Chronicle: Bias monitoring, EV subsidies, Bill McKibben, bigger state role in home construction, inspection


The Chronicle of the Vermont State House is a bi-monthly publication by Page Communications and True North Media.

The newsprint edition is distributed free to legislators, to visitors at the State House, to every Vermont selectboard member and town clerk, and at selected locations statewide.

It is also available online in PDF. Click here to read Volume 1, No. 3 May 15, 2019.

In this issue:
1. High-income EV car buyers get low-income subsidies
2. Anti-bias group will investigate local school districts
3. Climate change author/activist Bill McKibben influences 2019 Legislature
4. Plastic bag, straw ban offers no local flexibility
5. Proposed law gives State more control over building contractors, housing inspections
6. House roll calls: 21-year-old smoking age, lead in schools, water quality, fuel tax
7. Pro/con op-eds on involuntary school mergers
8. Your Letters to the Editor