Deaths’ has been suspect from the get-go. I have the DoH’s report from the first 18 months of the pandemic, from the beginning up to 12-31-21, listing each death attributed to Covid indicating the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary causes of death. Of the 456 deaths recorded, only 114 listed Covid as the primary cause and only 83 listed Covid as the only cause.

      At the time, those 18 years old and under were not allowed to be vaccinated. Interestingly, not one death was reported for this cohort. In fact, only one person under the age of 30 was on the list. And even more curious, not one of the four listed causes of death for the poor soul was Covid. Apparently, the 28-year-old male died of a cocaine-fentanyl overdose and only during the autopsy was the Covid virus mentioned as a consideration.

      Since that report was published (I’m told it was extracted via a freedom-of-information-act request), the DoH has changed its accounting and reporting policies and methodologies. I have no idea now how the State handles this data and it is reticent to explain.

  3. That is a really brilliant quote by Evolutionary Biologist Bret Weinstein:
    ““Captured institutions deliver unreliable information including outright lies. Sorting the signal from the noise is the skill that separates us.”

    This quote is worthy of an entire article on its own because this is what is going on today with everything we have.. everything from Teachers Unions to the Boy Scouts to the three letter agencies, Hollywood, many Churches.. even large retail Big Box stores– they’ve ALL Been Captured.
    Therefore all that they deliver is fruit from a poisonous tree.
    When you understand this, a whole lot makes sense.

    THIS is why they cannot have free thinkers and objectors mucking up their plans to control the planet.

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