Tom Evslin: Does Bernie Sanders oppose vaccine mandates?

This commentary is by Tom Evslin of Stowe, an entrepreneur, author and former Douglas administration official. It is republished from the Fractals of Change blog.

At a meeting Monday Senator Sanders said he had a message for men: “I want you all to be thinking about how you would feel if the government, state government, federal government, told you what you have to do with your own body. You would say this is outrageous, this is unacceptable, this is a denial of my basic rights and it is.”

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I asked friends in the Vermont press why no reporter seems to have asked Sen. Bernie Sanders whether he supports vaccine mandates given his “hand off my body” position. “Sanders hasn’t answered question from the Vermont Press for years,” they told me.

This is exactly the language opponents of mandatory vaccination use to justify their resistance to mandates: you’re trying to tell me what to do with my body.

Now, of course, I’m quoting Sanders out of context. He was at a roundtable with abortion rights advocates and was trying to make the point that abortion is not just a women’s issue but actually a human rights issue. (You can read the full context in VTDigger here or watch Sanders remarks on WCAX). I haven’t heard his position on vaccine mandates

It is possible both to be for legal access to abortion (in most cases) and to support vaccine mandates (in most cases); I am. However, if government can’t tell people what to do with their bodies, it can’t tell them they have to be vaccinated. Not even a U.S. senator gets to have it both ways.

I asked friends in the Vermont press why no reporter seems to have asked Sanders whether he supports vaccine mandates given his “hand off my body” position. “Sanders hasn’t answered question from the Vermont Press for years,” they told me. So I asked him using the correspondence form on his website; I’ll let you know if I hear back and what I hear back. If you’re curious, you may want to ask as well.

Tucker Carlson also appeals to men in his anti-mandatory-vaccine screed. He says that requiring the military to be vaccinated is a ploy to “identify the sincere Christians in the ranks, the free thinkers, the men with high testosterone levels, and anybody else who doesn’t love Joe Biden and make them leave immediately.” I don’t think Bernie would agree that Biden’s vaccine mandate is a plot to take over the military. But Bernie does seem to agree that the government has no right to tell people what to with their bodies; that is what he said.

The extreme political left and right may actually be closer to each other than they are to us reasonable people in the middle.

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15 thoughts on “Tom Evslin: Does Bernie Sanders oppose vaccine mandates?

  1. Mr. Evslin is still spreading his knee-jerk ideology of vaccine mandates. He seems to have a blind spot for the unintended consequences of the ideology of forced medication, even if (or maybe because) the motivation is “for the greater good.” Our safest trajectory is that in matters of medication, we allow individuals to decide for themselves what their own greatest good is.

    But mass vaccination for Covid-19 is a dumb idea, spurred on by a knee-jerk “vaccination is always good for everyone ideology.” Here’s a (long) conversation among scientists that points out a scientific fact that people like Mr. Evslin fail to acknowledge: it’s appropriate to vaccinate (voluntarily!) high-risk groups, but vaccinating the entire population allows for variants that the vaccine cannot attack to escape, and I think this is what we’re seeing now in Israel, in Vermont, and in the US generally. At about the 30-minute mark in this video they explain the logic of how this variant escape happens. By definition the vaccine targets a specific epitope (part of the antigen) and the epitope for the Covid-19 vaccines is of the original Wuhan strain. Since the vaccines target this specific strain, it allows other strains to pass by, whereas natural immunity more efficiently targets all strains. So our rational choices, in light of this science that we knew of and were warned of even before the vaccine rollout, are: do we do perpetual boosters to try to catch the variants (much as we try to do with flu shoots with varying degrees of success each year) despite that it now appears that there are unintended harms from these vaccines for younger people who are at much lower risk from the original strain of the Covid-19 virus? (Because they’re acquiring vaccine immunity and not natural immunity, young people are still susceptible to vaccine or, less common, non-vaccine driven variants that may be more infectious and deadly.) Or, do we acknowledge the pitfalls of this approach of mass vaccination and advocate for selective and voluntary vaccination of high-risk groups, and preventative measures such as drugs and vitamins/minerals to minimize serious illness and in the process help prevent variants from emerging? Vaccine immunity is epitope-specific; natural immunity is not. So what should our target be? If we continue on the path of mass vaccination, will we be continually creating variants that we have to continually chase with new vaccines? Does this make any sense when the alternative is to allow natural immunity to develop while controlling the disease itself through the use of safe medications that are now being researched, the most famous of which is ivermectin? Does our vaccine approach seem to be working? We now have cases and deaths from Covid-19 surging in Vermont, despite something like 80% vaccinated, and this is NOT being driven by the unvaccinated, even if the unvaccinated are now the victims of more infectious strains caused by the epitope-specific vaccines.

    If we vaccinate 100% of the population we’ll be on a perpetual treadmill. We’ll be creating variants that we have to vaccinate against, and as these variants find hosts in unvaccinated children, we’ll be pushed to vaccinate children and subject them to vaccine side-effects. Originally with the Wuhan strain (epitope), children were at virtually no risk from Covid-19: this was widely acknowledged. Now maybe we’re creating a monster. Originally, older and frail people were at highest risk. Through our vaccination policy, are we now driving the risk toward the youngest among us? This has got to stop.

  2. How will Bernie and the Dems reconcile the vaccine mandates and such with Black Lives Matter? Reports coming out that BLM has deemed vaccine mandates and passports “racist.” According to reports, 70% of black Americans are not taking the jab? The media and Dem establishment viciously attacked Nicki Minaj – maligned her for simply expressing her opinion and a factual event concerning the jab. By these turn of events concerning Black Americans and how they feel about the jab, our Governor is indeed racist as well as his administration for mandating vaccines and returning to COVID restrictions concerning masks and vaccines. These are purely racist based on reports and how will our minority activist councils address this now?

    • And Montpelier wants minorities to be drug dealers, giving them financial incentives to do it, how racist can you get? Apparently pretty racist!

      Oh and they want us to become prostitutes too, because not allowing prostitution is racist! See how they twist and lie?

      They want minorities to be hooked on drugs, prostitutes, slave to the government, break up the family structure and if that doesn’t work, we’ve got the jab waiting for you!

      Montpelier is here to save your life they say! Perhaps the appropriate response would be run like hell. maybe that’s why we have no, minorities!

  3. Tom Evslin, would place humanity in the playpen of politics to fret over what Bernie Sanders thinks, who cares?

    The classic distraction of burdening us with useless discussions so we won’t see what is coming before it’s too late. Stroking the lobster before releasing it into the pot of boiling water.

    Setting the unborn aside by discounting them, is having it both ways, there is no moral high ground for those in the middle!

    There are laws of the universe that even reasonable people cannot maneuver around without having it both ways!

  4. Hey Look at what El Salvador and many other countries, including Japan are doing….

    Houston Texas has been saving 90% of the covid patients with Math+ protocol…

    What is Vermont doing to those who get sick? Putting them on the Ventilators for an easy $58K to the hospital?

    Imagine if the world didn’t have so much propaganda and lies? It’s over the jig is up. Fauci and Gates should be visiting some gallows….

    Let’s stop pimpin’ for the New World Order, life is really great if you don’t……

    • ps….there’s another little body you forget to talk about in your discussion, kinda of important to the discussion, though many like to ignore the fact.

  5. I get it, Mr. Evslin. You and your minions created the Covid pandemic to counter the recent and limited increase in regulations on abortion in certain States. While death by Covid isn’t something one chooses, and the vaccines are anything but certain protection, with perhaps a one in one hundred certainty of death if infected – death by abortion is a choice, and it’s death rate is absolute. 61 million souls have passed since 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision. That’s more than 1.3 million per year on average. Now God only knows to what lengths you will go to make the pandemic odds more equal in order to justify abortion on demand. Shame on you for making such a macabre comparison.

  6. Here’s another perspective, even if those military men mentioned by James are forced out of the military they then become valuable to the citizens. You can kick the man out of the military but he takes his knowledge of the military with him. There are probably millions of veterans with combat experience, tactical military knowledge and patriotism. They took an oath to defend the constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. So the administration throws it best men under the bus, gives them dishonorable discharges and turns them against the government that trained them to fight wars. If the SHTF is brought to the American people by a tyrannical government, guess whose side they will be on.

    • As a side note from the picture of Bernie, it looks like he’s eating well. Ah, the good life of a politician who spent his early life condemning those evil rich people and had his Bernie Bots send him $25.00 donations to get where he is. And what did they get? Can’t beat the good life of a socialist/democrat now can you?

  7. Our military has already been taken over. The Biden administration is weeding out all the Three Percenters, Oath Keepers and anyone who’s allegiance is to the Constitution. The military vaccine mandate will just make sure to get rid of all the patriots they can.

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