Video Commentary: Blame Democrats and Progressives for everything

Who is responsible for Vermont’s unaffordable health care, education mess and job-killing renewable energy and Act 250 policies? The answer is straightforward.

29 thoughts on “Video Commentary: Blame Democrats and Progressives for everything

  1. Thousands of “you idiot” words flailing about – Egos on endless parade

    Vermont is in an incredible mess, tipping almost over a cliff.

  2. What was the goal of this?

    Will 60% of the people in Vermont suddenly vote Republican? How does labeling everyone with a D as disasterous bring us together? Getting people to run is only a small part of the equation. If we are not set up to win, what is the point? What it does is put the lambs out to slaughter.

    Hate is not a unifying vision, well it is I guess, but it doesn’t bring peace, love, joy and prosperity.

    There are many, many misguided American loving Democrats in Vermont. There are many misguided Republicans, we call them rinos. When you put them together with the new world order pimps you do the cause for our republic a huge, disservice. American loving democrats are not the enemy.

    If we continue to keep American loving democrats and conservative republicans from uniting our state will never heal. The New World Order pimps based upon what I see, based upon their “vision” ( and I choke on saying that), their money, their internal support system, their action plan and skill set of being massively good sophists, will bring Vermont closer to the New World Order.

    I would disagree, Republicans are entirely, completely responsible for letting this happen. Pride and ego have to be set aside. We need a new spirit in this state desperately, until we Republicans get our stuff together, understand what is going on and how to play the game we are going to continue with massive losses for everyone.

    It is entirely the fault of the Republican Party that we are in this mess, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    • If you think this platform, presented to those with a D, to those who vote independent is going to win an election? If this is the game plan for the VT GOP?

      Please do a poll from Vermonters. Please, get the opinion of the voting base.

      Does insulting an entire voting base, who’s vote you are asking the game plan? This is the unlit mate example of how the New World Order pops will kill use in the Vermont voting booths with their sophistry and lies, while we’ll be wondering once again, how did we suffer such epic defeats standing up for the truth. We will once again fallen for their trap of framing the argument perfectly and playing us for complete fools.

      It is entirely the fault of Republicans that we are in this utter and complete mess. Withou admitting our disasterous results we give them ALL the power and also deny us the much needed self reflection and needed reprove that we, we Republicans need to take responsibility and change. This does not mean to give up values based in truth. It means doing our job much better, it means having a better understanding of our current situation and how to bring about change.

      We are currently clueless.

    • Neil,
      Please tell me how you square these two sentences of your’s, as they seem to me to be irreconcilable…

      “…How does labeling everyone with a D as disasterous bring us together?…It is entirely the fault of the Republican Party that we are in this mess, it doesn’t have to be this way.”

      • If you call the entire party names, why would they vote for you? If you recognize that many in the party are not happy, and you publicly recognize that, they may be more inclined to vote out side the party.

        The Democratic party is not a monolith. Same with the Republican party. Many of us would like to eject 60% of them!

        Of course it’s out fault! Who else is commanding our ship? When we do the same thing and reject anyone with a differing opinion, we’re a pretty closed tent. We have to recognized there are MANY misguided, misinformed people, they just don’t know. And who is responsible for getting the truth to them? US!!!!!!

        We’ve been out messaged, we’ve allowed our school systems to adopt indoctrination, we’ve been out spent, out managed, we’ve allowed them to frame the conversation, and by our actions and response be labeled as anti-environment, anti- women, anti-poor, misogynistic, racists, etc. etc.

        We’ve allowed the message of the New World Order to become infiltrated and overtake our Republic, our constitution, our bill of rights.

        Yeah we are totally to blame.

    • When we fight they win much…lol Just kidding. We cannot fight a phantom enemy – it must be named. Fistbump to Mr. Frenier for doing so. If it is hyperbole this is used by all sides to illuminate the crimes – real or perceived – of the opposition nothing new here. Blaming Republicans a nonstarter bc they are the only hope along with swing voter alignment. Scott is *not* a real Republican and has shown a dark side thinly veiled by his sunny campaign-mode self and now doesn’t need us bc more Dems than Republican support this traitor.

      How is calling a spade a spade ‘hate’? Interestingly fail to call out bullies on TNR who trashtalk and attack conservatives but spring into action @ mere mention of the crimes of the communists in our world and state who are in fact the Democrat Party which is tearing our towns, state, nation including *all* the large Dem-machine controlled cities and world by stealth as platform is also aligned w/NWO and UN globalist goals. And busily destroying our economy via mass control of us all under guise of Wuhan Virus hoax.

      The Progs who are were the original communists vote Democrat also. I know lifelong Dems who are still lifelong Dems – they voted Trump but suspect they vote Dem for VT elections. Have a daughter who is Dem and we agree to disagree and *do not* proselytize.

      No one can serve two masters – as it requires favoring one over the other.

      • Please tell me how you are going to win elections with 30% of the vote. I’m all ears.

          • Election results. Staid fast republican vote 30-33% of every name with an R next to it, regardless if you do nothing you’ll get 30%.

            We need way more votes than that!

            How do you think Scott wins all the elections? How do you think Shumlin won all the elections?

            Look at every election in Vermont since 1978, when a red meat republican ran, they ALWAYS LOST…..every time.

            Youi can be a staunch republican, hold true to your values AND appeal to people in the other parties. Jim Douglas did it, Snelling did it….

            What is the message that appeals to Vermonters and crosses all parties, it’s out there. We’ve done market testing to prove it. Everybody feels good triggering a populace and losing the election. Been happening for 20 years+ it’s why we are a super minority.

          • 2018 Washington County Senate race is an excellent example. Excellent candidates put up on the Republican ticket. 30-33% if I recall. Election results across the state show this time and time again.

          • Most elections including VT are decided by swing voters and Indies. Ideologues of either stripe are generally the minority and occupy roughly same percentage on either side.

            So what you are essentially championing are VT Rinos – exactly Chancellor Scott’s methodology – court the communists to win. But then comes the piper demanding to be paid and you think this is ok – how’s that working? When John Klar announced you claimed we could ‘survive having Scott for another term’. I disagree in the strongest of terms.

            The ppl you defend and claim are merely ‘misguided’ are no different than anyone else on the planet – were given a brain and perfectly capable to make own decisions no matter how they were educated. However like parents defending their bratty kids prioritize making excuses for the naming of destructive behavior. Offending babykillers, economy killers and destroyers of truth, justice and all we love or claim to love – should be the least of the worries for conservative opposition.


            Ask anyone what type of government we have in the united states.

            90% on the Dem side will say a democracy.
            70% on the Republican's side will say democracy

            That is a misunderstanding of epic proportions.

            Do you think voters are informed? Can they tell the difference between propaganda and truth? We are uneducated, it's a problem.

            I didn't support, nor do I support anything you say in your statement. We can lose a governor, what we can't lose is another round of a super majority holding the NWO position. I say this because there is no gate stopping them. Look at what they are doing to Scott on the election results.

            Go ahead accuse of thing I don't believe or support.

          • Phil Scott who you support or supported is – at best – a Rino. Demanding that no one offend VTs creepy communists who champion and support all you claim to oppose while slamming and blaming Republicans for VTs present state of affairs is odd to say the very least…and aids those courting Dem vote…empty platitudes aside. Heaven forfend pointing out position quacks like a duck much.

            Snelling won elections by abt same margins 53%-46% Shummy won over Milne by less than 2% a recount could have won it and Douglas gave the bad advice. If Klar even ran Indy I believe he could win.

          • Too funny. I voted and helped a little on Keith Stern’s campaign. My vote went to Keith in the primary. I plan on voting for Klar in the primary.

            If I have to chose between Zuckerman or Scott, what would you advise?

            It’s these exact conversations that bring about massive losses for our Republic.

            Republicans are losing, not my doing. Guess what if we don’t change how we run elections we’ll lose again and again. I can’t be upset because our party loses? I’ve seen them stab each other in the back, personally.

            If Republicans can’t recognize they need to do something different to win an election and I’m not talking changing values, I’m talking clear vision, money, team work/support, action plan, developing skills, we deserve to lose for being too stupid to change.

            Sometimes the truth really hurts. Poll republicans and tell me what they think is going to happen this election. I have. We should listen to the people who support us year after year.

          • The VTGOP doesn’t even have a vision for 2020. They just play really bad defense against all the stuff the NWO runs as the topics for Vermont, framing the entire conversation. How can you win with no offense, and lousy goalie that lets all the pucks go by you can’t.

            John to his credit has a vision.

            Yeah, I’m not alone in my disgust. The bank account for the VTGOP says it all. Change isn’t easy, but it’s desperately needed. We’ll see what happens this November.

            If Vermont loses more ground, it may suggest a wholesale change in leadership for the VTGOP. What do I know? Why change, we’re doing so well, so well. Please don’t change a thing, nothing, don’t make any adjustments what so ever. Don’t change a thing, yes that is the recipe for success in Vermont. Ciao, been fun bantering, much appreciated.

          • You’re blaming Republicans for the ills of our state – unfairly imo – could it be the Rinos that are to blame? Under Jim Douglas reign VT Republican party suffered greatly. You’re not taking account entire picture – are you aware of how many college students live in VT temporarily and vote? I don’t but from these numbers appears enough to swing elections – UVM has over 13000 students:
            Wiki – List of colleges and universities in Vermont
            What about second homeowners?

            Elections are much more polarized than they once were and campus activist operations I suspect reflect this. Condos is hurting our elections how much is unclear.

    • This video is devoted solely to criticizing legislative Democrats for their disastrous policies. How does that amount to “hate”? I request that you retract that charge! I served with most of these legislators in the House and they are decent folks, but their thinking is devoid of economic common sense. I think more of us need to call their policies “disastrous” or we will fail to distinguish ourselves from them politically.

      • You called all D’s Disasterous. Would you call all republicans, Rinos?

        Your failure to give credit to any who carry and vote typical D, no credit, keeps everybody firmly from ever voting Republican.

        how are we going to bring Vermonters together? Not everybody is a new world order pimp!

        The new world order pimps biggest fear is americans or Vermonters coming together. Unwittingly you are doing their bidding, just like they want by keeping use from coming together to solve our problems.

        American loving democrats and kind hearted conservatives are the only group that can get this done. Or do you prefer the current status of pimps and rino’s running our state?

        Know you enemy, know your friend. Lumping all D’s shows great disrespect and no way for VERMONTERS to come together. Otherwise enjoy your 30% voting block and losing yet another election to the new world order pimps.

        If we win, I will gladly publically recant my statement, but as everybody knows, but people are willing to ask or poll, we’re gonna lose again, and thisis a major reason why.

        • Neal, Here’s my 2 cents, take it or leave it. The national republicans did exactly what you propose, they hardly ever confronted the democrats. If republicans don’t point out the glaring difference in our policies and ideas how do you propose to win over people who are sick of Vermont being destroyed by liberal politicians. I think lots of people have surrendered and that’s why many are moving out.

          Many if not most of the people running the Vermont government are not even from Vermont. They have come here with a vision of changing Vermont into the same hell hole they escaped from. If that’s not the case why did they move here?

          The current pandemic, if that’s what it is demonstrates that these people are not capable of helping Vermonters. Instead of caring for the economy, proposing drastic cuts in the budget and putting the climate religion on hold
          they are agenda driven and plow ahead talking Climate change, solar this and EV that as well as carbon footprint etc., etc.. These people aren’t leaders they are ideologues.

          So while you wish to coddle them with nice platitudes the average voter either doesn’t vote or moves out and feels that a state political correction is hopeless. The only alternative is to give them everything and let them destroy what’s left of Vermont sooner than later. Until republicans stand up for our constitution, find their media voice, point out the absurdities of trying to heal the planet from Vermont, crack down on the welfare benefits, break the Chittendon/Washington county liberal senate power, eliminate out of state student and second home owner voting, confront the problem of nonprofit social justice warrior organizations and lobbyists from out of state and confront them on every liberal issue they propose, nothing will change. What do average people have to lose by voting republican? Republicans can only win if they educate the voters what is in their future If they don’t change their government soon. People see what’s going on in liberal cities all over the nation, the end of the Green Mountain State is on the horizon, people need options, but acting like democrats and cowering in the corner to appease everyone’s hurt feelings will not bring about the change needed soon.

        • A nerve was certainly struck. Watch the video again. As Mr Frenier lists all the disasters the Democrat party has caused and still at it…posts pictures and repeats their crimes. Does not impugn all Democrats. This cements the position and sends a powerful message. Expecting a watered down puff piece to delute the gravity of what has and is occurring is naive.

          Placing VT problems squarely on the perps as they have the supermajority and therefore run the show. Why shouldn’t disastrous results be made known. So do your selfrighteous bullying communist friends get to reach their tentacles and also dictate what is posted on TNR after all VT media has fallen under their Pravda-like control and serve as stenograpers for the Democrat party.

          Perhaps you could submit some nice friendly articles about all the good they’ve done and what you feel VT Republicans have done wrong.

          • This has been going on for 20 years. What has it brought us?

            It’s all defense. We still don’t have a plan. Can’t win with defense.

            Please enlighten me how Vermont has become better by this? How many elections have we won? Can’t change policies if you can’t get into office can you?

            Pointing out we are losing, every election and need to change, I’m the bad guy, I’ll take that.

            The current plan hasn’t worked for 20 years, I’m calling it out, we need a new plan.

          • Demanding to know how Rs will win elections is a nonstarter bc we’re not clairvoyent – yet. Seem to think there’s a roadmap where all roads lead to more subjugation and to the fascists aka Democrats. And you do not know either.

            Repeatedly bring accusation against Republican Party and pointedly blame Republicans for Vermont’s decline and all problems as well as not sufficiently educating the Democrats via friendly inoffensive chats? Attempt to censor and demand that commenters not offend your poor misunderstood Democrat friends who you have prioritized and btw are the most destructive pushy incendiary controlling close-minded wrong-headed bunch of losers – and that’s on us?

            Commenters as well as myself have posited several reasons for the present state of affairs but you will have none of it as appears it doesn’t fit your Republican-bashing narrative. Politically we are in what has been called a top-down centrist freeze already and reason for our present state of affairs – Tamany much? You champion the status quo which isn’t working and say if we don’t continue this failure we will um fail…cough.

            There is an awakening taking place – all around the world but also here in VT. Left of left friends and fam are rapidly doing an about face – received a link from someone – to TNR lol? Excited about all the stories being published here and new names appearing to comment – word of mouth a powerful motivator. We are the best – if not only game in town imo – eyeopening story comes to exact opposite conclusion promoted by you and happened in NH of all places:

            Why Republicans are Called “The Stupid Party”
            And why they’re losing.
            Tue Oct 29, 2019 Robert Spencer

  3. Leftist’s of both parties are responsible,there just happens to be a majority of D/P/C’s.

  4. The only problem Vermont has is the ” Cancer ” we have in the statehouse
    and that’s Progressive Democrats………………

    Save Vermont, vote these inept fools out !!

  5. America is a mess because of Generation Fail pillaging & plundering the country like a swarm of starving locusts for the last half century. If the republicans lost to democrats it says a lot about their own failure an agenda that didn’t sell but they still cling to their Robber Baron trickle down economics an trying to tell people what they can an can’t do it the Land of the Free.

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