The Ericka Redic Show: Voices on left, right want Phil Scott to leave the GOP

In the third episode of The Ericka Redic Show, Ericka discusses if Gov. Phil Scott will listen to constituents who think it’s time for him to leave the Republican Party.

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8 thoughts on “The Ericka Redic Show: Voices on left, right want Phil Scott to leave the GOP

  1. In a state heavily influenced by Democrats and progressives how does a Republican Governor get reelected in a year when mail-in ballots brought more voters than would normally participate to the election process? Wouldn’t those D’s & P’s that normally do not pay attention or vote cast ballots for one of their own? As I recall in the primary elections there were about 25,000 more ballots cast for Democratic candidates than in the presidential primary of 2016 here in Vermont! Is it logical to expect people normally not paying attention would find a Republican so attractive?

    Of coarse then Vermont is a testing ground and we do use Dominion tabulation machines!

  2. Phil Scott is what the Republicans have, he got elected, he is fiscally very careful,
    he has done very little to enlarge gov’t – but the Dem/Prog Legislature has enlarged gov’t.
    Phil ran as a Republican and got 2/3’s of the vote – over a prominent opponent.
    He is the only Republican !!!! in high office.
    What do the “Dump Phil” Characters want in his place?
    It will be a Dem/prog in todays VT.

    • What do Republicans want? Hard to say. I’m not a Republican. But as long as you’re asking. I want someone who will actually:

      Allow School Choice Tuitioning for all Vermonters (to public, private and religious schools),
      Cut the government bureaucracy and its make-work regulations,
      Maintain current gun laws,
      Allow Vermonters to use any qualified out-of-State health insurance providers,
      Pass a healthcare transparency law requiring providers and drug companies to publish prices,
      Purchase more Hydro Quebec electricity – its ‘green’ at half the current costs, and oh, yes,
      Lower taxes!

      And while he’s at it, he should stop characterizing people with whom he disagrees as being members of a racist, white supremacist, insurrection.

  3. Phil Scott is simply playing politics. Nothing more, nothing less. He knows full well that the Republican Party is not the party of white supremacists and racial division. If not, he is very low on information. Did he miss the news that Trump got the highest percent of the non-white vote of any Republican since the 60s?

    So does Phil Scott think his opinions as a white man in power are superior to the expressed opinions of the non-white American population that trended Republican under Trump, and that despite a 4-year politically-driven effort by the Democratic Party to paint Trump as a white-supremist? Sound like Scott sees his white-power as superior to non-white Americans. Does that make Phil Scott a white supremacist and really all he is doing is trying to cover who he really is?

    Or does he just have a case of “white guilt”? Either way, he is trending the opposite direction of non-white America and so his rhetoric clearly does not line up well with reality.

  4. This is a wonderful video, you are clearly enjoying making it too! Nice to see!

    Republicans are fed up with the UNI PARTY!

    When 90% of DC vote for Hillary
    When 96% of DC vote for Biden

    and 50% of them are supposed to be Republican, it only proves they are uni-party.

    Can the progressive republicans… that is the problem. Progressives aka NWO pimps in both parties.

    Great video, great showing all sides, giving evidence and videos directly from others. This is some of the best reporting ever seen in Vermont.

    Well done, well done.

  5. Anne Galloway (VT Digger) and, apparently, Phil Scott, Governor, are classic ‘hate hustlers’. Every narrative infraction is characterized as being racist, white supremacy or attempted insurrection. Of course, when asked to clarify the details (i.e. cross examine the evidence), the request for clarification is denied and, you guessed it, characterized as racism, white supremacy or attempted insurrection. This leaves me little choice but to assume that it takes one to know one. After all, Phil Scott is, still, a Republican. And 67% of the Vermont electorate, including Progressive/Democrats, voted for him.

    • The ones who voted for Scott were democrats. The Republicans are getting tired of his BS. The democrats voted for him because they can control him. He’s the puppet and they are pulling his strings.. He is weak. Maybe he should just go back to car racing.. oh wait they aren’t allowing racing anymore… I am an AMERICAN and REPUBLICAN and proud of it, (until Scott took office). Voted for him the first time my first and last mistake. Allowing the BKM logo on the street in Montpelier is WRONG. If you’re going to allow that then All Lives Matter should be allowed too.
      I am NOT a racist, white supremacist, insurrection. that Scott called us.. I am a PATRIOT, who believes in her Country, Military and my President Donald J Trump. and yes I do consider him still my president. The election was a fraud and it happened here in Vermont too..

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