Vermont Climate Council seeks input on climate action initiatives


CONTACT: Jane Lazorchak, Global Warming Solutions Act Director
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Montpelier, Vt. – The Vermont Climate Council is holding public forums on April 12 and April 13 to share information about its ongoing work and to hear from Vermonters across the state. Vermont’s Initial Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted on December 1, 2021. These events are focused on making the CAP more accessible, as well as involving the public in shaping the direction of the ongoing work. This work is centered on the need to engage all communities in Vermont. “The success of Vermont’s Initial Climate Action Plain is, in large part, dependent on Vermonter’s commitment and ability to engage in these kinds of conversations to identify the barriers and solutions to cutting climate pollution and building resilient human and natural communities”, said Sue Minter, Councilor and Executive Director of Capstone Community Action.

Come learn about Vermont’s Climate Action Plan, the legislative initiatives it has inspired, and the Council’s plans for this year. We’ll split into smaller groups to discuss the feedback Vermonters want to share with the Council. Use the link below to register for an early evening session on April 12 or lunch session on April 13. Please note, these meetings will be in English, but the Council is continuing to explore ways to reach more Vermonters by offering future engagement events in multiple languages.

Register here.

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5 thoughts on “Vermont Climate Council seeks input on climate action initiatives

  1. I want to see the IQ data for everyone on that committee. And they should start by requiring every single official in Vermont to only attend meetings by transportation means that does not require the use of fossil fuels — including EVs charged by fossil fueled power plants.

  2. We need a test, right!

    Eliminate all fossil fuels from the state house for the next winter session.

    Then you have a valid experiment with which to Judge the results of eliminating carbon fuesl

  3. Go to the polls
    Vote in person.
    Vote them out in November
    Volunteer to watch the counting, up close, 24/7
    Inspect every ballot.

    Abolish mail-in ballots, as in France and Germany
    Require IN PERSON VOTING, as in France and Germany
    Require voter photo ID, as in France and Germany
    Do not allow machines, as in France and Germany

  4. Insulate, don’t legislate! You cannot control the climate…I can’t believe this propaganda and unelected people trying to rule us.

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