Vermont governor, top cop unaware of ‘no-cops’ territory takeover in Seattle

By Guy Page

At a press conference Friday, Gov. Phil Scott and Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling both expressed no knowledge of protesters’ week-long establishment of a police-free, “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) in Seattle, Washington.

Vermont Daily asked the governor, “Can you assure Vermonters that if protesters try to establish a police-free autonomous zone in Vermont, per Capitol Hill in Seattle, that you will stop it promptly and decisively, and if so how?” Scott said he had not heard of this development, and then passed the question to Schirling. He, too, said he is unaware.

Seattle Police Department Facebook photo

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best with Mayor Jenny Durkin

The CHAZ has been a lead story for several days on many major media outlets. Vermont’s two most senior law enforcement officers repeated that they know nothing about it. Schirling affirmed he has been focusing on Vermont’s problems.

Scott has often referenced civic unrest across the country, comparing it unfavorably to peaceful protests here. His unawareness, and Schirling’s, suggests that Vermont’s official response to a similar takeover in Vermont would be starting from scratch.

According to the Seattle Times, police vacated the area on Monday and protesters immediately set up their own barriers and pronounced it a police-free zone.

The New York Times and Fox News have covered the story for at least two days. NPR, NBC and CNN also covered it yesterday. The takeover was the subject of a well-publicized tweet Wednesday by President Donald Trump.

This gubernatorial ignorance of the usurpation of lawful police authority in Seattle is not unique. When asked about the takeover Wednesday afternoon, Washington Governor Jay Inslee professed ignorance — despite the fact that it had begun on Monday and occurred in his state’s largest city, and had already become a nationally-trending story on Twitter and other media. “That’s news to me,” Inslee said.

“Leaving the precinct was not my decision,” Police Chief Carmen Best said in a YouTube message to her fellow officers Wednesday. “You fought for days to protect it. Ultimately the city had other plans for the building and yielded to public protest.” The chief also said she has heard reports that CHAZ representatives are asking residents for money and are asking to see identification.

In other protest-related news, Gov. Scott was asked by Brittany Weir of Fox 44 about his approval of the city of Montpelier’s decision yesterday to paint  “Black Lives Matter” in large letters on State Street in front of the State House. “I don’t want this to be just a moment in time,” he said. “I want it to be a transition to action. … To put it in front of the State House we are making a positive statement ourselves. We’re in this for the long run. We’re going to change things.”

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Images courtesy of State of Vermont and Seattle Police Department Facebook photo

31 thoughts on “Vermont governor, top cop unaware of ‘no-cops’ territory takeover in Seattle

  1. As much as I like what Kevin Hoyt says, he is not going to beat Scott in the primary. Once again the republicans are looking for the perfect conservative that won’t draw the needed swing voters to win. Other than a few comments from Kevin regarding the gun control bills I haven’t seen anything about his other qualifications to be governor. So lets all through stones at someone who has written extensively about who he is now and what he proposes like protecting our constitution.

    Winning elections is more than a one or two item deal. Candidates have to sway unlikely voters who have voted democrat their whole lives. If we aren’t willing to look at reality we lose again. If the governor is reelected nothing is gained. He turned his back on Vermonters and violated his oath to protect our constitution. Remember both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were at one point democrats. Also remember John McCain and Mittens Romney were sold to us as conservatives. They both turned out to be liberal hacks and supported nothing Trump.

    I want change in our government but if we keep infighting over the perfect candidate we lose again. Just let that sink in before you rant and rave about he did this or he did that. Find the winner and move forward or keep losing.

    • I like Kevin Hoyt because he’s the only true conservative in the race to be governor.

      He has many videos out that you can view to check his policies.

      Before anyone rules Kevin out let’s give him the benefit of the doubt since he is the one that most alignes with the conservatives values of the Republican party.

      He is also not afraid to get out in public and mingle with people who support his beliefs and those that don’t.

      Kevin is a boots-on-the-ground candidate who is not afraid to expose the corruption going on in the state of Vermont and willing to do something about it until we elect people don’t want to support the rule of law in the state of Vermont we are all screwed.

      As a lifelong vermonter you can bet that I would sooner vote for him than a man that was voting for socialists all of his life voting for Bernie Sanders and the Obamas twice and the clintons and now wants to be the Republican governor in the state of Vermont.

      the people that Klar supported and their policies are the very reason that we are in trouble today in Vermont and across our nation

      Of course he’s supported by those that call themselves AGRI Republicans…

      these are the same people that talked about forming a new party in their meetings and they did exactly that…

      These people do not support our great president..they are not the Republican party at all they are Agri republicans and should be running under that banner.

      the last thing we need to elect in the state of Vermont is a man that has been a socialist all of his life who now claims to be a republican and the savior of the state of Vermont.

      We are one push away from becoming a totally socialist State and I’m not going to vote for a man that is a socialist whether he denies it or not.

      John klar is depending on dumb vermonters to elect him to the office of Governor because of his writings…. I say we don’t elect him to office of the governor because of his past affiliation with the socialists.

      No thanks I’m not voting for a Bernie bro

      Vermonters you better wake the hell up

      • Okay, I get it and you are the person I’m talking about. Vermont is ruled by the votes of liberal/progressives or people who have voted for democrats for years and know no difference. Those same people are not going to be swayed to vote for Kevin just because he is a conservative, the race is more than being about conservative to many people. There are many issues on the table. Without the media he needs money to buy his way in. I don’t like it either but that doesn’t change anything. The reality is that not many people in the state have even heard his name. I’m not going to rant and rave but until he gets the means to get his message out I don’t see how he beats Scott in the primary.

        The primary is the only place that there is a chance to replace Scott on the Republican ticket in the general election. He is attracting liberal votes right now. Look at state street in front of ths capital, BLM in front of the peoples house. Phil Scott doesn’t own that property we do. What ever happens I will not vote for Phil Scott again. He has sold us all out and violated his oath of office. Do what you want if you wish to keep losing. I like Kevin Hoyt too but until he picks up the push, get ready to lose again.

    • This sounds tremendously like “finding a middle ground” and that smacks of appeasement. The Vermont GOP is currently teamed with the Democrats; what about swaying the conservatives who have stayed out of the polls because of that? We need more Ruth Dwyers, not Phil Scotts.

  2. Is this why our AOT employees are at boarder crossing…to prevent information from crossing state lines?
    This now has our Governor in a pickle- Trying to hold on to enough support in the upcoming primary. I am 100% certain many from the left will cross over to vote for Governor Scott in the primary…. anything to prevent other Republicans from gaining the nomination. His reward??? Zuckerman is simply a sacrificial candidate. He may bore too much in line with the Montpelier Crime Family. Governor Scott can remain a useful puppet

    • Paige, I was under the impression that there were newspapers, radio news and TV reception in Montpelier. Where have these two been for the past 6 months??? Unbelievable, but on second thought, I guess it is. Scarey.


    • Gov Scott, so supremely confident that he has closed Vermonts economy and it’s friendly productive culture for many months, and refuses to let go of these horde of ridiculously detailed restrictions – many of which make no sense to the business/industry closed for good.

      But he and his Top Cop know nothing about “uncivil rights” riots, chaos, rampant destruction from the East to the West Coast. But we need to paint the street with political slogans.

      Saying no comment at this time is better than “I KNOW NOTHING!”

    • He isn’t ignorant. He just portrays himself as one at times when it benefits his agenda. He’s a schemer.

  4. This is a bunch of bull. How could they not know? The silent majority had better be heard in November or we will be in deep trouble.

  5. We are being played, once again. They probably know about something in the works.

    Yeah, we are being played, there is a cOvid protocol for everything on Vermont, but not for 5,000 protestors on your own front lawn?

    Can’t come up with something for voting either? So the default choice is once again the new world order plan?

    So many coincidences? No we’ve just been played again.

    • It’s time for us to redraw the lines of political discourse in Vermont. When your representative always supports the default argument that coincidentally always falls in line with the plans for a new world order, your representative works for the United nations not your state.

      Rinos and pimps (people pimping for the new world order and Soros) they need to be put in tha same rightful category.

      The political reformation has started in Vermont. American loving democrats and kind hearted conservatives need to work together. We’ve got far too many swamp creature in Vermont.

  6. They are just playing dumb. The legislative left must have pulled the puppet strings away from national news that doesn’t pertain to covid-19, as the gov. has told us, he keeps abreast of all covid-19 activity throughout the country. His telling us that he was unaware was a flat out lie. Even the liberal media can’t help to cover a little of what’s going on in Seattle.

  7. If one is of the Left and they shove their head deeper in the sand nothing bothers them, like the saying ignorance is bliss.
    Ole Benedict Scott is one of the most spineless blissful sob’s going. Yet he will try to sell his reelection as having his finger on the pulse of Vermont,yet can’t be bothered to pull his head out of the sand long enough to even know what is going on in this nation.

    Then appoints a Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling who would appear to be as clueless as his boss,Vermont can do better than either of these clueless clowns.
    Perhaps they could better serve the nation of CHAZ because they would fit right in.

    • they’ve got their heads up their own asses so far they ran out of oxogen and became braindead!! they are playing dumb just like the governor of Washington state!! typical democrat,straight out of their playbook!!

  8. Scott said he had not heard of this development, and then passed the question to Schirling. He, too, said he is unaware.What a bunch of BS !!! They just didn’t want to answer the question. Could be the Nazi legislators didn’t give him permission to answer that question. Scott is a weakling,doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the legislators, As for him to announce that he won’t be racing this yr because he wants to focus on Vermont is another bunch of bull. He’s too scared to race because how a lot of the drivers feel about him..can you say COWARD !!!

    • “Schirling affirmed he has been focusing on Vermont’s problems.”

      Guaranteed they have nothing to do with militant leftists or ANTIFA

  9. I’m willing to donate all the black paint they need to write anthing they want on State Street.

  10. Vermont governor, top cop unaware of ‘no-cops’ territory takeover in Seattle !!

    They either live in a cave, or they are inept or just some political lying …………

    Vermont needs real leadership, Rinos & Liberals are killing the state

    • There is no doubt that Scott and Schirling know what is happening in Seattle, and they’re probably terrified that something like that will happen in Burlington. They know, and their denial of the fact ‘CHAZ’ exists is BS. They’re politicians, and they’re just inept liars.

  11. Oh my God, my parents in Canada knew about this situation before our commissioner of public safety and our governor, I think my dad who is 87 should run for governor!

  12. There is one thing far worse than a liberal Democrat in the governors office and that is what Vermont now has … Of course Black lives matter. They should, born or preborn. But in Vermont that really is not an issue. A better focus and well worth protesting would be “Vermonters’ lives matter”, because clearly the wellbeing Vermonters are of little interest to the governor or his socialist buddies in the legislature.

    As I write this, I just wonder what they would do if there was a protest movement based on “Vermonters Lives Matters”. Would they just let it roll, like they have with this one? They certainly should!

  13. Who has any confidence in this Governor that was elected to protect the the people in the state of Vermont when he is in bed with people like kia Morris who came here to destroy us

    we got one shot at saving America and we have one Conservative Republican running for governor and that is Kevin Hoyt and I support him wholeheartedly

    I hope you’re not selling out to the socialist claiming to be a Republican John Klar

    Don’t forget you voted for Bernie he voted for Obama twice and he voted for the clintons..

    If he’s a Republican I’m the queen of England

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