Vermont Liberty Network freedom rallies set for May 15 and 16

The next Vermont Liberty Network events will be held May 15 and May 16 in Montpelier and Burlington, respectively. The theme is “COVID v. the Constitution,” highlighting the numerous ways in which basic constitutional protections have been discarded in the world of COVID-19.

The event in Montpelier takes place noon Saturday, May 15 at the Vermont State House. The event in Burlington is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday, May 16 at Liddy Park.

One thought on “Vermont Liberty Network freedom rallies set for May 15 and 16

  1. I believe that this is a valiant attempt for folks to gather and profess their love of freedom for this state. However after 30 years of attending and being involved I find that nothing has really changed. The republican party of Vermont is not a strong party and is run by a bunch of folks that are not open to new ideas or change………..and that is the problem. Until we get some young open minded candidates who are supported by this party we are still doomed. As much as we would like less government intervention in our lives, we cannot make it happen without much less control from our own party.

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