Making the rounds, voters in central Vermont explain their motivation

By Abby Carroll and Aubrey Weaver | Community News Service

Exit polling across central Vermont on Tuesday would suggest the statewide ballot item on reproductive rights, Article 22, was a leading driver for getting voters out to the polls.

Members of the Community News Service, a reporting collaborative between Vermont newspapers and students of the University of Vermont, stopped by polling places around the state to conduct exit interviews. In central Vermont, the CNS team got an earful from voters in four communities: Barre, Berlin, East Montpelier and Montpelier.

Ben Boothby, 45, of East Montpelier, was blunt in his assessment: “I would like to see democracy stay intact.”

Bruce Parker/TNR

Montpelier City Hall

Amber Richards, 40, said she was “fairly happy with the way Vermont is governed.”

“I would like to see us continuing to move towards green energy. I would like to continue seeing an investment in education, which definitely has been occurring,” the East Montpelier resident said. “I would like to see a little more investment in public health initiatives. I think that that would be an excellent direction. But in general, I would say I want to see us continuing to move forward.”

Richards said she cared about the ballot item on reproductive rights and the ballot item eliminating “slavery” from the wording of the state Constitution. “I definitely cared about both propositions on the ballot. I was a little questionable about the wording on the abortion change. I believe it should be a right in the Constitution. But I have my questions on the state being able to decide an overriding interest and what that could mean in practice.”

Alison Underhill, 79, of East Montpelier, said she was grateful to be voting in person on Tuesday. “I like to do it in person. I feel more connection, and it also saves on paper,” she said, adding that she also was motivated by Article 22. “I hope that we will allow people to make choices about their bodies.”

Lindy Biggs, 70, arrived at the polling place with her husband, Stephen Knowlton, 69.

“It’s a democracy. We always vote,” Biggs said.

Knowlton added “the health of the democracy” was important to him. “I think the perception that elections are flawed, I think is false. Because if you accept that they’re false, that leads to lack of confidence in who we are as desperate as that sounds.”

A few miles away, outside Montpelier City Hall, things were more raucous, the CNS team reported. Candidates and signs filled the area outside. There was a bustle of activity as voters made their way in and out.

Benjamin Newman, 53, agreed the reproductive rights amendment was “most compelling” to him. “The (amendment) in particular, has incredible meaning, as well as the other amendment (slavery), which I think is also really, really important.”

Heidi Dorr, 62, said she was excited to be casting a vote for Becca Balint for the U.S. House seat. “I like that Becca Balint will be our first female elected to Washington, and that she’s LGBTQ is important to me. … I’m happy that there’s an LGBTQ candidate that is also qualified in other ways.”

Stephen Whitaker was less inspired. He said he did not like the choices on the ballot. “We have slim pickings for good candidates. There’s a lot of lesser of two evils.”

Up the hill in Berlin, Judith Rico, 79, said she was coming out to vote on Tuesday because, “I wanted to vote for the people that I liked and wanted to make sure that they won.” She said even as a registered Democrat, she wanted to continue to support Republican Gov. Phil Scott, who is seeking another term.

In the Granite City, Brittany Viens, 32, said reproductive rights were chief among her motivations for taking part in the election. “Since moving to Vermont, it’s definitely been new. I’ve been more active living here for the past five years.” Voting, she said, is a big part of that.

“I always vote, I make a point to,” said Greg Fuller, 41, of Barre. He said Article 22 and the U.S. Senate race for Patrick Leahy’s seat were important to him,

Ashley Brisco, 33, said she was against Article 22. “One of the reasons I wanted to vote is for the abortion law … I’m against it, I don’t want it.” She added she was also casting a vote for Tom Kelly, a Republican running for one of the two seats representing Barre City in the House of Representatives.

Derrick Megrath, 30, of Barre, said he feels “we need some change.” He said he came out specifically to cast votes for governor and for Article 22. He said it was so important, this may have been only his second time voting.

The Community News Service is part of the Reporting and Documentary Storytelling Program at the University of Vermont.

Image courtesy of Bruce Parker/TNR

9 thoughts on “Making the rounds, voters in central Vermont explain their motivation

  1. It is always enlightening to read or see the “person on the street” polling. Clearly, the responses show the effectiveness of mockingbird media, the complete failure of our education system, and a segment of society that is in for a very rude and harsh awakening.

  2. Citizens are bombarded with orchestrated fake news on a daily basis. The exact same phrases are repeated ad nauseam by all the major news outlets. The real truth sometimes emerges days, weeks or months later, but is hidden beneath the fold (well that only works for those who remember a newspaper…)

    This brainwashing continues until the unsuspecting masses actually believe the lies they are being told are real. So it’s no wonder why such ridiculous things as net zero, carbon taxes, late term on demand abortion and transgender drugging/cutting are met with complete unquestioning acceptance because the alternative is too terrible to even comprehend.

    So here we are, in a teeny little progressive state, with a budget of $9B!!, plus unfunded liabilities which would curl your hair and a legislature which is already drooling over the fact they can override the governor’s veto.

    The national scene is even worse and will continue to deteriorate.

    But don’t worry, there will be an end to this, however it will be extremely painful for all of us.
    That is the price you will pay for the lack of critical thinking and honesty in your lives.

  3. Should have asked them if they approved of covid lockdowns and masking and firings for not getting injected with the poison. Of course we know their still wearing the Karen mask and defiantly support that government violation of self determined health care.. hypocrites. No wonder they follow the green energy hoax, bunch of leftist sheep baaa baaa baaa..

  4. the 38 million for Maggie came from whom?

    the 3 million for Don came from where?

    we do not live in a democracy, we live in an auction…..

  5. My home state has become a refuge for ultra left wing radicals and, as an 8th generation Vermonter, I am so sad to see these changes. When so much else is set aside in favor of being able to chop up an infant, an infant with a heartbeat, and an infant that can feel pain, you have to know that Vermont has hit the bottom of the barrel. Too bad that those voting for this sick and sorry amendment can’t hear the silent screams of those babies.

  6. Wow. To think that wanting to kill babies was a real motivator. What does that say about those people? Nothing good.

  7. Let me give you another side of this.

    Here in NH, Republican Don Bolduc spent about 3 million dollars trying to win incumbent Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan that spent 38 million. So 3 million to 38 million.. quite a difference wouldn’t you say?

    So what this means is that pretty much all the voters heard about was what 38 million dollars crammed down their throats vs 3 million..

    What you are describing here is the same thing.. these are desired results of the huge spending that the Democrat Regime has to spend.
    What is now in the brains of the whole electorate is just exactly what one party had the money to put there.

  8. It’s a sad day in this state and country that abortion is the top issue rather than high taxes, high inflation, illegal immigration, drugs and terrorists pouring across the border, child mutilation, and the coming recession! God help us!

    • You are absolutely correct!
      The media is able to shape the opinion of the public, and therefore their vote, by constantly bombarding them with whatever the money train is pushing.
      Unfortunately, the money train doesn’t act in best interest of our great country. God Bless America!

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