TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 17)

In the 17th episode of “Travels With Charlie — Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo discusses the urban versus rural divide in Vermont with state Sen. Tim Ashe and conservative advocate Meg Hansen — both candidates for lieutenant governor.

As Charlie and his guests go fishing off the side of the Coburn covered bridge in East Montpelier, they discuss the differences in priorities for people in urban Chittenden County and Vermonters in the rest of the state.

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10 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 17)

  1. I am VERY impressed with Meg. So much common sense knowledge. Ashe was floating the Socialist agenda without practical application, big gov, especially when you look at body movement and listen between the lines.

    WOW Meg, what a great Lt Gov she would be. Being at a young age (relative to me) I see she has many years of goodness in whatever endeavor.

  2. Here are a few thoughts on the lieutenant governor race !!

    Well, here we have a smooth-talking Tim Ashe from Vermont’s Chittenden County Liberal
    mob with ” their way or the highway ” legislation, with their speaker Mitzi ” Pelosi” Johnson
    and there global save the world agenda at the cost to already overtaxed Vermonters.

    Then you have Meg Hansen a communication person with no political baggage willing
    and wanting to work for Vermonters by jumping into the arena of Vermont Politics, and
    looking towards the #2 Seat in the state, a fresh face in Montpelier ….count me in !!

    They always mention the effect of CO2 and global warming, well Vermont is one of, if
    not the cleanest state in the union, maybe these Liberal globalists should look towards
    the west coast and what they are doing …………. that would be nothing, it’s all smoke
    and mirrors and an ” agenda”, the Golden Dome has bought it hook line & sinker !!

    I’m ready for a change in the Progressive Strangle Hold in Montpelier we need to treat all
    of Vermont, not what Chittenden County wants………Wake up people,

  3. Vermont has choices,

    a very smooth talking globalist, socialist who carries the water for the United Nations….whose plan is to close down the country side, it’s their plan to close schools…which is why it’s happening. Vermont country side supports all the big housing projects where by the state pays for the building and massive rents subsidies going on in Chittenden county, where ironically people make the most money….

    Or a young intellectual, who loves people and freedom…you can tell she’s a nice person, we need nice people in office, smart, freedom lovers…

    • All those big tiff projects in the cities…..are paid for by diverting school funding to pay for the little pet projects……..

      Oh yeah, Vermont wasn’t given a D- in ethics….we earned it, one of the lowest grades in the entire nation…….yup….it’s a tax Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, once again, “coincidentally” paid for from the backs of all those living in the country.

  4. Keep in mind that Vermont covers an area of less than 10,000 square miles. Vermont’s geographic area occupies 5/1000 of 1 percent of the planet’s surface. Vermont has less than 1/100th of 1 percent of the world’s population. Our population is around 620,000. The energy consumption of Vermont is the lowest of all 50 states. Since 1990, Vermont’s forests have removed more carbon dioxide than Vermonters have produced emissions.

    So the self proclaimed “progressive” Tim Ashe is going to impose his ideological solution to climate change upon Vermonters by legislative force. How have his “progressive” solutions worked out for public education (Act 46) and health care (One care and Vermont Health Connect) ? Huge cost increases, massive tax increases and an accelerating collapse of both the education and health care system. My vote is for Meg Hansen.

  5. Creating a scheme that let’s big towns shut down the small rural elementary schools that are the heart and soul of their smaller neighbors (Act 46) is going to do more harm to rural Vermont than any amount of money for economic development could ever counter-balance.

    And what’s with those spinning rods. “Real Vermonters” use fly rods.

    • David I agree with you on that point. But Not sure if you missed the point of this.

      It was about the economics. Rural vs the urban economic issues.

    • And to enhance chances, either use maple syrup or spit on the bait. (grinning)

      Fly fishing is the ultimate method. Being in LA (lower Alabama) for winters, on Fox 10 TV out of Mobile Jason Smith the weather guy has fishing episodes each evening. He often fishes in very shallow water (12″ deep) with a fly rod. He goes after spawning Reds near grass beds. He’ll catch 20″ length and up. Great show. Also Gary Finch (channel 5 WKRG-Mobile) has a show about Gulf fishing on Sundays am and hunting.

      AL offers a lot of outdoor stuff to partake in, cheap. Google ’em.

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