Vermont schools must stay masked until January 18

By Guy Page

Masks will be required in Vermont public schools until Jan. 18 regardless of whether the school has reached 80% vaccination, Agency of Education Secretary Dan French said Tuesday at Gov. Phil Scott’s press briefing.

When school opened in August, mandatory masking was expected to last just a few weeks. Schools that reached 80% eligible student vaccination would then allow unmasking of vaccinated students. However, high case counts have led officials to postpone the date.

The impending Emergency Use Authorization approval of a vaccine for children five and over also prompted today’s decision. “We want to make good progress with vaccinating children in the coming months,” French said. Also, “We want to get through the holiday period. … We think it’s prudent to delay our masking recommendations until after the holidays, period.”

Under guidelines to be released Tuesday afternoon, players of school-based winter sports will need to be vaccinated. (Unvaccinated players may participate in practices as antigen testing becomes available.) Spectators, coaches and officials must mask. Some sports will require player masking, others will not. Sports that require upside-down physical inversion — wrestling, gymnastics, dance — won’t require masks because of the danger of masks slipping over the athlete’s eyes.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine said his department is ramping up for mass vaccination of children.

“We’re actively planning clinics and working with pediatricians while we wait for the authorization of the vaccine,” Levine said. Vaccination will reduce interruptions in school learning and reduce transmission to adults, he said.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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8 thoughts on “Vermont schools must stay masked until January 18

  1. Did these fools in charge of our health pick a number out of the hat for the jan 18th date? What happens on the 19th that all the sudden makes it ok to go mask less after having to wear them until then? What makes them want to jab the kids with a wothless vax that 1. don’t prevent you getting the crud 2. don’t prevent you from spreading the crud. 3. don’t prevent you from dying from the crud and 4. why vax for a 00.01% chance of non effect of the crud and lastly 5. why isn’t fauci hanging from the lamp posts for his part in creating this bio weapon with the china commies?
    We’re being ruled by fools who follow the advise of a sawed off tyrant who has beagles vocal cords cut then has insects bite their faces to see how much they can take… he should be dead not be the highest paid government official… anyone who abuses animals has no right to be breathing oxygen…

  2. Homeschooling is looking better by the minute with these asinine policies based on political posturing and virtue signaling. I personally want to address these policies with the administration but don’t know where to begin when their motives are built entirely on false narratives and pseudo science. It’s quite frustrating.

  3. Is there anyone out there or a professional group that can stop these medical tyrants from poisoning children ages 5 to 11 here in Vermont? If not, who will take responsibility for the first death or severe injury? This is a horror about to unfold for some trusting parents who want to protect their children. These parents are not getting the truth about what may happen to their child if forced to take the injection just to go to school. The FDA approval for an experimental gene therapy is still under emergency use authorization only. The Nuremberg Code requires informed consent meaning parents must be informed of ingredients and possible injury. This is being ignored and ingredients are not disclosed. The governor has the power to stop this tragedy from happening. There are no long term studies to determine future injury or death. Leaders lead, they do not follow. A leader would stop this parental nightmare before it happens. The FDA is using children for an experiment. They stated they wouldn’t know if it’s safe until they start using it. In fact, they are using everyone as an experiment will raking in billions of dollars and the results are in. These jabs do not work and people have suffered and died. Enough is Enough, someone needs to put on their big boy pants and shut this down, including the mask fiasco.

  4. Because on January 19 the virus will suddenly stop circulating, apparently. More arbitrary “make it up as we go” nonsense. Meanwhile, vaccinating the least vulnerable group–when all vaccines have given us so far is an explosion of new cases–is a dangerous strategy. We are far from the shores of real science now, navigating purely based on a narrative. Buckle up for this winter, people, because it’s going to get rough.

    For an honest analysis of the agenda to vaccine children, read this:

  5. Since these masks cannot filter particles smaller then 3 microns, and the virus particles are smaller then 1 micron — we can clearly see the people who want masks are stuck on double-stupid, refuse to learn and just might be communists. They all need to be removed from positions of power.

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