Tom Evslin: We should use the term ‘requirement’ instead of ‘mandate’

This commentary is by Tom Evslin of Stowe, an entrepreneur, author and former Douglas administration official. It is republished from the Fractals of Change blog.

Words matter. I’m very pro Covid-19 vaccinations as a way to turn that virus from the root of a pandemic to just one more background pathogen like its many flu-causing cousins. I do think that students, teachers, health care workers, people coming into the country, people on trains, planes, busses, and many others should be vaccinated.

Tom Evslin

I’ve been saying “vaccines should be mandated.” That phrase, I’m afraid, helps cause resistance to vaccination. What I should have been saying is that vaccines should be required in many cases.

What’s the difference? A mandate would be “all adults need to be vaccinated.” That’s different than a requirement that all medical workers must be vaccinated. We live with requirements all the time. All doctors need to meet educational and experience requirements. Nurses have different requirements. Drivers of hazardous vehicles are required to take drug tests (and, by implication, are required not to take certain drugs). Other vaccines are required for students in many states. We don’t call these requirements “mandates.”

“All adults must be vaccinated” is a mandate you can’t escape unless you are Peter Pan. A requirement that you must be vaccinated to be a health care worker can be met by deciding not to become a health care worker. The requirement for vaccination to go to public school can be and is avoided by home schooling or private school. If your religion says that you can’t be vaccinated and vaccination is a requirement for riding on public transport, you are free to practice your religion by not riding public transport.

Mandates mean you have no choice. Requirements mean you have a choice, but your choice has consequences which are yours to bear. If you choose not to take periodic flight physicals, you choose not to be a pilot. But it is your choice.

It’s probably too late to put the “mandate” genie back in the bottle. Nevertheless, “mandate” was the wrong word to use, and I believe the word “mandate” has stiffened some people’s resistance to vaccination. While I wait for my third shot, I’m going to practice saying “requirement.”

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19 thoughts on “Tom Evslin: We should use the term ‘requirement’ instead of ‘mandate’

  1. ‘Mandates mean you have no choice.’

    We always have a choice Tom – I’ve chosen to stop listening to beta males who mistakenly believe they have anything of value to pass along.

    You’re likely the last person anybody would take advice from or choose to follow in a life or death situation.

  2. And garbagemen are sanitation engineers. Requirement, order, mandate. It is all government using force which ever words they use. Hey Tom ! We read 1984. You are just changing the language to make it more palatable. Requirement still has the same force as mandate. So we’re supposed to say, oh it’s not a mandate it’s only a requirement. You are a government stooge.

    “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidarity to pure wind”. George Orwell

  3. Stew Peters Show
    RECEIPTS! Patent PROVES Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform – THE FINAL VARIANT!
    By Stew Peters Show October 11, 2021
    “This interview with Karen Kingston will absolutely change the trajectory of the planet if it is seen by the masses.

    Point blank, this is the FINAL “Variant”.

    Kingston brought receipts that PROVE the agenda for the shots is controlling behavior and forcing OBEDIENCE by injection.

  4. Tom is part of the problem. The solution isn’t to give everyone vaccines that aren’t working: Tom, open your eyes and look at what’s happening in Vermont. This isn’t because of the “unvaccinated.” We were told that all we had to do was get to that magic 80% line and we’d be leading the way with vaccine herd immunity, showing the way, guiding the nation: look how smart those Vermonters are! They did it! But, we didn’t do it: the vaccines are failing. They’re allowing the delta variant to amplify and spread because the vaccines don’t target the delta variant, they only target the original Wuhan strain. The vaccinated are spreading the delta variant, too; the vaccines don’t work against this variant. The vaccinated are getting sick, too. The vaccinated are dying, too.

    Tom wants to take a bludgeon and beat everyone over the head and force– sorry, “require”– everyone to take a therapy that isn’t working. Tom is part of the problem.

    The solution is, and has been, right in front of us but is being suppressed by people like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Levine, and Tom. Early treatment is the solution. Early treatment is the only viable solution, the only way to get our society and freedoms back, the way the vaccines were supposed to be the only way. The vaccines are causing high numbers of adverse events that are unreported, and that our federal health authorities want to sweep under the rug. It’s absolutely insane to advocate for pushing these dangerous vaccines on our children; this insanity is driven by suppression of the true science and profound ignorance. It’s being driven by powerful forces that don’t want us to get well; they want us sick and submissive and dependent on the high-powered, expensive, and dangerous drugs they’re producing. They want to bring us to our knees and destroy our freedom so that they can install their own version of “the greatest good” upon us– a version none of us voted for. Vaccine passports? Then everyone can be tracked and traced, monitored and managed. We’d be the New China, wouldn’t we? Everyone is monitored and managed according to the “greater good” in China.

    Tom is saying “yes” to the New China. He’s saying “no” to the science of early treatment for Covid-19, the only path that makes any sense at all.

  5. Adopting the word salad recipe of the Left – George Carlin had a great rant on the “softening” of negative things by manipulating language to hide the Truth. Use different, less harsh, sounding words to make it more acceptable and less harmful. He also had a great one on viruses and the American germ psychosis. We should all wish Mr. Evslin well as he carries on with the multiple “clot” and “HIV” enhanced experimental Jim Jones Juice. Thank you Mr. Evslin for taking one, two, three, four, five, six ….shots for the Team!

    • The IceAge Farmer covers NATO’s perspective on free thinking:

      COGNITIVE WARFARE: The Battle for Your Brain [Part One]
      by Ice Age Farmer | Oct 19, 2021 | Podcast

      NATO has taken aim at a new target: your brain. Their ‘Cognitive Warfare’ report describes a hybrid of biotech/nanotech, social engineering, information warfare & psychological operations, and total surveillance, with a stated goal of “harming brains” of even civilians, to impair cognition and disable critical thinking. We are approaching not just the end of free speech, but of free thought, by associating any questioning of the official narrative with “extremism” and “terrorism.” Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

      • I’m new to the idea of cognitive warfare, but this idea makes sense of the attacks on us coming from all sides: CRT, digital learning, suppression of early treatment for Covid-19, denial of harms from the vaccines, the demonization of those who stand for liberty, and the demonization of the very idea of liberty.

        Why are there supply chain disruptions now? It seems that things are setting up to bombard us on every side, to confuse us and make us angry (so we can then be attacked for our anger, as Merrick Garland is doing against parents protesting what children are being taught) or to make us submissive to the government for solutions.

        Getting angry or confused plays into their hands. This is/will be an all-out assault on humanity, if things play out as some fear. It may seem incredible, but then again Australia and Canada are now living in a state that would’ve been unbelievable a few short years ago. Anything is possible.

        Good people are speaking up and fighting back.

  6. We were sent a wonderful document exposing the deliberate use of a verb as a noun to imply something very negative. They call the unvaccinated something that can never be to cover up what vaccinated people can never do. They can never un-vaccinate themselves. No one can be unvaccinated. Once the ‘vaccine’ is in there, it ain’t coming out!. Most everyone is vaccinated lithesome sort of vaccine, if not this bioweapon. So most everyone is vaccinated, and no one is actually ever going to be able to be unvaccinated, once the deed is done.

    So much for semantics. We can’t fix stupid. Dunno why I keep trying to save em.

  7. Fun Fact: Covid cases, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths have skyrocketed from a year ago with tiny number un’vaxxed’ – overwhelming majority have been ‘vaxxed. Nations with larger populations than US using ivermectin have seen cases drop or never rise above double-digits.

    So we the un’vaxxed’ are in fact at risk of receiving Covid from the ‘vaxxed’ according to “The (real) Science”. The healthy unvaxxed are ok – but the vulnerable are now placed in harms way from the masked ‘vaxxed’. Why is thias not happening to un’vaxxed’ in large numbers? Because the ‘vax’ destroys immune system? I do not care and still would never expect those victimized and expolited by the trust most ppl have in vaccine industry no matter how clueless or hateful to be sequestered from society. However petty tyrants such as Mr Evslin and ilk are free to sequester selves in gated communities and request special before and after-hours shopping for the fully vaccinated and masked papers-carrying club.

    Amazon Pantry another option and not expensive. Large grocery stores are offering home delivery. Anyone who cannot look upon ppl who refuse or cannot wear masks and have the time and money pls build own parallel community where you get to make the rules and leave the normals alone to rebuild our society when the vaxxed sart droppin like flies moreso than is happening in realtime.

    Personally at risk however would never expect collectivist followers I do not wish to share airspace with discriminated against. We the sane and normal are building a parallel society to exclude the parasytes and only do business with other Judeo-Christian or agnostic Patriots. Do not wish them any harm just do not wish to be dictated to by tyrannical egomaniacal sociopaths. Go buy a tract of land and get lost.

  8. Evslin has written scores of articles on this ‘topic’. Now, he’s stating he can’t wait for his third injection?! I think he may be losing his mind as the result of the first two–lol.

    • The ruling elites: Senate and House plus staffers and families, Executive, Judicial including all judges, USPS, staffers and families, immigrants and illegals have all been ‘exempted’? Why would anyone want to be ‘exempted’ from this wonderful lifesaving cure and benefit to society, status of which is now treated as a perk for elites and political favor for cronies hmm… There is no proof anyone pushing the depopulation shot has received it however promoting it pays – chaching! The voluminous number of commentaries interestingly all include the guidelines set by the paymasters lol.

  9. Like Shakespeare’s rose by another name or calling Fascist Democrats “Progressive,” an “or else” requirement differs from a mandate as “Please give me your purse or I’ll shoot you” differs from a grab-and-run.

  10. So the 3rd shot is the same as the other first two shots that aren’t working so well. Dr. Levine chimes in that it must be the Delta Variant. Since the PCR tests are being pulled in December and there is a new test coming, my question is how are they testing for a variant and giving a new shot for a variant that hasn’t been isolated? I guess Tom here wants the assurance that he gets from a shot no matter what it is. It makes him feel safe.

    You can’t ask the governor anything because he claims he knows nothing. Dr. Levine is guessing that the spike in cases is from the Delta variant. The charts they draw look like scribbles with numbers. There is no brake down of vaxed vs unvaxed
    cases and deaths probably for a reason. With the state almost fully vaxed they can’t answer why and will get back to us mire mortal later.

    So back to Tom. We will all be routing for you Tom. We hope you make it through round 3 because lots of people aren’t making it through round two. If we do not see any more of your authoritarian backed requirements in the near future we will have to wonder if you made it. We do not wish harm to anyone who wants the jab. That is their decision to make. However, your word switch from mandate to requirement is the same as the famous comment of putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the beast.

  11. Tom is at it again.

    The basic principle is that no one should be forced to take any medication against their will. To say that an entire population should forced– or mandated, or “required”– to take a medication is medical tyranny. Tom supposes that losing one’s livelihood is still a so-called “choice,” just as the person who has a gun held to their head also has a “choice.”

    It’s hard to believe that any thinking, rational person could support forced medication. They need to review history.

    Vermont is highly vaccinated– how’s that working out? Highest daily cases.

    The solution to Covid is early treatment, period, full stop. Only if you’re an authoritarian would you side with the supposed authorities against the authority of the actual science. That science has been reviewed on these pages and linked to several times, and we can only conclude that Tom refuses to look and/or refuses to see.

    More news about medical tyranny: Is this really the country we want? Tom may want this, but many of us don’t and we’re not going to let it happen.

  12. Out to lunch much lol. Have made crystal clear ya have a dog in this race as pharma is paying brownshirted foot soldiers from shiny boot club bunkers to push their propaganda to the masses via social media by invading comment platforms.

    Bad optics – shtick presents as malevolently persistant sophistry delivered with sociopat-like ease complete with resting bitch-face file photo.

    Detailing the anatomy of wrong-headed patently flawed logic by revealing modus and continually promoting syringed gas-chamber speaks volumes and tells us we deserve to die and/or become globalist AI-controlled robots as evidenced by widespread reports including TNR – one must be living in a cave on a side road off of a side road off of a side road to miss this.

    Keep the great work – the very tone, incessant do-as-I say drumbeat, authoritarian arrogance evidenced by clearly believe fist-pounding demands are ok is woefully out of touch. Gotta say pretty sure carpetbombed propaganda is not changing minds, but effectively exact opposite. Serves as red-flag warning to masses of pharma and government officialdoms’ standing army of propagandists, hot-wired sophists and paid brainwashers.

    And as vent for seeming abject hatred of our shared humanity, as evidenced by well-known widespread deaths and injury including our youth which cannot be glossed only ignored and unreported.

    When our enemy tells us who they are can safely bet a** audience is paying attention.

  13. Here he goes…again.
    Mr. Evslin’s views reflect a group of people that have been gaslighted into paralyzing fear regarding SARS CoV-2. These forward thinkers do not want anyone participating in their society, until their fears have been abated by society conforming to their “requirements”. But that’s what socialism is all about. Elitist control over all ‘they’ deem unworthy- or- all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

  14. Mr. Evslin’s playing with semantics serves no practical purpose other than creating confusion in the minds of us intellectual midgets.

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