Video: Can a convention of states save the republic?

“Generally Irritable” host Ericka Redic interviews Jason Herron, district captain for Convention of States. Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, states can call a convention to propose amendments. While 34 states must agree together to launch a convention, 38 states are required to ratify amendments. Could a convention of states be successful in limiting the power of the federal government and mandating fiscal restraint in Washington?

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5 thoughts on “Video: Can a convention of states save the republic?

  1. No! Politicians ignore and violate the Constitution now without any repercussions. They’re more than willing to change it so that everything they do gets a free pass. Leave the Constitution alone!

    • There is only one way to amend the Constitution. That’s when 3/4 of States, in both chambers of congress, agree to a proposed amendment.

      There are only two ways to propose amendments.

      Congress can propose an amendment after 2/3 of its members in both chambers agree on a proposal. However, they still have to send it back to the States for Ratification. This is proof that the States are in charge.

      The States, if 2/3 agree to a specific topic, can send delegates to propose amendments. It’s called a Convention of States.

      If, in convention, 2/3rds of the delegates agree on a specific amendment proposal, they will still have to send the proposal back to the stale legislatures for ratification. This is exactly the same as if Congress had made the proposal.

      Washington is broken and it’s a clear structural problem.

      Congress will never propose term limits on themselves. Congress will never propose spending or borrowing limits on themselves. Congress will never limit the size, scope and jurisdiction of their reach into our lives.

      Why wouldn’t you want delegates from the States to get together and talk about Term Limits for Federal employees? Worst case scenario, they can’t agree on a specific proposal and nothing gets sent to the States to be ratified. However, We the People just sent the federal government a message that they are no longer going to have free reign of our lives. Best case scenario we finally put an end to lifetime, career politicians and deep state bureaucrats.

      Doing nothing is still doing something, and that’s clearly not working.

      We need to use the Constitution to save the Constitution

  2. It may come too late. If shots are fired, or even excessive force used, on the Convoy to DC, the union will be dissolved.

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