The Ericka Redic Show: Gun carrying ban won’t prevent crime

In the second episode of “The Ericka Redic Show,” Ericka Redic discusses why gun control laws, such as S.30, won’t prevent crime.

Image courtesy of The Ericka Redic Show

6 thoughts on “The Ericka Redic Show: Gun carrying ban won’t prevent crime

  1. I believe I’ll just follow our VT Constitution, Article 16 – ‘That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State …’

    So simple even a Baruth should be able to understand it.

  2. Good work Erika exposing the overreach of the flatlander Baruth who’s
    gun/people control is more needed in his former homeland PA… I recommend he run back home and and save them as we don’t really need saving..

  3. Just keep one thing in mind. Tyrants that took all the rights of their citizens away from them first took away their guns.

  4. Again, great presentation Ericka.

    To reiterate and support what Dr. Spina pointed out:

    Think about it. Even if law enforcement was doubled, ask any police chief if he or she can protect you from someone breaking into your home. Of course, the answer is no. In the final analysis, we have to be prepared to protect ourselves in the fashion we determine to be reasonable. Deterrents work. If someone has a choice between attacking an armed person or an unarmed person, who do you think they’ll strike first?

  5. Did I miss some mass shootings in Vermont this year because I don’t recall any changes in gun violence from the last set of rules that they imposed on us unconstitutionally?

    What is their excuse this time?

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

  6. most mass shootings occur in gun free zones. only law abiding citizens will obey those type rules

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