John Klar: Springfield’s anti-racist program is treason

Members of the Social Justice Lunatic Cult in Vermont have insinuated themselves into Vermont schools and government. After years of BLM flags ad nauseam, those advocating for this racist, anti-equality, anti-American, anti-civility nonsense have decided to set themselves up as infinitely powerful government elites, dispensing church-like edicts toward the new utopic vision their political theory promises but never defines. They forgot they are still in America, where the laws they wish to remove still apply.

Springfield, Vermont, possesses one of these runaway bands of race-obsessed, self-proclaimed social justice warriors in its Equity Committee of Springfield Schools. Following George Floyd’s death, the committee issued this amazing statement:

The Equity Committee of Springfield Schools condemns white supremacy in all its forms. As educators, we work to create equitable and just learning environments for all youth. We know that schools are an inseparable part of our societal system. As such, staff must teach and act against injustice: there is no such thing as being neutral. As we watch Black and Brown people — including students who could well be our own — be tased, beaten, and incarcerated we know that systemic racism pervades every aspect of all our lives — in our healthcare, in our schooling, and in our housing systems. These are all our students. These are all our families. In a system where people have a right to private property but not to food or clean water, we stand with people over property. We stand for the humanization of Black and Brown lives. We stand for the liberation of human beings from a system which values commodities over life. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

There are so many falsehoods transferred from a fallacious political ideology in this silly rant that they must be considered in turn:

1) They condemn white supremacy. Were there white supremacist groups involved in Floyd’s death? Was this a public lynching? In its first sentence, this rogue committee employs CRT — all white killings of black people are white supremacy; all white people are racist and privileged. These schools are implementing the “teachings” of Elijah Hawkes: Do you teach the children of white supremacists? If you work with white students in this country today — or ever — the answer to this question is yes. White supremacy is the bedrock ideology of this nation. No family is immune to the infection, the inheritance.

2) “We work to create equitable and just learning environments.” Is the committee in the justice business now? Creating environments? Doing the “work” of antiracism? But “creating equity” is the exact opposite of guaranteeing equality of opportunity — the foundation of all American constitutional law. This is why the school curricula specifically teach children that wealth must be redistributed to achieve “equity.” This is the opposite of American jurisprudence.

3) Schools equal “the system” and staff must teach and act against injustice; there is no such thing as being neutral. This is right out of the CRT playbook. All white people are white supremacists. By kneeling to the CRT ideology and keepers of the new law, they become redeemed, and join the cult of morons who wrote this statement. If they don’t “take sides,” they are labeled racists and targeted for “antiracist work.” This is divisive and leaves room for only one future political party/ideology in America — exactly as they desire (all Republicans are racist, and so the party must be banned). In fact, the real dividing line is and always has been the American Constitution: to undermine or violate it has always been regarded as treasonous and un-American. There is no such thing as being neutral on the American Constitution — citizens must teach and act against the injustice of destroying it.

4) Apparently black and brown people are tased, beaten and incarcerated in Vermont hospitals. Repeatedly, this vulgar filth of BLM and CRT imports inner city traumas — the worst they can find to use as ammo — into Vermont, transferring those sins onto Vermonters and their “white system.” Might the Equity Committee recount how many police officers have been convicted of murdering black people in Vermont, rather than argue nurses and housing systems here are racist without evidence? This is histrionic race-baiting, not facts or logic.

5) “We know that systemic racism pervades every aspect of all our lives.” This is patently false. It is assumed by the mindless cult members, who will religiously avoid researching the truth. For those who do have a desire for facts, Thomas Sowell eviscerates this toxic trope utterly in numerous books. But the committee only reads with relish the pseudo-religious moronity of Ibram Kendi, rockstar of racist agitation.

6) “In a system where people have a right to private property but not to food or clean water, we stand with people over property.” This is plain old idiotic. Having the right to hold property (without the government taking it for itself or to give to others) is quite different from a “right” to be provided something that costs money. Perhaps the committee will award food to everyone in America, as a right, and propose how to fund it. They have appropriated infinite power to themselves, after all.

7) “We stand for the humanization of Black and Brown lives.” You mean like in the Declaration of Independence, which you teach is racist?

8) “We stand for the liberation of human beings from a system which values commodities over life.” Do they mean communism? Because American jurisprudence — as affirmed by the murder verdict against Derek Chauvin, and the acquittal of O.J. — has always valued human life above property. Why is this committee saying something that is the opposite, that is a lie? Is this what we call “teaching true history”?

This Equity Committee of Springfield Schools has gone so far off the rails that it had better double up on its “equity insurance” to pay out when the lawsuits fly. In its endorsement of CRT, it advocates an agenda to dominate white children to reverse white supremacism. (Elijah Hawkes’ book is titled “School for the Age of Upheaval: Classrooms that Get Personal, Get Political, and Get to Work.”) Vermont parents are ready to get involved and personal and political, now that they see what these deluded zealots are implementing on their children.

Let us look at one U.S. case, Miranda v. Arizona, in which the conviction of a Latino rapist was overturned because his confession had been coerced. This resulted in protective shifts in police procedures nationwid, for suspects of all colors. Ernesto Miranda was retried without the confession and found guilty of the kidnapping and rape of an 18-year-old girl. Miranda was a career criminal, beginning with a burglary conviction in eighth grade.

Yet Vermont’s “Director of Racial Equity,” Xusana Davis, turned this case upside-down. “Mr Miranda is a Latino man whose name people know because he’s the reason that when you get arrested, you’re read your Miranda rights,” Davis said. “So there are so many, many things that we enjoy as Americans, as Vermonters, that are directly the result of gains made that at the time were considered for Brown people, or for People of Color.”

This is like hailing smallpox as savior for compelling the creation of vaccines, and is parallel to the lionizing of Floyd, who was associated with an attack on a woman “pistol-whipped by a group of men while at home with her children.

As I have written previously, Rosa Parks would have achieved nothing without white judges implementing a white-drafted Constitution that still aspires toward “color-blind” equality even as race-baiters tell us that this aspiration is an illusion and we must center everything on race identity. Yet, critical race theory proponents wish to dismantle the Constitution — is Xusana Davis praising the Miranda decision while trying to erase the document that gave rise to it? Yes, she is — hypocrisy in race theory is as prolific as quackgrass.

What will the new “system” being created provide for core principles? Will the Supreme Court be “color conscious,” with Elijah Hawkes and his philosophy installed? The new society envisioned by CRT is never defined, but we can see what it will look like by Springfield’s Equity Committee — warped facts, lies about the law, extrapolation of individual cases to blanket all. Really, folks, you can’t make up stuff this stupid.

This Equity Committee of Springfield Schools is off the rails — of facts, law and logic. Using their idiotic “methodology,” if a male police officer rapes a woman in Los Angeles, all Vermont police, and its hospitals and schools, are rapists — even if the cop does life in prison under the “system.” George Floyd’s killer went to jail — where did the “system” fail? And if all Vermonters were white supremacists, why would Elijah Hawkes be allowed to create his hateful, racist pedagogy, let alone be made principal of a school?

The villains are victims in CRT, and these villains then weaponize others’ victimhood to victimize young children. Springfield’s equity committee is thuggish, deluded and hateful. How much longer will it torment our children and the truth? Their statement above is an attack on America as well as Vermont, using lies and a disgusting, unforgiving ideology. This is treason, not “equity.”

Springfield’s equity committee is exposing not white supremacy, but white lunacy. To extrapolate the George Floyd killing to Vermont health care workers is slanderous, unscientific, unjustified by reality and extremely dangerous. This vapid drivel of stupidity is a perfect proof to Vermonters of the evil in their midst — this is what is being taught to Vermont school children in the dishonest name of “just teaching history.”

Has a single one of these “warriors against our children” ever read Harvard economist Thomas Sowell, who has been dismantling this vile ideology for years? How will they (and Hawkes) classify Jews in their hate materials? How will they defend the new segregation of students by skin color in schools, when it is patently illegal? How much inequity will be created by “equity” efforts before it is evident that the experimental theory has failed miserably? When deep racist divisions have been seeded using this tribal hatred of CRT, will the same disconnected liars craft yet another “theory” to repair the damage they have inflicted — or will they say “See, this just proves that white supremacy is real”?

This is a new religion that offers a utopia, so long as no other political ideologies are permitted and all white people atone for their societal sins. But it is a false promise, just as everything it is built upon proves false. How did such hate find its way into schools? That must be the No. 1 question for Vermonters.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of town of Springfield

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  1. White children have no chance of living a good life, Concemned

    Black children have no chance of living a successful life.Condemned.

    FOREVER!! Critical Race Theory at it’s basic !!

  2. Reading this is truly frightening. These people are no different than the Nazis. Can’t express enough how important it is to get your kids out of government run schools.

    • Thomas Sowell specifically connects this “race-only” determinism to Nazism (and eugenics). Both came from the same disconnected academic elitism….

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