Top Democrats, left wing organizations boast new ability to get bills past GOP governor

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BRIGHT BLUE VERMONT: Nearly all statewide elections in Vermont went Democrat by nearly a 2-1 margin on Tuesday. Gov. Phil Scott alone won a statewide office for the GOP.

Following the Nov. 8 election, top Vermont Democrats and left wing organizations announced an aggressive agenda that includes electric-based energy, expanded government health care, woke social policies, and more.

Speaker of the House Jill Krowinski was one of the first to note the left’s new ability to push their agenda through the legislature with little resistance.

A historic-sized majority in the Statehouse

According to a report by VTDigger, the new Democrat majority in state House politics his historic, and a reversal of the dominance Republicans once had in the Green Mountain State.

“The Democrats have never held this many seats in the Vermont House, and no single party has controlled this many districts in the lower chamber since 1966, when Republicans held 115 seats, according to records kept by the House clerk’s office,” the news outlet reported.

Green group wants “all-electric” energy policies

Peter Sterling, executive director of Renewable Energy Vermont, was quick to announce the group’s backing of an ambitious green energy agenda.

“The number one priority is ensuring that, as we ask Vermonters to electrify everything, that all of our energy needs are met with 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, and small-scale hydro sources, period,” he said.

More climate lawsuits ahead under AG-elect Charity Clark?

Vermont has a history of joining multi-state climate-related lawsuits alleging that carbon-based energy companies are being dishonest about their impacts on climate change, such as occurred under Attorney General William Sorrell. Under the guidance of the incoming Democrat Attorney General Charity Clark, similar lawsuits may come from her office.

Universal health care back on the table?

On health care, the Vermont Workers’ Center tweeted that deep-blue Oregon passed a version of “Universal Healthcare,” and that Vermont, in the group’s view, should follow suit.

More gun control

Moms Demand Action, a pro-gun control group, enthusiastically tweeted about “gun safety” candidates and “enacting strong gun laws that will save lives.”

Vermont Chamber of Commerce warns on the economy

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce, however, expressed disappointment about the election results. “Democratic priorities that have stalled in recent years due to the expectation of a veto, may see new life. Measures that collectively shave away the thin profit margins for businesses will only add to the avalanche of mounting costs already facing employers,” the group said in a tweet.

Global Foundries hints at an economic downturn

Global Foundries Chief Financial Officer David Reeder told Wall Street analysts this week that the company is downgrading economic forecasts after the election results. In anticipation of a worldwide decline in demand for semiconductors. Global Foundries plans to cut company costs by $200 million over the next two years.

“We are paying close attention to uncertain economic conditions and to our customers’ recent commentary regarding 2023 demand,” he said. The company owns a giant chip manufacturing plant in Essex Junction, which employs over 2,800 Vermonters.

Vermont’s GOP active voters outnumbered 2 to 1?

Former Burlington City Counselor Ed Adrian made the observation that most of the statewide election outcomes for Vermont saw nearly identical 2-to-1 ratios of voters favoring Democrats over Republicans. Only Republican state Sen. Joe Benning was able to pass the 40% mark in a race with the former Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, who easily won his old job back.

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7 thoughts on “Top Democrats, left wing organizations boast new ability to get bills past GOP governor

  1. The old adage “can’t get blood from a stone” will ring true here. Default and bankruptcy will overtake many as the affordability factor will not come to fruition under their policies. The Fed bucks will dry up as the old guard is no longer in control. The banksters save themselves over politicians and bureaucrats. Those with the most stand the most to lose. The universe is set to reverse course as history shows time and time again. This minuscule power structure is set to implode upon itself. Many will be hurt and many will suffer. Be prepared and be ready for the fallout.

  2. This legislative session will be focused on shifting our focus. Plenty of diatribe on environment, the evil carbon atom, firearm confiscation and education spending. Look behind the curtain for sales tax to be applied to all services, with a probable carrot of lowering the tax rate from 6 to 4, temporarily. The 1% town tax will expand to services as well but without reduction (the state collects a percentage of the 1% as a handling fee). Look for innocuous bills containing Trojan horses. Vermont voters zealously accepted Art. 22 as written, with that in mind watch the lobbyist/lawmaker duo spit out bills further eroding civil rights for ‘majority’ residents, while ‘protecting the vulnerable’. The giddiness of krowinski
    and her obedient gaggle of leftist elites does not bode well for taxpaying, white, heterosexual residents of Vermont.
    Gaslighting is a wonderful tool.

  3. The green mountain boys must be rolling over in their graves with disgust that the flatlanders finally won… commifornia here we come

  4. Vermont’s progressive democrats are just like junkies, they are high on power and
    it will hit bottom one day, Real Vermonters better wake up all these carpetbaggers
    be it the young or the old……….. need to go !!

    Hey Phil Scott Vermont’s ” Conservative ” Governor, just wait until you get B-slapped
    by your progressive friends, like House Speaker Jill Krowinski and majority whip Mike
    McCarthy announce Democrats have ” clinched ” enough seats in the House to override
    vetos from Republican Governor…………. let’s see how Flip flop handles these rabid dogs !!

  5. This is all quite laughable and scary for the decent people stuck in Vermont that don’t want any of this.

    Us Olders have now lived long enough to have observed quite a few patterns that keep repeating.
    Covid money just bailed out broke Vermont.. so when you are right back there again- when you’ve run out of other peoples money– what is the next big bailout going to be?
    Are we going to have a ‘pandemic’ every 5 years or so now?

    And the idea of ending gun violence as you create the conditions that make gun violence— this is all pretty laughable.

    I don’t say this happily or easily, but it’s time for the good people that want no part of this to vote with their feet and leave the state.. because at this point, you are not even safe anymore..
    Do not allow yourself to be driven into poverty by a state that really does not want opposition to their regime.

  6. It’s only 25 miles to New York to fill up the cars and cans with gas and diesel. We’re already getting our adult beverages from New Hampshire every month.

    • Al: These idiots passing laws do not care what we do, just as long as they can flex muscles by passing legislation to remind everyone they are in charge. Everything else is secondary.

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