Neil Johnson: The Vermont political reformation has started

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Neil Johnson, of Waitsfield, who was a 2018 candidate for state House in the Washington 7 district.

Vermont is ground zero for what is happening across America. Solving our Vermont problem is also the key to our nation. While we are known for not wanting negative campaigns in our state, we are also known for the most divisive and vitriolic partisanship. We are a nation divided; we are a state divided. Our landscape is perfect for healing our nation.

These divisions are purposely fostered and watered, cared for by those who are most prone to benefit. Like any plant or pet, what we feed and care for grows and becomes stronger. So is the case for division and politics in Vermont. These division lines are set, Democrats against Republicans; the lines are firmly drawn, and they dare anyone change sides.

Neil Johnson, of Waitsfield

But unaddressed problems in Vermont continue to fester, bubble and simmer. We have one of the highest minimum wages in the world, yet we cannot afford to buy anything. We have a school system that has been given massive support financially and emotionally, yet our educational system is collapsing under mediocre results and hemorrhaging of cash. Our families and children are torn apart and abused, and DCF struggles to keep up with the rising tide, much of which is caused by drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships and the inability to get a stable economic footing in our state. Affordability, school funding and drugs are issues left to simmer and boil.

These issues are on the fore front of all Vermonters minds, yet those in power would like to continue along our current path. Why? They have power and money, and for some it is in their playbook. They would like the division lines to stay Democrat against Republican, Vermonter versus Vermonter, American against American. Fear and hatred make people easy to control and manipulate.

The true lines of division are much different. May I suggest the true lines are American against the New World Order. The New World Order pimps have taken the Democratic Party from America-loving Democrats. Likewise the RINOs in Washington and Montpelier have taken over the Republican party — the kindhearted conservative Republican is no longer leader of their own party.

The swamps in Vermont and Montpelier are a highly protected and coveted class, literally and figuratively. The likes of the VNRC and VPIRG — extremely powerful lobbyist organizations — can grow and excel in this self-serving environment. Inside deals benefit the few, Blittersdorf, a multi-millionaire from your tax dollars, is one special recipient. Swamps, which thrive on crony capitalism, nepotism and socialism benefit the few at the expense of the many — it’s the basis for things being unaffordable.

Despite the world conspiring to run our state as a test case for bad government ideas, there is hope. A political reformation has started, here in Vermont — a peaceful reformation of citizens stepping up. Of course, the establishment will want to suppress and crush this challenge to power. Political parties and their bosses will often stifle the effort. This will occur by those within the party. Nonetheless, the genie is out of the bottle.

People like John Klar and his merry band of kindhearted conservatives, Cynthia Browning and John Rodgers represent the Vermonter. These, to the best of my knowledge, are defenders of our Constitution, and realize we are a republic. They are imperfect in the eyes of their own parties, yet they are standing out against the establishment swamp of Montpelier, at great risk and expense to themselves. These are citizen representatives.

My question is this: Will we put aside our differences and unite as Vermonters? We should not be a state where neighbor fights neighbor, where we are afraid to openly speak about politics. This is not the Vermont I grew up in. My Vermont was the place where the town hall meetings were productive, where after much debate an aged farmer would stand up and speak what was plainly wisdom, where people would pause, realizing the truth, and change their minds. Vermont is where mobile home sits next to a million-dollar mansion, and both house strong and stable families. It is where farmer is supported, not chastised, for the sweet smells of spring. Our Vermont does not have to be divisive — we need not be fighting each other.

Will these citizen representatives be able to bring our state together? Will these people speak with a soft tongue? Will they be able to avoid triggering the people from each other’s political parties? Will they have funding, support and companionship in their journey to bring better representation in our state? Will Vermonters decide to love their neighbor?

The choice is ours alone. May a new spirit of love, joy and peace cross our state, fostering this budding and fragile political reformation.

24 thoughts on “Neil Johnson: The Vermont political reformation has started

  1. Right now, the only way out of the coming “new world order” is to stop being afraid of Covid. Covid, whether this is a manufactured virus or natural, is being used to control us by making us fearful.

    We have an effective early treatment for Covid: hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and azithromycin and zinc. Yet this combination (using zinc because we don’t know for sure how HCQ works; it may be that HCQ opens the cellular gateway for zinc to get in and stop viral replication) is being actively suppressed. We could open everything up and let people do whatever they wanted to; those infected could be treated. More severe cases could be treated with other successful protocols that are also being ignored.

    What will happen if a second wave hits, as we’re constantly warned? Further destruction of the economy and liberties, all to “stay safe”? Will this be when the world is on its knees and ready for Happytalism?

    Or how about the other steps, apparently already in place and waiting in the wings, to our wonderful new world of shining happy people? Will we be ready for those after a second wave? Will we have any choice?

    I hope Vermonters are on board with all this. The reliance on heavy-handed government dictates to “stay safe” and the continued disregarding of effective treatments for a relatively minor disease (in the big scheme of things) will bring this about.

    There’s only one way out: stop staying safe. This is what it’ll take to stand up against the new world order. Otherwise it’ll roll right over us, and we’ll wake up from our terror over– well, let me put it bluntly: pretty much nothing– and be there.

    We have treatment. We have nothing to fear. The virus many not be manufactured, but the fear is manufactured and fed to us day in and day out.

    Don’t stay safe. Stand up.

    • Wonderful analysis – so true. Fortunately DJT and advisors have stated we’re not shutting down again, we will deal with whatever.

      This is the first time in history healthy ppl have been quarantined – epic fail – look at the aftermath facepalm

    • Absolutely 100% on target, this was never about a virus, its all about the takeover of our American way of life by elites who envision a new works order with them in charge.

      This is what Phil Scott and many others are facilitating and if we let them get away with it, fear of COVID will merely make it a reality.

      To expose this conspiracy and the complete takeover of our governance, will result in defeating these facilitators if we are lucky!

      It is getting too late in the game to be fearful of COVID, especially when it is those who perpetrate it we should fear!

      • The virus didn’t destroy our traditional right to assemble freely. We did, deliberately and unnecessarily.

  2. If politicians at both the state and federal levels would simply OBEY the current U.S. and State Constitutions as written and ratified, we would solve the majority of the problems Mr. Johnson outlined above. But politicians of all stripes, mostly Democrat and Progressive, but also some Progressive (RINO) Republicans, are ignoring the Constitutions based on the Republic’s concept of rule of law and are twisting and rewriting laws to fit their own agenda. And in some cases the liberal courts are helping them. Unless you can call for a return to a more faithful adherence to the principles of our state and federal Constitutions, the Republic cannot survive. Some examples of lawless trampling on both Constitutions here in Vermont are gun control, excessive taxes, ignoring the First Amendment, government over-regulation of private property rights, allowing non citizens to vote in local elections, ballot harvesting by mail, failure to safeguard voters’ rights by mailing everyone a ballot using a corrupt voting list, allowing the killing of unborn babies right up until the moment of birth, allowing minor girls to have an abortion without their parents’ knowledge, funding Planned Parenthood while defunding police, allowing non-resident college students who are paying out-of-state tuition to vote in Vermont elections, allowing public schools to propagandize students in liberal ideology instead of truly educating them, etc. Mr. Johnson, you have not gone far enough in your analysis. There are indeed those of ill will who want to destroy the current U.S. system at both the state and federal levels and replace it with socialist, radical, revolutionary goals they will not plainly state. After the riots, what will be left for the average citizen who neither wished nor wishes ill will on those whose skin color is not the same as theirs, and who does not want to overthrow the Constitutions of their State or U.S. Government? The politics of C.H.A.D.’s recent establishment with Antifa and BLM and tribalism in evidence eventually lead to what happened in Rwanda, where the politically more powerful slaughtered 500,000 others in tribal warfare. And these half a million murders were black on black killing. That’s where we are headed if we don’t regain our senses. As a native Vermonter, what I have seen in the political sphere in Vermont during the past 30 years is not the kind of “political reformation” I support. You appear to be talking about a different kind. However, there was no mention of the State or Federal Constitutions in your essay, which is IMHO a serious omission. You cannot have reform apart from the foundation of rule of law and impartial justice our Founding Fathers intended. Progressive/Socialist politics have ruined Vermont. False Utopian promises from Bernie and the Progressives in Montpelier will not fix this mess. We need to replace them.

    • Well said.

      My omission was on purpose, we now have two generations that know not the difference between a democracy and a republic. To find common ground is the purpose for the words I chose. We have so much to do, you will find the videos by Yuri Bezmanov very enlightening and backing up all you say and more.

      We much know the terrain in which we operate. We are living in a subverted state, that for all practical purposes is socialist. We need education, which you clearly have, but many don’t. Many believe because of the internalized indoctrination and way too much pride and little understanding of man and governments, that Vermont is close nirvana.

      What we can agree upon are the dismal results of our current course. We can also call out the failed results and offer real solutions, that will expose the true heart of those who are such clever wordsmiths and demonstrate the truth of ideals and governance that bear good fruit.

      On the common ground we can come together. There are democrats who love our country, love our constitution. There are independents who think this way too.

      How to deliver the message, find common ground a path to victory for our state and the VT GOP…… can we deliver and speak in a group of democratic voters and have them Vote with a check mark next to an R….is the only way to change our state, we needn’t nor shouldn’t change a value, as they are true, as is helping the poor, needy, being good stewards of the environment and helping the lame from the other side of the isle (values which conservatives hold dear too).

  3. Excellent commentary, thank you so much. Most of the Republicans I’ve met are the nicest people imaginable, but many are too afraid to alienate Democrat voters (who are the majority here and thus necessary to get into office) and end up alienating their own conservative base. I think we have to stop our “go along to get along” attitude and fight for what’s right. I hope that John Klar and the House/Senate candidates who support him, like me, will be able to make a real difference this year. But for that, we will need all the help from conservative Vermonters we can get.

  4. Perhaps someday we will come together as Vermonters, but that will require an event or catalyst of mutual concern that is strong enough to brings us there. However for now we seem to have forgotten our founding principles, so it is difficult if not impossible for us to pull in one direction when we have no compass to point the way. Nor do our leaders adhere to these principles upon which we were founded, so they are of little use when they cannot even show us the way.

    Our elected officials are not governing, they are merely being manipulated by a powerful lobby and legions of non-profits controlled by an elite global new world order seeking to fundamentally change Vermont and America. It is our politicians and our Governor and Legislators who facilitate the goals of our enemies while we complain about issues, instead of making them adhere to the principles for which they are supposed to govern.

    We have been conditioned to be fearful by the use of manufactured crisis and thus tricked into submission and compliance by the Lobby controlling us while we fight amongst ourselves.

    It would be reasonable to think after the devastation of the COVID crisis, our expectations for legislation would divorce from the crisis of the Global Warming Solutions Act now being considered by the Senate, this will pile more debt on the backs of Vermonters and should be enough to tell us who is running our state government, and its certainly not Vermonters!

    Until we recognize who is controlling Vermont and have the resolve to stop it, nothing will change, the problem is most Vermonters do not see or understand what is in flux!

  5. I for one am not anxious to have a “shame on me” moment should the turncoat democrat’s true colors be shown AFTER the election. We’ve got one of those now who also ran under the Republican ticket only to wilt and sodomize us with his anti-constitution gun vote.

    While Kevin Hoyt may lack the polish of the wannabe gov l’yer, I find encouraging his determination to find and minimize, if not eliminate, corruption and malfeasance in Montpelier. Based on his voting record, which he will neither admit nor deny, it is impossible for me to gullibly put my confidence in such as John Klar.

  6. Pls look in the mirror Neil – ya just pinned all the crimes of the Democrats on Republicans and conservatives by portraying Democrats as innocent uneducated bystanders. And then blaming and framing entire Republican Party – it’s not the first time – its “our fault”. Uh huh. And now you come out w/this.

    You give no specifics or any searchable recent stats of claims for the litany of problems you claim are in VT or any other claims made – *facts matter*. Until you can back up what you say w/verifiable info its just happy talk.

    When I went to church we brought our bibles to see if what was being stated was scriptural, true and accurate. The same holds true for any claims publicly made. Free speach is a right w/a responsibility if one wishes to be taken seriously.

    • Re: “You give no specifics or any searchable recent stats of claims for the litany of problems you claim are in VT.”

      Happy talk? Really?

      If its searchable stats you want, try these.

      Vermont has the one of the most expensive public K-12 education systems in the world – yes, in the world. And for that barely 50% of its high school graduates meet grade level standards, only 40% of graduates go on to college, and of those who do go on to college nearly half need remedial instruction before taking college level courses and don’t graduate in four even five years.

      • Vermont drug abuse compared to other states.

        Vermont cronyism:

        …. led by Attorney General Donovan.

        “[H]ow a private conversation between the attorney general and an assistant AG, amid a campaign, led to a state-sponsored — and widely publicized — donation from a private company [Comcast], exclusively to that assistant AG’s home district.”
        Molly Gray currently serves as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the Vermont Attorney General’s Office and is a democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor.


        “The Vermont House gave preliminary approval Wednesday to give Secretary of State Jim Condos the unilateral authority to expand mail-in voting for the November general election because of the coronavirus epidemic.”

      • Yes Jay – really. Facts matter much? Mischaracterized comment – lengthy litany of links a waste of time but gee thanks for the gesture. I can do my own search. To be taken seriously need to be included by author lol?

        Highminded aspirations are empty platitudes without them aka ‘Happy Talk’ facepalm sir. Mindnumbing pontification and sermonizing is unhelpful as opposed to actionable information that can be verified. Mystified this even needs to be said. And your examples were pulled out of a hat – and not included in this story – may I suggest you write your own?

        When making important points examples which can be verified kinda a nobrainer? Links to sources are helpful and both are pretty much routine for the articles posted on TNR which makes it a fantastic news source for information we really need. And very grateful for the regular commenters. Amazed by the quality of content submitted which is routine.

        Journalism’s foundation is based on a template of who, what, when, where, why and how. All informational and pieces submitted to TNR thankfully include some or all of the crucial elements.

  7. Indeed Neil, the problems you cite are real. And divisiveness is the call to order. After all, we live in an adversarial system – by design. A Republic in which power is balanced between a Federal government and State governments, between the houses of congress, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. We have Democrats, Republicans and Independents, prosecutors and defendants, judges, and juries. We negotiate contracts for goods and services that arbitrate the dichotomy between supply and demand, between individuals and corporations, between rich and poor.

    An adversarial system ensures that the best ideas prevail. It’s called free market competition. Divisiveness is not the problem.

    The actual problem is twofold. First, most of us don’t understand the nuance and complexity of a system governed by the greatest set of ground rules ever contrived of, by and for free men and women – the U.S. Constitution. The second problem is that we lose sight of the forest for the trees.

    Instead of focusing on divisiveness, explain precisely how you propose to improve the education system? How do you propose to prevent drug and alcohol abuse? How do you propose to ‘drain the swamp’? Don’t get all wishy washy on ‘a new spirit of love, joy and peace”. We’ve heard that before. Make your case. Convince us.

    • I agree, it’s not the open debate of ideas that is the problem. Perhaps it’s easier to see on our side, would one say there is a division within the Republican party of Vermont? I’d argue that there are 4 major groups within two political parties. Recognizing we are perhaps being lumped together to the advantage of those who are currently in power, both in Washington and Vermont, which I would suggest are rinos and new world order pimps allows us to frame the conversation more accurately. There are many, many people within the democratic party that are saying, this whole thing is a bit out of hand, I love my country, but what is going on now is crazy town.

      Specifics? If we focus on Affordability, School Funding and Drugs, we have a chance on solving our problems. No focus guarantees failure.


      Tax, Porn, Lobbyists and PAC’s
      Term Limits. 10 year sabbatical if a lobbyist wants a government position and visa versa
      Keep drugs out of high school’s, middle school and elementary school.
      Support our police, cut off any person who’s on welfare who harbors a drug dealer.
      Affordable homes, allow them. Affordable paying jobs allow them in our state.
      You’ve got two building blocks for a stable family.
      Promote sensible family design, not the roulette game of Planned Parenthood that leads to 50% of births being unplanned.
      I could go on, we did, we had a whole political party platform on it.

      Vermonters for the most part do want the same things.

      Many don’t understand we are being misguided because they are of the 30% that benefit from government/education employment, another 30% think the state ride they are getting is a good deal, so many are quite content in our state. Our current course offers some people short term gains at the expense of others and our future.

      From our research we’ve found pretty much everybody agrees Vermont is unaffordable, our School system is a mess and the Drug Problem is growing. If we can all agree on the problems, we have some chance of reaching a solution. I believe two groups within each major party hold the key, kind hearted conservatives and American loving democrats.

      • Thank you for responding, Neil. Few others do.

        Tax, Porn, Lobbyists and PAC’s Details?

        Term Limits. Details?

        10 year sabbatical if a lobbyist wants a government position and visa versa Good.

        Keep drugs out of high school’s, middle school and elementary school. How?

        Support our police, cut off any person who’s on welfare who harbors a drug dealer. Details?

        Affordable homes, allow them. Affordable paying jobs allow them in our state. How?

        You’ve got two building blocks for a stable family. (**The most important building block is mentioned below).

        Promote sensible family design, not the roulette game of Planned Parenthood that leads to 50% of births being unplanned. How?

        ** If I may, my first (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) recommendation is one I’ve been making for 25 years. School Choice Vouchers for all. School Choice is the single most important socio-economic civil rights issue we have. Not only will our children get a balanced and accurate education, so too will their parents and the community.

        We’re all different to some degree and what we do to improve our selves will differ too. School Choice, by any measure, promotes personal incentives to improve one’s standard of living and the standard of living of those around us. The existing public-school monopoly is the antithesis of individual responsibility and risk, creating a distinct disincentive to improve. The public-school monopoly is the single most damaging aspect to the family structure.

        Again, I welcome a discussion on the specific positive effects School Choice will have on all of the other socio-economic issues you address.

        • So to expand….

          Porn, no free porn $8 per visit/per day
          80% tax on Lobbyists and PAC’s,
          Term Limits 2 terms or 12 years, which ever is less
          Drugs in school, walk the school with dogs, don’t arrest give them a choice, go home for a wee or we open your locker.
          Affordable homes is easy, change zoning and some regs and we can have home ownership for less than $600 /month, I”m in real estate, it can be done, but we are following the united nations plan for housing, which is renting via the state, soviet housing brought to us by BERNIE!
          Telling kids the right thing and perhaps curbing the benefits for doing the wrong thing could go along way, it’s personal responsibility ultimately.
          School choice and a portion being able to be used for home schooling would be wonderful.

          • Bring U S History, VT History, and civics back into the course of study. When kids in middle school can’t tell you what happened on Dec 7,1941 we got more than a minor problem folks.
            This is our opportunity.

        • The division……we are being played on every level and it orchestrated with the press, who in many cases are owned by operatives or paid for by operatives. Rosa Koire lays it out pretty well, I forget the term but it’s used all across Vermont government. They give you two choice, nobody is allowed to choose a third which is generally a million times better, so the people have to choose and it usually puts the loosing end toward liberty and the republican party.

          It’s EVERYWHERE.

          Affordable housing, state “gives” two options, an over priced tiny home or state funded affordable housing rentals. Since people generally want more than 350 sq ft to raise a family or live, we are left with the affordable housing scam in Vermont where people are trapped in a poverty trap, everybody else makes millions keeping people poor.

          Just like this voting, mail in voting or no mail in voting. When the third choice, let’s get things really clean and tidy would solve the problem. But, when you “only” have two choice….people choose safety and we get harvested balloting.

          Same for environment, we get Agenda 21 or Not, when if we just showed some consideration for the environment we would fend off the socialist take over. If banning straws makes people happy we don’t have to offer much. Allowing KEI trucks in Vermont might be a great boon.

          This pattern goes on forever. And we are getting played every time.

          • Your specifics are refreshing. Why aren’t candidates specific?

            We’re being played by our so-called conservative candidates too. I’m still waiting to hear whether or not John Klar voted for Sanders and Clinton, and if he did, why.

            Be that as it may, School Choice will enable a hearing from all sides on all topics.. if individuals so chose. Imagine having these discussions in a classroom setting. It won’t happen unless parents have the opportunity to choose the education program that’s best for their children… which may be why no one wants that responsibility.

            As George Benard Shaw said” “With Liberty comes responsibility. Which is why most men dread it”.

            Thanks to TNR at least for providing a forum.

    • Fix the school failures and enormous expense by;

      Eliminating any new “mandate” since the turn of the Century – they have been deadly costly and hurt education.

      Somebody must remember when the schools were run by parents and community leaders !!!
      And paid for by reasonable local property taxes,
      not $18,000 per student pre school Not by professional pinhead and egg-sperts who couldn’t teach a kid how to count from 1 to 10 !! withour a book of instructions

  8. cover the mail in vote passing the house? or the senate… it will poison the well of voting you cant verify anyone thats how elections get stolen among other ways they do it like when hillary won but not one poster was put up in vermont of her, i went north to burlington and south to bennington and did not see one poster

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