TNR Video Series: ‘Travels with Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’

In the first episode of the new TNR video series “Travels with Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo visits Rozzi’s Lakeshore Tavern in Colchester to discuss marijuana legalization with Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman and former Vermont Superior Court Judge Ben Joseph.

As the three Vermonters hang around the tavern shooting pool and darts — and take a stab at Pac-Man — they discuss important pot-related issues, from marijuana promotion and highway safety to a potential crackdown by the feds.

9 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels with Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’

  1. This is a great video, very well done.

    This video demonstrates exactly how the NOW Pssc group frames the conversation such that the people of Vermont lose. They frame it such that there are only two options. Throw them in jail for life, or have us become a legalized drug cartel. David has by his own words been working on this since the nineties, he’s very relaxed and comfortable framing the entire conversation.

    There are many other possibilities that make much more sense, but the conversation will not be allowed until we no longer stop taking the bait.

    Our laws could stay just as they are, it’s one very real option. (my bet it’s the public favorite)

    My own preference would be to make it illegal, it sends the correct message, but make it a minor misdemeanor, say $25 fine for possession or growing of personal use. Make drug dealing illegal with stiff penalties.

    Vermont has a serious drug and alcohol problem. DCF is completely filled with families ruined by it’s use. Will alcohol become illegal, probably never, but it’s interesting how for generations we’ve suffered from alcohol issues in families, passed down through generations.

    Zuckerman has framed the argument once again, our land scape we are likely to become a sanctioned drug cartel enriching those connected to Montpelier. If Lt. Gov. Zuckerman is allowed to frame the conversation to his will, the state will suffer greatly. There is a better way to win the hearts of Vermonters.

    Stop taking the bait, don’t be framed.Drugs are a suckers bet, everybody knows it. With the right spirit, Vermont will bear the good fruit. We have to stop fighting and show our love for our fellow neighbor. Don’t be framed.

    • Pot is legal in Vermont, we don’t need to become drug dealers, thanks anyway Lt. Gov….

      That’s one possible way to reframe the conversation, it’s certainly more accurate to our current situation. We can’t keep it out of two areas that are supposed to be drug free, schools and prisons, perhaps we should start getting that house in order before we become drug cartels for big marijuana.

  2. I love this concept! And I’m delighted to see/hear Charlie Papillo once again. He’s sorely missed on the morning show on WVMT, but this seems to be the perfect next step for him. It’s great to see local venues, opposing views and civil discussions. Thank you Charlie and all who are involved in this venture. I look forward to the next edition!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Rachel. civil discussion is sorely needed as is stopping the name-calling and labelling.

  3. Zuckerman and the other pot-pushers in the Legislature do not operate with the highest and best interests of Vermonters in mind. It is sad that we have these people lording over us and constantly degrading our society and way of life.

  4. This looks really interesting. Nice to see discussion from both sides. I’ve seen the format before that works on the Candace Owens show, but most others devolve into nonsense.

  5. Let’s see we have a Retired Judge, who has enforced our laws and rejects any legislation
    of ” pot ” and a Lt Governor who’s been pushing this nonsense since day one as he has stated,
    what his goal ??

    Zuckerman’s isn’t thinking about all the ramification that follows the for the state, all he is
    interested in is can he legally grow on his farm …….Profit !!

    Legislator pushing legislation for self-interest………a little conflict of interest ??

    Liberals see nothing wrong when they present legislation……Wake up Vermont.

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