Video Commentary: Climate alarmists say ‘Drink the Kool-Aid or lose job’

A new bill at the Statehouse, S.220, will force many Vermonters to become educated about the state’s unrealistic emissions goals to keep their occupational licenses.

11 thoughts on “Video Commentary: Climate alarmists say ‘Drink the Kool-Aid or lose job’

  1. Like it or not, if proposal S.220 becoming law it would mandate that licensed professionals and licensed occupations become the climate police arm of Montpelier climate activists or lose our livelihoods. Having to pay increased fees for a two hour brainwashing indoctrination of the Comprehensive Energy Plan mind-think is just the beginning. Next we become the bearer of bad news to ordinary Vermonters that their real estate sale can’t go through because it does not meet energy goals or their plumbing / electrical alteration is not meeting energy code. We will be the Grinch that tells the home owner their 80+% efficient oil boiler or furnace is in violation and therefore oil suppliers are notified to cease delivering fuel.
    Some years ago the State of Connecticut tried quadrupling fees on licensed engineers until without organization those professionals refused to renew licenses. Work stopped, projects sat idle. The bureaucrats soon realized that they needed the licensees more than the licensees needed them.

  2. This nonsense is all part of the very real UN Agenda 21 (now renamed UN Agenda 30) that goes back to the 1992 UN Climate Change Conference in South America. The USA delegation was led by Al Gore. It is an attempt to control the population of every nation by using a false “man-caused” climate emergency as the excuse to implement planet-wide socialism and tyranny. Politicians will scream “Necessity” as an excuse to destroy your liberty and the state and national Constitutions. Everything you observe happening in Vermont is as a result of this sinister agenda. Examples: unrestricted abortion, gun control, carbon taxes, banning gasoline-powered vehicles, the embrace of globalism and socialism in education from top to bottom, stripping Vermont citizens of their private property rights, herding us into compacted urban zones where we will be easier to control, etc. Where are the adults in the room? They have been cowed by the lies so often repeated by the liberal media and their colleagues in office that they decline to fight this agenda. It aims to strip citizens of our liberty and of life itself.

    • Yes, claiming the world is going to end has been a favorite of world leaders and cults for,at least 4000 years. There is one true religion, one true God that has said, for those who say the world is going to end on such and such a date….know they are liars. This claim has been used forever, unfortunately the doctrinal ion and propagand tools, along with the abscence of teaching any real wisdom, such as that offered in proverbs has brought about a perfect storm of lunacy within this state.

      In the book of kings it does state over and over why and how governments fail with remarkable accuracy, it doth appear that we’ll be in for change soon, perhaps not this election cycle, but left to their own hubris and love of their own thoughts the brown shirts of the Vermont democratize party shall reap,what they’ve sown.
      I’ll have some Cabot butter with my Orville popcorn.

      They are perfect lemmings for the agenda, not an original thought in the bunch.

    • Absolutely correct, Kay—how can we awaken our friends and neighbors here in Vermont? Do we have candidates for office aware and ready to do battle against this? We need a groundswell soon.

  3. so their goals of 80% reduction will mean the following:

    80% reduction of ALL plastics, look in your house.
    We can build no new homes
    We will have to replace every home in the state by 2050 or spend minimum $150k upgrade
    We will have to replace all commercial buildings by 2050
    All tourists will have to come in electric cars, NO suv’s
    We’ll have to stop building all second homes, which will be banned because they are empty homes.
    We’ll not be able to pave any dirt roads,
    All paved roads will have to be redone to dirt, asphalt is heavy oil
    We’ll have to eliminate 80% of everything that uses fuel oil…everything.

    We’ll have to eliminate 80% of all the current births and our population. People use carbon after all.

    I’m sure readers can chime in with many more ideas. See we all want to be good environmentalists, but clearly one side has not considered what reducing your carbon foot print by 80% means.

    And if you don’t they’ve made up their own environmental witch trials, where anybody can report you and you’ll be sued. State sponsored and paid for witch trials. They are going to struggle with burning people at the stake…does that increase you carbon foot print?

    Ask these legislators…the leaders, show us how you can do this, lead the way by example!

    This roster of people, with lead man Zuckerman, is the socialist take over of the democratic party and attempt take over Vermont. The American loving democrats have been hood winked.

    • We don’t have to do a damned thing. Our forefathers spent more time saying ‘Hell No We Won’t’ than they spent trying to comply with ridiculous or unconstitutional regulations.

      I intend to do the same.

    • After conviction of violating the GWSA and TCI, those individuals will be herded into Nazi like ovens powered entirely by electricity generated by Vermont’s own solar and wind facilities.

  4. Climate change, climate change. Simple question, WHEN WILL THESE IDIOTS ADDRESS THE REAL PROBLEMS IN VERMONT???? Under funded pensions, rising costs of education in the face of a declining pupil pool, youth leaving the state, rising and new taxes, unfriendly business climate for openers, take your pick.Unfortunately, the folks in Montpelier are so focused on the hole in the doughnut they can’t see the bigger picture.

    • Hell, they don’t care about these things, because when they get done taking over these things won’t matter. A socialist state doesn’t need those things. Look at Russia. I understand the term progressive. It means, politicos whose expenditures have far out progressed their tax base.

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