Video: Can government be funded without taxes?

“Generally Irritable” host Ericka Redic interviews Vermont Senate candidate Paul Vallerand to discuss if government would be funded better with trusts and endowments instead of taxes. Universities and nonprofits do it, so why not the government?

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3 thoughts on “Video: Can government be funded without taxes?

  1. ease understand that Vermont Senate candidate Paul Vallerand’s take on this subject reflects Stephanie Kelton’s Modern Monetary Theory… a lynch pin of the World Economic Forum’s Build Back Better Great Reset – a method for the centralized control of the world economy.

    Yes, this economic principle is complicated when getting into the weeds and ‘producing numbers’. And, in part, the discussion is intended to be complicated. RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.”

    Please understand, – this question (can we function without collecting taxes?) is a proverbial false dichotomy. It isn’t what we can or can’t do. Of course, we can function anyway we choose to. But what are the ramifications of what we choose to do? If anything, Erika’s discussion with Mr. Vallerand demonstrates their limited considerations.

    And yes, we have asked these questions before? And we have a perfect example of the pitfalls of this new monetary policy… the Social Security Administration Trust Fund. Without delving into this topic further, just ask yourself how the management of that Trust is working.

    Suffice it to say, Vallerand’s proposals are devoid of any consideration for our individual motivation to adjust and improve our standard of living in a changing world. In fact, when Vallerand says we don’t want the government to have control over the means of production, that is precisely the impact of his proposal. It defies anything involving ‘free markets’.

    In short – forget about this proposal. If anyone wants to discuss the details further, I’ll be happy to do so.

  2. every issue we have is caused by government and you asking on more efficient ways to fund this problem
    i think you need to get your priorities straight

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