Vermont wants a ‘Ministry’ of Unoffensive School Mascots (slogans, logos, or team names)

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

When you know better, you just do, and failing to use that power is an injustice. It is your job to tell everyone else what everything is, or means, what they should do, and how to do it. Even what to say and not. And the more Democrats there are in your government, the more it thinks this way.

Vermont, conveniently to both my geographic and ideological left, is increasingly that. A place where freedoms are eroded by the abrasive politics of social justice and the mendacious gods of equity and inclusion.

Rutland City Public Schools

Rutland High School “Raiders” is just one of many school mascots left-wing politicians have tagged as “offensive.”

Vermont is the East Coast’s California. Its liberals have that particular something — the urge to control everything not just because they should but because they can.

S.139 directs the Vermont Department of Education to spend taxpayer dollars to tell taxpayers what is offensive. And like any proper despot, what is objectionable, obnoxious, obscene or culturally odoriferous will be at their discretion and perfumed with the scent of more intrusive government — even if that offends you.

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But policing “racist” school mascots will (inevitably) require additional staffing, resources and room for mission creep.

They may even find that they need a department of the department to police the Department’s decisions on mascots and branding — a thought police to police the thought police. Don’t laugh. We have a Federal Ministry of Truth (still reeking of that New Department Smell) telling us there is no Ministry of truth.

Stringing words together that dare to question this is misinformation.

Vermont’s Ministry of Unoffensive Mascots (Slogans, Logos, or Team Names) is destined for a similar path. The false gods demand tribute, and its clerics will need something to do.

And if taxpayers find that offensive?

When you know better, you just do, and those who disagree or stand in the way of “progress” will find themselves on the wrong end of a swelling police-state mentality that can only end as an actual police state.

So, it’s not about mascots or team names at all. It is about the fundamental force behind the American Revolution. Leave us the hell alone; we’ll work it out ourselves. And opponents of the Ministry of Offensive Mascots make the same point. You are eroding local control. But they can’t stop, and they won’t. Failing to abuse power is an injustice. And they are destined to abuse it — deliberately or not — until only they have it.

S.139 has already passed the Vermont State Senate.

Image courtesy of Rutland City Public Schools

8 thoughts on “Vermont wants a ‘Ministry’ of Unoffensive School Mascots (slogans, logos, or team names)

  1. It’s funny that schools are incapable of determining names for themselves and have to seek approval from the ever-more-ubiquitous authorities.

    No one can think for themselves anymore, apparently, except for our beloved authorities who are very clear about what’s right and what’s wrong, and will tell you.

    • Jim –
      Our Masters in Montpelier do not respect the opinions of Vermonters. Even if local decisions are supported by the local population, our Masters know better and will dictate. We used to elect our Representatives, but now our votes select our Masters. Be careful at the polls….

  2. How about naming a team “The Polecats?” I guess that would offend the Democrats. I am beginning to think Vermont is worst than California if that is possible.

  3. I remember when such silliness was mostly fiction. Kind of brings to mind Monty Python:
    Ministry of Silly Walks.
    Alice in Wonderland used to seem like a silly story too. Reality is so funny now it hurts!

  4. When Vermont becomes so radical that the media in NH now is reporting it here, don’t ya think that says something about how off into Looneyville Vermont is going?

    • and why is it that the press, the VTGOP, somebody in a public office isn’t always asking, “Hey, is it ok to censor?” Hey “is it ok to stifle free speech?”

      Hey “is ok to publish outright lies as truth?”

      There is no questioning. There is no debate, let alone vigorous discussions or challenges.

      When you start looking under the hood over here on the other side of the Ct…….it’s pretty horrific.

      There are many, many, many great people in Vermont. There are many great republicans….many of them. I can tell you they are shunned, from within.

  5. Who let this opposing viewing into our state? Surely the governor shall arrest them! Quarantine them! close their business! Turn off their internet connections.
    We can’t have this! Suddenly people might start, oh, my, they might start critical thinking! Theu might think for themselves!

    Stop this immediately. What happens if they get the taste of freedom??? Then what???

    How did this get into our state? Please remove this before other VERMONTERS see this? Where’s our ministry ot truth.????

    God help us, we’re being invaded by a different opinion!!!!

    AhHHhH. The NWO pimps have got to stop this, quick isolate this disease from our communist utopia. I’m melting……….

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