TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 27)

In the 27th episode of “Travels With Charlie — Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo discusses the Supreme Court’s expansion of school choice with former Vermont state representatives Dave Sharpe and Bob Frenier.

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4 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 27)

  1. Wonderful skit….love Monty Python!!

    I’m being oppressed, I’m being oppressed!

    Love how when Bob says, yes there’s always been choice, but not for the bottom third the topic quickly changes. And yes they both agree that kids should be taught to their full potential!

    Part of the problem is Vermont has created a poverty trap, intellectually, spiritually and financially which is the true reason our bottom third is failing. Just like other big cities, from which we’ve adopted failed social policies the disaster is present and growing. Inner city schools, public schools are corrupt, self-serving and a complete failure.

    The SIF (spiritual, intellectual and financial) poverty trap, is such;

    (S) We’ll keep you away from wisdom taught for centuries that has brought the greatest, most successful and content populace that has ever walked this earth.

    (I) Intellectually we’ll indoctrinate you with socialist ideas that are a complete failure, we’ll not give you the tools in which to excel in life, we’ll teach you that there is nothing you can do, it’s because…you’re oppressed! We’ll take away all your hope and we won’t tell our populace, becoming part of the middle class is simple, not easy but simple. Graduate High School, Get a Job, Don’t have children before you are married.

    (F) Financial is the huge trap, we’ll put you in government housing, calling it affordable, you will never leave. You’ll never be able to pass down any money to your children as you’ll never own a home, all the while others fill their pockets by keeping you in this trap. To add insult to injury, we’ll fund you more money to make terrible life choices that keep women forever poor and families broken, this cycle creates undeveloped young men and women who act out via violence/drugs and teen pregnancy respectively.

    Then promote oppression, by a false narrative, drugs are cool, cops are bad,

    This will ruin any family, any culture any country where ever it is adopted. This is part of the systemic oppression that is prevalent in black neighborhoods. It is prevalent in DCF, no different, it’s growing, we’re all white, scattered across the state, ruined families strewn around like a bad yard sale, so it’s not so easy to spot walking or driving around the state.

    It’s engineered poverty, people are getting filthy rich off keeping people broke destitute and poor. Vermont apparently excels at this, they both agree! 1/3 of our students suffer because of it!

  2. Mr. Sharpe’s comments on education were misleading – at best. All of them. And I challenge anyone who disagrees to pick one of Mr. Sharpe’s assertions and defend it on this forum.

    That being said, I want to again thank Charlie Papillo for his presentations and applaud TNR for providing the forum of the reader give and take that has become so rare in Vermont media.

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