Viper Out: Vermont ends 33 years of F-16 operations

On April 6th, airmen, retirees, their family members, and the media said their final goodbye to this historic aircraft during the Viper Out ceremony at the 158th Fighter Wing.

Image courtesy of Vermont Air National Guard

3 thoughts on “Viper Out: Vermont ends 33 years of F-16 operations

    • – WHY?????

      Russian SU-35, PAK-FA and Chinese J-20 are 3 of the reasons. The F-16 can’t compete against the “new” line of radar invisible air weaponry. I don’t really know if the F-35 is the answer but it’s Technology is more inline with our “enemy’s” best.. It’s a hell of lot of money per plane.

  1. Sad & Sweet day for Vermont, as a kid growing up in Vermont my father use to take me
    over and watch the Jet take off in the sixties, and as I grew older it still ventured over to
    watch our planes take to the skies for our nation……..pretty spectacular.

    I was over at the farewell flight April 6th ( sad ) but I cannot wait until the day the F-35 comes
    to town ( sweet )…………… I will be standing by the fence when the F-35 comes Home.

    Vermont Air National Guard, Thanks for your service, and you do have support from all real
    Vermonter’s !!

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