Vermont whistleblower nurse cites inaction on suspected vaccine damages at hospital

“The Stew Peters Show” interviewed a Vermont nurse who claims UVM Medical Center staff are seeing a substantial uptick in unusual health conditions since the nationwide vaccination rollout, and that nurses aren’t permitted to ask about potential adverse reactions to the shots.

“I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and I am seeing things I’ve never witnessed as a nurse, even working in cancer. I’m seeing things that are just absolutely bizarre,” said Sandy, a UVMMC nurse who chose not to use her full name.

Sandy said staffers aren’t to ask about vaccines when attempting to diagnose potential causes of an ailment.

“You can’t even approach the patient to have that conversation with them,” she said. “ … If you even brought that to the attention of one of the doctors, and this might be like into the third day of we don’t know what’s going on … you were just looked at like you were crazy.”

Injuries the nurse reported seeing include head-to-toe rashes, cardiac problems in young adults, and a case of swollen genitalia seemingly similar to what pop singer Nicki Minaj claims happened to one of her fans.

The host, Stew Peters, says that Sandy approached at least three doctors regarding the “huge amount of anomalies” staff have encountered at UVMMC.

“She’s seen a least five patients who, in her view, are 100% cases linked with the COVID vaccines,” Peter said.

The nurse said the push by the media to vaccinate young children is what nudged her to come forward.

“And what I saw, and what I want people to understand, is when they talk about their doctors recommending the vaccine for them, they must understand that nurses and doctors are governed by the CDC just like in the military — the general gives orders and people under them follow those directions,” she said. “ … And nurses and doctors are so ingrained in those institutions that they trust those institutions that are guiding them.”

She shared a story of a male patient in his low 30s experiencing unusual cardiac issues. She said they did extensive testing for all suspected causes and could not come up with an explanation.

“[They did] every test that could be done and they could not figure out what was going on with this man,” she said. “ … I feel like, OK he’s been injured by this vaccine, they have three small children.”

Sandy said these strange medical conditions began in January, when the vaccine rollouts began.

“For the first time we started hearing things like ‘we didn’t know why they were being admitted, we didn’t know what the diagnosis was,'” she said. “We didn’t know what was causing these things, and to me, the people weren’t even being asked if they were vaccinated.”

When Peters asked who are the entities behind these policies, she said it was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I believe that the CDC instructed our physicians to not look, that we are not allowed to look or to question people coming into the hospital in regards to the vaccine,” she said. “Those are who are instructing us, when we open our emails every morning, those emails are coming directly down from the CDC.”

Peters noted that the vaccine package insert for the COVID shots includes a warning about myocarditis, a grave heart condition similar to what Sandy described regarding the young male patient in his 30s. He added that he thinks staff within UVM are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

“That’s not the CDC doing that, that’s doctors doing that,” Peter said. “ … Because doctors are refusing to report these as vaccine injuries.”

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21 thoughts on “Vermont whistleblower nurse cites inaction on suspected vaccine damages at hospital

  1. Great, get the vaccine, if you get injured from these experimental vaccines, then what? It’s impossible that no one will get injured from these vaccines. It’s amazing that they can tell us that these vaccines will kill no one when when have solid proof that they raise the risk of serious cardiovascular events.

    There’s no liability for vaccine harms and hospitals will deny any connection with the vaccine and might even accuse you of being an anti-vax “faker.”

    What if your child gets injured? Too bad. You’re on your own. Yet children handle Covid extremely well. A 12-year-old I know had a positive PCR, was tired for one day and out playing the next. This child’s sibling was with her constantly and had zero symptoms.

    Is this a great deal or what, to subject children with zero risk of serious Covid to real risk from the vaccines?

    Thank you, Dr. Levin and Governor Scott, for your uncanny brilliance and care and concern for our children.

    • That is why they are letting all of the unvaxed illegals into this country so it can be repopulated with those who are used to communism and are a custom to total government control. It’s the elimination of the free thinking population and those who know that the US constitution exists.

  2. So what this essentially means is for hospitals, CDC, DOH, doctors, other assorted aiders and abetters, the vaccine-injury including death business is booming and amounts to billing us for killing us as well as our vulnerable eldery and precious youth *SHAME*

    The failure of aforemention agencies to act on behlf of public is criminal. Hiding it all by not reporting vaccine injuries and death to VAERS proves it is a conspiracy and coverup – ‘Vax’Gate.

    • Stardust.. we all know they rob us before we die anyway.
      There are so many ways, where should we start..
      Heck, history tells us entire nations are looted before they fall..
      We are all funding our own demise- willingly or with the boot at our necks.
      Nothing to see here though… just keep staring at the phones and pet the therapy animal.

  3. None of this comes as a surprise. It should be noted that the Vermont Department of Health is also in the command sturcture mentioned. I can attest to that, since I have been summarily denied access to all health care now because I cannot wear a mask, due to being a heart patient with several respiratory issues, for which no doctor will now grant me a mask exemption, even though my GP last year issued me one. That earned him a dismissal from his local practice by the association he was with then.

  4. Power corrupts.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    MedicoTechnoFascist tyranny = Fascist state.
    Welcome to Chinarmont.

  5. The central problem is that many of our medical professionals are accomplices in medical malpractice, unknowingly yet not without blame. This sort of stuff has been going on for a very long time as doctors and nurses refuse to acknowledge or report vaccine harms from normal childhood vaccines, including the harm from aluminum adjuvant, which is by now well-documented. (This isn’t to say that all vaccines are bad, but it is to say that we’ve been blindly giving too many vaccines, too fast, to our children.)

    Medical personnel have to take the blinders off and stop listening to the CDC, which is just a mouthpiece for corporate medicine. The CDC has failed to perform due diligence on childhood vaccines, and now they’re failing to do risk/benefit analysis for the Covid vaccines: they simply don’t want to know the risks. This is disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves for dumping these vaccines on young people who are at low risk for Covid.

  6. So, have to watch this video….I thought Vermont was corrupt…..this guy exposes some sinister things going on with our friend Dr. Fauci…..

    We’ve all been had, 73 Patents between 2008 and 2018 for our “novel” corona virus.

    Feet should be swaying in the wind…..perhaps it’s time to invest in gallows production.

    In 2016 by Peter Daschic.. listen to it 30 minutes in….you will be well informed.

    This one of the most incriminating videos I’ve ever seen. They we making the vaccine, patented, a month before the virus came out. Convenient….convenient.

    Sars and bioterroism, back in 2006, The New Normal…. won’t see this on Vermont Digger.

    • This video just goes to show there are serious issues with the New World Order and their minions, affectionately known as pimps.

      So when is Vermont going to STOP pimping for these scum bags? Huh? Just say no….. course we’ll still be trying to find a house because our Governor has decided homes for everyone but us Vermonters and we’ll make it as difficult as possible for you to build anything too….

      Own nothing and be happy!!!!! Be a slave to these truly evil people who worship money above all else. Lord help us, we may have trouble loving some of our neighbors.

      • Gain of function is nothing more then bio-weapon research especially when done on a virus that hasn’t been exposed to humans with a vaccine available to fight it… Fauci and others in the world
        health org and our health departments need to be strung up for the murder they have caused of nearly 150,000. Dead from their product to defeat the current covid they produced… this is stuff right out of the death camps.

        Knowing there are people doing this building of viruses for money is not giving me any good feelings.. glad i’m older then dirt…

  7. Readers might be interested in this interview with a hospital whistleblower from New York State who’s about to lose her job for refusing the vaccine. She’s making that choice based on her own personal experience with vaccine-injured patients and the onerous process involved in reporting those cases to VAERS. While this is a long interview, I myself was deeply moved by the integrity and compassion of this particular health-care professional who ran head-on into a system that’s committed to promoting COVID vaccines while making little to no effort to track their outcomes.

  8. Misplaced fear for a virus, encouraged by a collective fear of healthcare professionals, politicians and our media to speak out, has created a dangerous plague, by prescribing a corporate protocol far worse than the illness itself!

    The real state of emergency is that we are not allowed to see these vaccines for what they truly
    are not, safe and affective!

  9. I know several people stuggling with the decision to quit their jobs or be vaccinated. I’ve recommended the following question be asked of, and answered by, the employer.

    ‘Given that the COVID vaccines currently available are still in clinical trials and being used only under Emergency Use Authorization, with no liability protection to the vaccinated; and that the FDA approved vaccines that include liability protection, limited as it may be, are not yet available – if I agree to take the unapproved vaccines, as required by [employer], will [employer] assume responsibility for any adverse reaction or death that results from my taking them – including but not limited to adverse reaction or death to those in my family with whom I come in contact?

    And, if [employer] will assume that responsibility, what are the extents of the specific remedies it offers?’

    This opens the door, at least, to offerring an alternative resolution – to agree to be tested on a regular basis and quarantine for a certain period of time should your test show that you’ve been exposed.

    • Should biden’s mandate for over 100 employees stand up, the question you pose above is very relevant. Whom will pay for the health care costs and compensate for damage done to the individual? I’d say Phil Scott wrote a blank check for state employees to use if the “vaccine” results in issues for a mandated employee. Of course, there will be litigation involved, much like agent orange issues in the 90’s- 20+ years after it’s use in Vietnam.
      As school boards rush to “mandate” the “vaccine”, the potential for adverse reactions and future health issues for children increase exponentially- as will the cost to society and the taxpayer. At what risk to children is the disease vs. the “vaccine”? We really don’t know, because government is obfuscating the facts for political advantage.
      The actions of both the biden and Scott administrations are like a runaway train, headed for the broken trestle. Until there is true leadership in Washington that can understand long term risk to the population- not short term political gain- this nightmare of reacting to SARS CoV-2 will continue. It seems America will learn the hard way that FDA Approved does not mean scientifically proven- It means business deal made.

      • Perfectly stated! But Phil thinks the injections are safe and affective. Apparently, his legal team skipped over the liability section of the mandates. They also missed the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Accord plus the federal statutes related to coercion and medical experimentation. If I currently had children of school age and they mandated the injection, I would pull them out of public school and find a damn good lawyer. While the pharmacies and scientist who make this poison can skirt the law under immunity given to them by paid off politicians, the state and employers have no such immunity. If bad things start happening to employees forced into these injections, I hope all legal hell breaks lose and these people pay for their incompetence and medical tyranny they have brought onto us.

      • There is leadership. Just not in the direction individuals who rely on their own merit appreciate.

        The current strategy is common to all collective authoritarians. If everyone takes the vaccine, there will be no control group of unvaccinated people with whom to compare. No accountability. No ‘liable protection’.

        This is the purpose of universal healthcare, the public education monopoly, and myriad other institutions pitting the one-size-fits-all collective against the individual. As I’ve often opined, if one individual succeeds by his or her own fruition and merit, the claim that the collective (i.e. socialism) is the only valid form of governance for a developed society falls flat.

        Anne Applebaum, in her book, Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism, laments: Why and how did it happen? She then goes on to explain that it is the motivation of “greedy careerists who realized that, lacking the requisite talents, they would not be able to rise in a meritocracy and have therefore hitched their professional wagons to authoritarian patrons in a tawdry effort to get “rich and famous.”

        But its worse than ‘tawdry’. It’s evil incarnate.

      • Re kids & covid, the latest info I’ve seen is that, when you back out children with other serious health problems there has only been 1 (one) documented death of an uncompromised American child from covid. One.

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