TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 26)

In the 26th episode of “Travels With Charlie — Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo moderates a “gubernatorial debate” between Democratic candidate for governor Rebecca Holcombe and Republican candidate John Klar.

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15 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 26)

  1. Vermont has the most completely controlled “media”, more so than anywhere in the united states, while it ‘s not state controlled, it is controlled by one party, which does control the state.

    Media….what are they up to? In the presidential debate for Democratic nominee, Tulsi Gabbard went after Kamala Harris and was immediately shut down, went down in polls, he social media suddenly didn’t work. All things were conspiring against her campaign, remember? At that time I said Kamala is the chosen one. Now look who’s on the short list for VP?

    So review all the interviews of candidates on Vermont Digger. It is very, very clear who they would like to have in office based upon the way and what was produced on their videos’ survey.

    They want Scott in office and Molly Gray. The bias and steering is dripping from all the information they print. Look and listen on Klar and Hansen. These two people are clearly, clearly intelligent and love our country, ideals. They would bring fresh blood into stagnant swamp known as Montpelier.

    It’s a perfect foil for keeping things exactly the way they are in this state. They have a foil, a Republican Governor. Nobody has to do anything different and many make loads of money off keeping Vermonters broke and struggling. Vermont stays the same and swamp grows larger still, pockets stuffed with money and as spoken about in this interview 1/3 of our kids, our kids are depressed!. And you wonder why there is flight from this state?

    Conveniently, you can not comment on the candidates from Vermont Digger. How is that not different than Afghanistan? There is much work to do. Patriots have to come together.

    • Why are there so few letters to the editor supporting John Klar and Meg Hansen…in any of Vermont’s media publications? Are they being censored – or is no one writing them?

      • Probably both. One thing about the organizers, they are truly organized, not too excited about their goal of us becoming a socialist colony of the United nations, but have to hand it too them they are organized.

  2. 1/3 of students before the lock down were depressed. Let that sink in.

    Why would this be?

    No hope, no jobs and most importantly no realistic educational background to deal with life’s struggle. They are also not given realistic expectations of life.

    Well done John, well done! Well done Charlie!

    Really well done John.

    I liked how they spoke about state run media. Hello Vermont! Seems like John had Rebecca become a RINO by the end of the video.

    Great job! Where’s Scott???.?. Go John!

  3. Ms. Holcombe exposed her profound misunderstanding of economics with her remark that:

    “When you cut State government or you cut assistance to school districts you’re actually pulling cash out of our economy, possibly, in ways that, um, that, and away from workers at a time when we need to keep people working and keep people moving and cash moving in the economy.”

    The fact of the matter is that when government and school district costs are cut, the money doesn’t disappear from the economy. It transfers back to the people to be spent as they feel is best for them.

    Does government know how to spend taxpayer money more wisely than ‘the people’ do?

    Consider the data from Ms. Holcombe’s tenure as Secretary of Education. Vermont has the 2nd most expensive per student costs in the nation (in the world for that matter). And while 90% of Vermont students graduate, only half of them meet grade level standards, only 40% go on to college, and of those who do attend college about half require remedial instruction. So, they don’t graduate, and they accumulate significant student debt in the process. Is that a wise investment?

    John Klar recognized this issue and addressed it correctly.

    P.S. – Kudos to Charlie Papillo for another great episode. One of the best so far.

    • Think about it deeper.

      Who works in State Government and in School Districts?
      Imagine how these specific people would spend that money fueling the economy.
      Lets take a look at their beliefs and lifestyle vs. the local mechanic, the servers at the coffee shop, the Walmart employee.

      She wants to make sure that this particular group of spenders are well funded to spend- knowing full well HOW they spend.

      • It’s time to stop with the psychoanalysis and focus on the actual errors progressives are making. Who knows what they’re thinking, if indeed they are thinking, or why.

        I understand. More than 40% of Vermont’s workforce is currently employed in the Government, Education and Healthcare sectors. It’s a formidable constituency (i.e. voting block) and it keeps progressives like Holcombe and most other Vermont politicians in power. I get it. But I’m less interested in ‘beliefs and lifestyles’ than I am in making the point that whatever those ‘beliefs and lifestyles’ are, Holcombe’s economic logic is flawed and deceptive. Her education logic is equally flawed and deceptive.

        John Klar, on the other hand, made no such speculations. His point of view was clear, concise and, above all, demonstrably correct. The question to be presented to voters is this: should you vote for someone who understands the fact of the matter or someone espousing flawed and deceptive gobbledygook?

        P.S. The other important point to consider, for example, is that VPR, this morning, broadcast Holcombe’s flawed and deceptive gobbledygook without acknowledging that John Klar exists. Control of the media by the likes of the Johnson Family Foundation, the Lintilhac Foundation, and the Vermont Community Foundation, progressive globalists all, is a major concern. News organizations should not have nonprofit status allowing contributors to receive tax subsidies. The conflict of interest can not be exaggerated.

        • Yeah if every one saw this video, John would be our Governor.

          He’s got my vote. I hope people notice even Rebecca commented on the lack of debate and support on the republican side for our candidates.

          And we’re probably closer to Afghanistan politics than most would like to admit.

        • Most conservative commenters here are in agreement but with differently shaded but unique takeaways – so sorry once again you cannot seem to take ‘yes’ for an answer.

          • I’d say that if you’ve got 40% of your people working for the government- that are all 100% focused on growing it..
            And this is in addition to the state run media machine, a mountain of corruption and plenty of Soros and Bloomberg money- then you’d better start teaching the people to psychoanalyze- because clearly they don’t know how too.

            Chesty Puller comes to mind:
            “We’re Surrounded. That simplifies our problem.”

          • Actually – personally dispute the 40% which isn’t your number but is currently most oft-repeated one. Ten years ago it was supposedly the largest employer – and numbers have gone up not down?

          • Ok – 40% of ppl perhaps but largest sector of workforce is employed by public sector imho.

      • As usual great comment Ms. Stone pls don’t allow self to be bullied by one of our resident self-proclaimed censors.

        Your voice is invaluable pls don’t let anyone silence it, don’t change anything and keep up the great work 😀

    • I agree, her comment about not cutting taxes / programs / state budgets told me all I need to know about her.

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