Vermont’s assistant House minority leader looks back at the 2017 legislative session

Like their counterparts from the Democratic and Progressive parties, the House Republicans began the year with a set of goals for steering Vermont in the right direction.

Outnumbered nearly 2 to 1, however, the Republican caucus struggles to advance a conservative agenda, opting instead to make incremental moves that defend the economy and budget from the excesses of Big Government.

In this episode of Vote for Vermont, co-hosts Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley finish up their series of talking to House leadership from the various parties by interviewing Assistant House Minority Leader Brian Savage, a Republican representing Swanton.

According to Savage, coming in level funded, with no new taxes and no cuts in services, was a huge achievement for the state budget. Other issues Savage discusses include Act 250 permitting, new House leadership, teachers’ health care, marijuana and Lake Champlain water cleanup.

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Image courtesy of Vote for Vermont/Pat McDonald