Jim Hall: Vermont is on a socialist path

By Jim Hall

This legislative session has certainly put the cap on the question: Is Vermont trending toward a socialist state? This is not a difficult question to answer when considering the proposed legislation subjects, the outcomes from votes taken in session and the lopsided results when the count is known following the votes.

Previous to this year, there was the marijuana vote (passed) signed by the governor into law. There were firearms issues that made sportsmen, shooters for recreation and professional target shooters very upset at the outcomes of those votes; once again, the governor signed into law.

Vermont is at a major crossroads, it being: Do we put the brakes on the trend in effect now, or do we continue on the path we are on which, in one word, is “socialist”?

So now we are back to more firearms proposals, we have a $15/hour minimum wage bill in the works, the fuel tax hike has passed, the abortion measures have passed both houses. These actions are not indicative of the state I grew up in.

Prior to passing all these freedom-restricting proposals, the newer influx of idealist elites who have arisen to control have seen to it that business and industry that the state once had, made its exit. That happened over a period of years and with those unfortunate losses, hard-working folks with decent jobs moved to another state where affordability in everyday living is more aligned in a common sense and good judgment mode.

Vermont’s demographics show a state with a high percentage of benefit recipients and retired folks, the latter becoming less because of pure economics and tax burdens poised to go off the charts with the present mindset of lawmakers. More and more retired people are taking up residence in more tax- and fee-friendly states, of which there are many to choose from. One of the huge monsters in the house is the pension fund liability, and its associated potential problems for the taxpayers: $4.5 billion in a state this size is nothing to sneeze at, but that’s where we are. Stakeholders calling in the chits would do untold damage and send Vermont into a huge tailspin financially. Most taxpayers do not know this fact.

Vermont is at a major crossroads, it being: Do we put the brakes on the trend in effect now, or do we continue on the path we are on which, in one word, is “socialist”? One of the trademarks of socialism is the divestiture of wealth and property that individual persons own. If you look at things closely, you will see chipping away at the freedoms and liberties of firearm use and control of same; the burdensome Act 250 exercises that business endures every time an addition or change is made. The three-year process to get approval to operate in the case of a car dealership on the Clarendon/Rutland Town line is absolutely preposterous. Here again, it is control, one of the characteristics of socialism.

Do we continue to debate and vote on abortion or not? Do we continue to redistribute wealth by scheming and maneuvering in Montpelier so it doesn’t look like taxes and fees are being raised but the Vermont resident sends more and more of his savings to the state? And on and on it goes.

We can shut this socialist machine down in the next election, but it will require every voter to vote and know who represents what. We can no longer take things for granted and say “Well, he or she is a good guy, a good neighbor; they will vote in our best interests.” The research has to be done. Know what the voting records are of all candidates and incumbents, and vote according to your wishes and needs. Business as usual has to stop, because that has placed us where we are.

In 2020, corrective action is sorely needed to be employed, and candidates elected who will start spending tax dollars as though it was their money, and get back to sound budgeting, wise spending and common sense legislation. The dream world stuff has failed. Let’s get back to basics and fix things for survival in the long term, not the train wreck disasters that are coming in the mode we are in now. It can be done. It must be done.

James B. Hall lives in Center Rutland.

13 thoughts on “Jim Hall: Vermont is on a socialist path

  1. It’s Rich liberal transplants stealing the state. One has to make it unpleasant for them to live here.

  2. Someone asked one of these newby, know nothing ‘legislators” what he thought the job was.

    She said ” To pass laws”

    • Yes all 660 of them introduced. Only a couple of positive ones. The other aspect is they get a pay check and falsify per diem Hence, a (so-called) JOB when none (good ones) exists.

  3. Jim,
    Vermont has been on a socialist path for the past two decades or more. You have heard the expression, “Death by a thousand cuts”? Well this has been Vermont’s “road to socialism by a thousand steps.” Progressives have been patient and persistent. They have slowly taken over the Vermont Democratic party, and the Vermont House and Senate and each legislative session they have consistently passed small bits of legislation that have taken us down the road to socialism and the government nanny state. It really began in the 90’s when they got their hands on the property tax and now control our education system. This was something they had wanted for a long time. Then the list of socialist legislation and government control continued on from there. They have treated Vermonters like the frog that is put into a pan of water and the heat is turned up slowly. The frog doesn’t realize it as it adjusts to the ever increasing heat and eventually it dies without jumping out of the pan. The sad part to all of this is Vermonters let it happen and now seem to welcome it as we adjust to the “heat”. Election day is evidence of that.

    Remember Joni Mitchell’s song lyrics? “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

    Joanie Mitchell

  4. A thought. While high taxes and the equally high cost of living plus the estate tax are driving many folks to other states, it would appear that folks in higher income levels are replacing leavers. Problem, they are buying in as non-residents, ergo, they cannot vote, resulting in the perpetuation of ever rising taxes. Will it ever it ever end? Doubtful.

  5. Well said Jim, the ultimate tool of Socialism will be employed next year when legislators attempt to marry Act 250 to climate activism and create Vermont’s Green New Deal.

    If you thought living through the first 50 years of Act 250 was bad, wait till you try to just exist after it has been climate enhanced for the next 50!

    The people we send to Montpelier must know the purpose of government or their eagerness to compromise will destroy our freedom to choose, when they are ignorant of our founding principles they inevitably make the wrong decisions.That problem is often compounded further when the party they identify with leans left.

  6. Living the dream aren’t we?

    The American way, the Vermont foundation of our state is the way to peace and prosperity. Shutting down, fighting, adopting the same tactics to overcome the subversion of our little Republic won’t work. When you fall into the pen and wrestle with the socialist pig…..the pig wins regardless.

    The format and underlying logic for “democratic socialism” inherently won’t work, it’s easy to dismantle in an argument, if you understand the basic premise, they are not trying to solve any problems, they are creating division, tearing things down, creating discord, such that they are the ones to rebuild. They are not in the least bit interested in helping the poor. Not one nanosecond. They will use the poor to help flip a perfectly good republic, but that’s all. Free money, Free Drugs, Free Sex…..all a spinsters weapons.

    Socialism, Communism, Democratic Socialism…..all benefit those in Government, it’s the perfectly sanctioned cronyism, crony capitalism, good ole’ boy net work. It’s why we have one of the lowest ethics grades in the nation. Highest gas and electric. Highest taxes. Highest retirement and pay for anyone in or associated with government. It goes on in every single small town. Selectboard members get preferential treatment on permits and zoning…..don’t tell me you’ve never seen this! Vermont is crony capital of the U.S…..nobody ever says anything because we live in small towns and have to get along. See how the small town survival bites us in the a$$ when in government.

    In a free country, a free republic, we’d have the following and it would be transformation for our environment, sanity and prosperity. It dove tails perfectly with those in the minority.

    a) Ease zoning and allow homes to be built and owned by people on current minimum wage. It would immediately cut their housing expense in half!
    b)Allow entry of fuel efficient and green vehicles. Across the world cars can get 50 mpg and cost less than $8k, some less than $3k. People don’t need to drive a Sherman Tank.
    c)Healthcare, Vermont could be a national leader, a billion dollar industry with captive insurance and opening of competition. We can easily cut the cost by 30% without trying too hard.
    d)Higher Education, probably the biggest scam with regard to return on money going. We can double the pay of associate professors and reduce tuition by 70%. Vermont could become the education/vacation destination state in the nation. Calculus hasn’t changed much, nor has Algebra.

    Just these 4 things would revolutionize our state, transform personal liberty and finances for the better. There are so many other things, drugs, child care family planning, civics education that would also benefit our state.

    There is no counter, past, present or current from the PSSC (progressive, sjw, socialist, communist) group that will do a better job. The ole Kennedy democrats know this, ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country! They knew we were a Republic, a constitutional republic, that defended the smallest minority and brought more people out of poverty than any system ever known to mankind.

    We fall for their divisive arguments, letting them frame the argument where we are fighting from where they want us we’ll lose, everyone will lose. There is no divisive argument where common ground can not be found and our problems solved, they want us as far away as possible from that common ground, because they’ll win every time that happens.

    Do we fall for the same trap an lose for the 55 year in a row?

    • I drive a ‘Sherman Tank’, because with all the drugged, drunk and texting drivers, I want to ensure I walk away unscathed when they inevitably crash into me.

    • Very good-actually GREAT comment. But only the concerned can fathom it’s information.

      I have another suggestion. Received this article which could possible turn the mentality in Montpelier based on their own doing:
      Hypocrites! Dem mayors aghast at Trump plan for illegals

      Note this is for Sanctuary cities. VT is a sanctuary state. Truck illegals here as Trump mentions and may do. The mayors are reacting like stuck pigs. Montpelier may also.

      An email I sent out earlier:
      Socialists like Piglosi & Sanders and the rest of that slime don’t want to close the border. So Trump in his usual surprises which the Socialists can’t keep up with, wants to dump the illegals in their sanctuary places. Now they are squealing like stuck pigs, “not in my back yard”. Surprise, surprise.

      VT is a sanctuary state, walla, load the state. I have some land I’ll sell to them. VT will be transformed, load up the schools, increase crime and murders, busy hospitals, guns, and property values will tank, taxes will have to be increased more than they have been and overload hospitals etc, all of which has happened in other states.

      People will have to move out as they are now, but more so.

      Time to give the socialists what they want. Maybe gov attitude will change. The threshold is about to be crossed. MEGA

  7. Yes, Vermont is becoming if not already a ” Socialist State “. Let’s see, we have all sorts of foolish
    legislation that has Vermont in an overtaxed situation to fund them, and we have more on the way.

    Elderly Vermonters, those that can are leaving the state for greener pastures ( Lower Taxes ) and
    the masterminds in Montpelier are trying to lure the younger Generation with a $10K incentive to
    come here !!

    Once they see the overinflated housing market, no job potential, well take the money and run!!

    Maybe people think because Vermont’s Jr Senator ” Socialist Sanders ” they believe his free everything rhetoric so yes Socialist VT ………………….. There’s a fool born every minute.

    Time to clean the ROT we have in Montpelier.

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