TNR Video Series: ‘Travels with Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 2)

In the second episode of the TNR video series “Travels with Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo visits Chef’s Corner Cafe and Bakery in Williston to discuss raising the minimum wage and paid family leave with Chef Jozef Harrewyn and Democratic state Rep. Dylan Giambatista.

As the three sample the chef’s creatively decorated cakes and macaroons, they discuss whether businesses can afford the government policies, and how new business costs might get passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. They also talk about how the policies might affect various “benefit cliffs” in Vermont.

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5 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels with Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 2)

  1. Rather than abstractly talking about the impacts of $15/hr minimum wage, can you find someone to show you their actual current P&L and one simulates $15/hr? It would be interesting to see the impact of $15/hr on the employer’s labor efficiency ratio and profit.

    • Immediately takes $10k off the bottom line of any business. Some businesses only make a little more than that per year profit.

    • A shift manager in a pizza shop or any other business does not qualify any one
      as an authority on running a “sustainable” profitable business.
      Quite the opposite, it may teach someone how to manage people and schedules, but that person is not responsible for paying the rent, Making the mortgage , insurance , taxes, and payroll.
      They have nothing to lose except their job which they can replace quite easily.

  2. What is this a love fest for rino’s and progressives? Is this video how to make Vermont’s current failings worse?

    There are such basic premises that are being missed here, with the idea of supporting and enabling horrible behaviors.

    FAMILY PLANNING – If you’re broke, perhaps starting a family is not the brightest idea. How are you going to pay for your child? Seriously a bird feathers the nest, a doe makes the Buck show his worth.

    This video TOTALLY misses the entire discussion of AFFORDABILITY in Vermont. Hey, genius legislator, how come since we’ve always had one of the highest minimum wages in the US and the World we are still UNAFFORDABLE???? HUh???? We’re too expensive because our cost of living is going up at a faster rate and at a higher rate than most everywhere else.

    Add to this we don’t have high paying jobs to bring up the lower pay….and we’ve got massive wage compression. We are getting squeezed.

    Housing – Artificially too high.

    College – Artificially too high

    Transportation – Artificially high on several accounts.

    Health Car- Artificially high by at least 2x any country.

    These are all controller or operated by the state, monopolies and crony connections. It’s great to be connected. Our state got a D- in ethics, one of the lowest in the entire nation because nobody can figure out what is going on, there is no transparency.

    Guess what your family planning ought to have more then a 12 week plan, it takes 216 week of raising before you child becomes 18.

    Did Vermont Digger produce this video? Please, Vermont can have a much more meaningful conversation than this. We don’t need a rino/progressive love fest in our state.

  3. This sounded like a good start, getting small business owners stating there concerns
    and a Legislator willing too listen.

    What I have seen coming from Montpelier, is it’s our way and our way only, how many
    of our legislators run a small business ?? or really listen to the concerns ??

    And what ever comes to fruition, some will abuse the system ……… stuff !!

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