Trump is ‘all in’ on amendment to ban flag burning

The White House

President Donald Trump hugs the U.S. Flag at CPAC 2019.

By Chuck Ross

President Donald Trump said Saturday he is “all in” on supporting a constitutional amendment that would make it illegal to burn the American flag.

“A no brainer!” Trump wrote on Twitter of a bill proposed by Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines and North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer.

The two Republicans introduced a constitutional amendment on Friday that would make it illegal to burn or desecrate the flag. Daines has submitted similar proposals in the past, usually to commemorate Flag Day.

Trump has supported criminalizing flag burning in the past.

He said that burning the flag should lead to jail time or loss of citizenship on Nov. 29, 2016.

Trump was also heavily critical of NFL players who knelt during the national anthem at football games.

“I don’t think people should be staying in the locker rooms, but still I think it’s good. You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem. You shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe they shouldn’t be in the country,” Trump said in May 2018, after the NFL enacted a policy banning players from kneeling during the national anthem.

The proposal by Daines and Cramer is unlikely to see success in Congress. To amend the Constitution, two-thirds of both the House and Senate must vote to formally propose an amendment. Then, three-fourths of state legislatures must vote in favor of the amendment for it to be added to the Constitution.

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5 thoughts on “Trump is ‘all in’ on amendment to ban flag burning

  1. Thanks to a REAL American President. Not to be confused with the global trash
    we were stuck with in the 8 previous years. I think the citizens should have the
    ability to “reeducate” the offenders and if they do it more then once they get
    booted to the nearest socialist country where they can repent sans their citizenship.

    And to think the leftist propaganda machine was trying to demean Pres Trump for hugging the flag he loves and I fought for. The slimy leftist anti American media can
    go to hell which cnn is almost low enough (ratings) to be in anyway.

  2. If this passes I can’t wait to see how Maxine Grad takes it. Not too long ago she got extremely upset at a State House gun discussion when patriotic citizens started to wave miniature American Flags. She raised her voice and declared that banners were not allowed. This prompted one former military person to stand up and tell her ” after I put my life on the line defending my country how dare you tell me I can’t wave the American flag ” I suggest that each time we attend any of the state house meetings everyone wave a small flag. The ensuing booing and razzing shook her up so bad that she had a state law enforcement officer escort her to her car. It made me wonder why she got so upset over the conservative people showing their disdain for her when it’s the liberals on her side of the aisle who are doing all the bullying and threatening when they can’t get their way.

    • Well that’s an interesting story, she didn’t even realize she was in the safest, most protective crowd she could ever be in.

      People who burn the flag, bibles are generally not very well informed, it’s more a reflection of them and their mind set. It’s often done to stir up hate, emotions from others.

      As repulsive as I find someone burning our flag or bibles for that matter, it’s freedom, freedom to be ignorant, hateful, what every your choice, on this I think Trump is off base.

      There is another group of people who will hunt you down and kill you for making fun, drawing cartoons or burning certain books, we really don’t need to be like that.

  3. Thank you, President Trump, for supporting this amendment !! For those that want to burn
    it may be they need to spend a little time defending it, Uncle Sam is always looking for a
    few good Men & women …..

    For all the haters of the flag, go walk in a National Cemetery and see those that gave the
    ultimate sacrifice, so you can act like the Idiots you are !!

    No Respect for the Flag, then you have No respect for the Country.

  4. This will separate those to love America and those who hate it. Its about time we formally find out where the liberals stand.

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