TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 34)

In the 34th episode of “Travels With Charlie — Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo visits the Vermont Historical Society Museum in Montpelier and discusses freedom of speech and media censorship with former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas and Ethan Allen Institute President Rob Roper.

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3 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 34)

  1. What a pleasure to hear from Jim Douglas again. He is the quintessential true Public Servant. Not like a career politician- even though he served Vermont for decades- but a true gentleman and a true asset to Vermont government in all his service. There are too few in government today that come close to the caliber of Gov. Douglas.
    We should listen carefully to what he says- he was right when governor- and he’s right now.

  2. Media censorship

    VPR screens calls, bias in live questioning, experienced this with others when Keith Stern ran for office. NOT an isolated event.

    Front Porch Forum removes comments and commentators based upon political opinion.

    VT Digger is not a press organization, but a propagandists dream, funded 60% by outside organizations, their history of humour clearly demonstrates thei bias. They could no longer even allow commentary, because they could not defend their flimsy stories to the general public. Prior to that censorship was rampant, very biased and open.

    Seven Days has a long history of direct ties to upper officials within government.

    Censorship and bias is so bad, a former Governor has to talk about trigger warnings of conservative ideas being mentioned in one of the highest institutions of learning in our nation AND Roper Roper and the EAI is labeled extremist for talking about open and free markets.

    What countries would this be considered “normal”?

    That is how far Vermont has strayed from our foundation.

    • Want to see some real time media censorship. Government cover up in real time? Look on VT digger and read the story about EB5. Everything is all good here. banks pay hush money, admit no wrong, what’s missing? The people who were in charge of the project who are getting away without so much as a “needs” improvement” on their work files! Leahy being the overseer of the entire EB 5 program. Others in the state who’s sole responsibility was to watch and make sure something was built before releasing the money…..not in the article! Huh? Doesn’t appear to be prosecuted either.

      Vermont is allowed rampant theft, abuse and misuse of tax payer money because we have no free press. We have propaganda organizations. This is how you get away with it, this is how counties like Venezuala, Cuba, Russia, China roll. This is how Vermont has one of the lowest ethical grades in the nation, and nobody knows.

      Sadly this how my beloved state also rolls. Please dig deeper.

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