U.S. Attorney, Vermont AG, and Rutland area NAACP to co-host Orange County Hate-Free Vermont forum

For Immediate Release
April 25, 2023

United States Attorney’s Office
District of Vermont
(802) 951-6725

Burlington, Vermont — The United States Attorney’s Office, the Vermont Attorney General’s Office, and the Rutland Area NAACP will be co-hosting a Hate-Free Vermont Forum for the Orange County community in Randolph on May 8, 2023, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

This forum will be the fourth held in an ongoing series that started in 2019; recent Hate-Free Vermont Forums have taken place in Franklin County (2023), Rutland, and Bennington (2022).

“The Forum aims to bring policymakers, stakeholders, and community members together for productive and difficult conversations that will work to reduce animus, discord, and misunderstandings,” said co-facilitator Etan Nasreddin-Longo.

“Many community members have told us they do not feel comfortable reporting bias incidents to the police or feel that is not an effective option. What additional options for reporting and addressing harm and conflict already exist in your community, and what new or improved options would you like to see?”

Participants are welcome to share what they want their government officials to know about their experiences, and to ask questions of their government officials about bias and discrimination. The Forum will be hosted in Randolph, but everyone from the Orange County community is invited.

When: Monday, May 8, 2023, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Where: The Forum will be hosted in person and remotely.

• Physical location: Randolph Union Middle/High School – Cafeteria, 15 Forest St, Randolph, VT 05060
• Remote registration link: bit.ly/HateFreeRandolph

Who: All are welcome.

Registration is required for remote attendance

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Bifalcucci

9 thoughts on “U.S. Attorney, Vermont AG, and Rutland area NAACP to co-host Orange County Hate-Free Vermont forum

  1. For goodness sakes. What can they be thinking? To Promote a ‘Hate-Free Vermont’, by characterizing those who speak out in favor of life and liberty as hate mongers? This a pandemic of ‘doublespeak’.

    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  2. The DOJ and VT AG office know truth, but all they focus on is skin color? See this headline from State of VT:

    “VT opioid overdose deaths have doubled since 2019, Health Dept. says”

    So why is it racist to mention that out of state Black drug dealers are causing so many deaths, robbery, crime and, misery and death onto the White populous of VT? WHY? The racists are the VT AG and DOJ for not addressing the issue and ARREST DRUG DEALERS (uh-oh, they are black?)…and save VT “White lives”, cut back violent crime? Why is it some with certain skin color get a pass – to do whatever they want…because Libs “feel sorry” for them?

  3. The same US Dept of Justice and Attorney Generals who Fed [sic] us the Steele dossier, surpressed Hunter’s Laptop, had a backdoor into Twitter and Facebook, Ray Epps, and countless other malignant, divisive psyops. No one knows “hate” better than our own defenders of the “demon-o-cracy”.

  4. The first four commandments in the Bible are about relationship with God.
    The next six are about relationship with each other.
    Having ‘replaced’ God in homes and schools with every conceivable lie about Him, is it any wonder death rates in Chicago are rising unimpeded – despite the copious amounts of gun laws enacted – where black on black murders reflect the lack of value in human life?
    Or teenage kids, the majority of which were running through that city’s streets breaking any and every law of civility, the majority of which were black – have any reflection on how their Democrat leaders over the decades have failed them socially/educationally?

    • Well said Shazzam, in reality Black Lives DON”T matter to the media who never reports the black on black killings or the BLM org and the leftist D/P’s who doe’s nothing to address that or the high crime rate commuted by blacks who have thrown Religion aside and for the most part their father figures abandoning them as well. It seems to be a problem mainly in the heavy “D” run cities which isn’t surprising since Democrats now serve their god government and climate hoax, not the true God. If we remove 5 major black “D” cities from the gun violence stat’s the USA drops to 158th in the world in gun violence. It’s not more gun laws that are needed as the top 5 also have the most restrictive gun laws

  5. Since we are ruled by liberal/progressive loons who hate everything and have unfettered ambition to spread that hate it don’t seem possible to rid ourselves of hate without ridding the cause.. Scotty beam me back to the 70’a…

  6. I would like to report that I hate being screamed at during school members that I am a racist and white supremacist every time I state that I do not want white children segregated into affinity spaces and accused of being white oppressors.

  7. I don’t see the hate they all harp on..of Blacks in VT. They are only 1.1% of the population and always have been….about the lowest per capita in the USA. So for 1.1%…someone needs to ask at this forum (bogus-feel-good)…how is it that so many drug dealers in VT are Blacks, from out of state? How is is that many murders in VT have been committed by same black drug dealers? Then, how is it that for 1.1% of the VT population, Blacks make up a very oversized portion of the VT prison population? These are just logical questions, based on actual data. Not racist, just asking why.

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